Links: James Franco Heads To ’30 Rock’; NYC Teaches You to Do Smack

● James Franco will guest star on a January 14th episode of 30 Rock, playing himself. In the teaser photos, he’s holding a life-sized anime pillow, but still looking predictably dapper. Tina Fey will likely want to go to there. [Oh La La Mag] ● Vivica A. Fox got teary-eyed on The Monique Show when asked about her tumultuous romance with 50 Cent. She will only call him Curtis and he will only call her to star in his music videos. [ONTD] ● A New York City safety pamphlet is causing a stir with a cool cartoon detailing how to properly shoot heroin! Guaranteed NYC has the hippest, most drug addled government employees of any of the 50 states. [NYPost]

● The Darwin Award for 2009, presented to those “doing the most to improve the human gene pool by removing themselves from it,” was given to a pair of bank robbers who blew themselves up trying to open a cash machine. May they rest in pieces. [Ananova] ● Entourage star Kevin Connolly was spotted with Chloë Sevigny at Nobu 57. He probably chugged vodka and talked about Nicky Hilton, while she ate cigarettes and chewed on a vintage scarf. [Page Six] ● Dating website banned 5,000 “ugly people” who gained some holiday pounds, based on complaints from “vigilant members.” To those beautiful people still left: you need a dating website because you’re horrible. [Telegraph]