The Irrepressible Fun of Vulfpeck

There’s just no denying the contaminant pleasure when a band is really enjoying itself—and has the talent to match its enthusiasm. For example, the keyboard-heavy L.A. collaboration Vulfpeck, which in its Vollmich EP is both overjoyed by the possibilities of jazzy feel-good jams that could be bumper music for Nick at Nite.

“Outro,” for example, the intro to the EP, seems practically ripped from the credits of a classic Eddie Murphy movie. Don’t ask me why (something about the saxophone?), but it does. Then there’s “synth sleepover” video for “It Gets Funkier II,” which provides a nice mental health break from, you know, everything.

One YouTube commenter has got it right: “just lounging around creating some of the nastiest funk ever.” And without any apparent care that they’re doing so on camera. So go on, throw these dudes some cash for their weird and delightful passion project. God knows we can’t let them stop now.

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