BlackBook Premiere: Journey Across NYC With Golden Suits’ New ‘Swimming In ‘99’ Video

When a person endures in one year a rat infestation, a break-up, and a barren bank account, you’re tempted to say, “yeah, yeah, so what?” But when it happens to a musician? Well, the whole tumultuous 365 days are rolled into a 10-song solo album featuring a new, surprisingly sunny tune you play on repeat, whose video resembles a watch commercial. Such is the case with BlackBook‘s exclusive lyric video premiere of the song “Swimming In ‘99” from next month’s release of Fred Nicolaus’s new, namesake album.

As a 13-year member of the folk-electronic duo Department Of Eagles, Nicolaus sets out on his own under the band name Golden Suits, and, in the new video from the eponymous album, brings us along on his journey across New York, from the corner bodega to a fortune teller, with each spot chronicled in Google Maps.

Why the two watches? Each is a bookend of the year that inspired the album, with one bought at its beginning, and the other at its end.

World, say hello to “Swimming In ’99.”

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Exclusive Video Premiere: Y LUV’s ‘All I Wanna Do’

Y LUV.  It’s not just the name of a buzzy Los Angeles-based synth pop band (from left: Freddy Janney, Evan Newman, Sam Nardella, Luke Hanna), it’s also a burning philosophical question. Why love? In a world where nobody’s really on your side and kindness is rarely reciprocated, why go through the trouble of loving at all? Perhaps the answer can be found in the video for the band’s latest single, “All I Wanna Do,” an infectious track from their brand new EP, Take the Ride, that we’re debuting right here, right now. It’s a navel-gazer, a party-starter, and a life-affirmer all rolled up into one song. And in the spirit of summer songs, it seems designed for road trips, with a mellow heartbeat of an intro that slowly builds to the chorus, which bursts in and cleaves the whole thing in two, I’m a creep-style, with guitar so fuzzy it belongs in a furry convention.

“All I Wanna Do” is wonderfully different, and just might make you want to drive your car through a desert and wander until you see sexy girls dancing. Or maybe I’m just projecting here. The video opens in Joshua Tree National Park. The sun is shining. Black crows pick at seeds on the ground. Headbanded lead singer Freddy Janney drives a car that’s almost out of gas, gunning it before he starts to drift off. Images flash by:  Cute girls dancing. Flashlights. Is this some kind of desert rave?

Actress and singer Kelley Jakle jumps around, rolls on a bed, acts like the great girl that Janney dumped, or who left him because he didn’t give her the respect she deserves. He’s regretting it now, tromping through the undergrowth—hey, don’t damage the flora, dude. I’m worried about him. He seems to be losing his mind. He should have brought water, and a sun hat. Here comes the guitar solo. Oh this is so very Eddie Van Halen. Jump back, what’s that sound? It’s a modern take on the guitar solo from “Panama.”

More cute girls dancing. Glow sticks, glow necklaces. Was this all a dream, a hallucination? Did he jump off that rock? Is he okay now? He seems okay. I think he’s better. I think he’s going to give love another chance. He should definitely give it another chance, because, despite it all, it’s a beautiful world out there. Don’t take it from me, watch the video below and decide for yourself. Why love? Why not. 

Buy Take the Ride here, and check out the band live at Bonnaroo in June. More by Victor Ozols. Follow me on Twitter