Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge on Their Valentine’s Day Outfits

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Sometimes preparing for Valentine’s Day, or even just shopping for lingerie can feel like one giant reminder that you’re not a Victoria’s Secret angel. And, like, what a bummer. But even if you’re not blessed with 6″ feet of yourself, “hair fairies” to touch you up every five minutes, and paid to look a-maaaazzzee in next to nothing, Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge believe an angel-worthy Valentine’s Day is yours to have. And what better wisdom to follow than these famed VS ladies, otherwise known as “angels?” So we asked.

What is the number one thing you want for Valentine’s Day this year?

Candice Swanepoel: I’m pretty easy to please on Valentine’s Day–some flowers, a bottle of wine. Because I have access to all of this lingerie, I wouldn’t say go and buy me lingerie!

Lily Aldridge: I love the new Love Me fragrance from Victoria’s Secret…I think my husband knows where to get it.

[Editor’s note: Can you hear her winking?]

Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day In-StorePhoto: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

What’s your favorite flower?

CS: Peonies! Lilies. I like an orchid.

LA: Peonies.

What would be your ideal date this Valentine’s Day?

CS: I like a getaway–travel somewhere, make it a thing! Somewhere warm, the beach…if I’m in New York, just a quiet night at home, maybe a movie…

LA: My husband always cooks me dinner, so we’re just gonna have a nice romantic dinner at home. He’s very romantic, he always gets me flowers, and lights candles and it’s very sweet.

What lingerie tips do you have for Valentine’s Day?

CS: Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to wear something and really go with it. I would say the Very Sexy collection is always a good option, it just makes you feel good. It’s all like black, with red lace. And then, it depends on what kind of girl you are! This pink onesie is also really cute, and easy. Because, in the past, if you’ve ever tried with the garters and the whole thing, it can get complicated and messy!

LA: Just have fun and don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally–don’t pick out the crazy lingerie you’re not gonna feel sexy in because it looks sexy. Pick the things that you feel sexy in whether it’s a cotton bra or the strappiest thing you’ve ever seen. You just need to find the thing that you love and makes you feel beautiful.

What are the tips for that?

CS: It’s hard to get panties off with garters and stockings! So…plan that ahead. Or wear a onesie.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.19.08 PM

(CS cont.)This one’s my favorite, I just think the lace detail is so romantic. I like the black too.

Can we get a hint about what you’re going to wear on Valentine’s Day?

CS: I’m a pretty classic, black lace kinda girl. But, you never know.

LA: I will probably just wear jeans and a t-shirt and have a nice pair of lingerie underneath. I love these, they’re really sexy, they look great, under your clothes…

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.50.07 PM

(LA cont.): You can wear it under a tee-shirt, or an Equipment blouse. I like it hidden, but if you see a glimpse of it, you’re like “ooh!” I like a natural look for Valentine’s Day, I just think some mascara, highlighter, lip balm–you don’t wanna wear lipstick in case you’re smoochin’!

What are you going to do for him for Valentine’s Day?

LA: I’m going to wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie!

Any other tips for preparing for Valentine’s Day?

CS: I think for a guy who’s a little shy to come in and buy lingerie, it’s fragrance and a gift card! Give the gift card, but come in with her when she comes shopping and make it an occasion. She gets to go in the dressing room and come out, and I think that’s really romantic.

How many thongs do you estimate that you have?

CS: It’s like sickening, it’s terrible.

LA: It’s outrageous.

Do you have to have like a separate closet for your lingerie?

CS: I have like a separate drawer/cabinet for my lingerie, swimwear…it’s actually a situation in my house right now.

LA: People see it, and they’re like you need to sort this out. I have so much  but I just love it. I’m such a girl’s girl, I love lingerie–I’ve always said I love lingerie, music, and makeup. I just love it.

Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day In-StorePhoto: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


On the Heels of #FreethePeen, the 10 Most Controversial Runway Moments in Fashion History

Rick Owens FW15. Courtesy of Rick Owens

I’d never describe runway shows as “boring,” but busy showgoers can get a little, er, distracted every now and then. With the confident assurance that countless images will be on almost immediately after a show closes, texts are sent, and shows viewed more through phone camera lenses than actual eyes.

Now and again a designer does something shocking enough to make everyone calm the f down and concentrate. 

1. Rick Owens Frees the Flaccid Peen

Rick Owens Menswear Fall Winter 2015 Collection Fashion Show in Paris

Rick Owens FW15. Courtesy of Rick Owens

You saw this, right? The Rick Owens show last week was very NSFW–but only in a blink, or you miss it kinda way. Of course, the cameras immortalized the nekked peens that went down the runway.

2. Kate Moss Struts With a Cig 

Kate was just living life on the Louis Vuitton runway. But her lungs were just losing it. :/

3. The Streaker at Prabal Gurung 

Honestly, this dude’s attempt to shock was met with a blasé world-weariness by fashion-folk. He was removed from the stage and Prabal’s show continued.

4. Indian headdresses at Victoria’s Secret 

Whoever thought it was okay for Karlie Kloss to strut it out in a massive Native American headdress was wrong. Ultimately, the look was pulled from all broadcasting and promotional material.

5. Iris Van Herpen and the time she vacuum sealed models on the runway in Paris

Of course, the idea was a comment on models being like products, and the inherent voyeurism that occurs at fashion shows. In practice, however, the models, shrink-wrapped, vacuum packed, and hooked up to oxygen tanks looked supremely uncomfortable.

6. In 2009, a seven months pregnant Jourdan Dunn walked Jean Paul Gaultier

Her 7 months of pregnancy did not dissuade Gaultier from casting Jourdan Dunn. He simply padded her tummy to match the iconic/conical boobs and sent her down the runway.

7. Alexander McQueen’s Highland Rape collection

As seen here on Sarah Jessica Parker

The Highland Rape collection was McQueen’s 4th, and the clothes were making statements more than preparing to be sold on department store racks. It was in fact a reference to the turbulent historical relations between Scotland and England. Many took the tattered clothes and bruised women to represent an extremely offensive view of women, but to hear the late Lee McQueen discuss it, his intent was in fact, quite the opposite–meant to challenge the problems of perception women still face in society and place them in positions of empowerment.

8. Dolce & Gabbana’s Racist Earrings

These earrings referenced “Blackamoor” imagery which harkens back to slavery.

9. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Hasidic Collection

Maneschewitz wine was sipped and the runway was lined with menorahs. While there was plenty opportunity for offense to be taken, most editors reported feeling it had been tastefully done, and that inspiration can come from anywhere.

10. Galliano for Dior’s “Homeless” collection

To position homelessness as chic is inherently controversial. Of course, 14 years later, Galliano still courts controversy. He explained that he’d been inspired by the homeless people he saw along the Seine on his jogs. This was also the collection that brought the incessantly talked about Dior newspaper silk print. #derelict, Catinka.

Research contributed by, and special thanks to Jen Schnepf


Gimme That Victoria’s Secret Model Hair!

How many times have you asked your stylist for those perfect, beachy, nonchalant but totally sexy waves, also known as Victoria’s Secret hair?

This year, the hair was slightly London-ified (perfect, given the change in venue/country.)

We’ve got backstage video from the 2014 show telling you exactly how to get it.




Watch the video here:

Images courtesy of ghd

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’s Hottest Looks Through the Years

Photo: Billy Farrell/

The holiday season is in full swing, and that means you are going to need just that extra amount of will power to put down that 10th glass of spiked eggnog and throw away that box of peppermint bark. Look no further than the gift that God has given the earth, the angels of Victoria’s Secret.

In honor of the brand’s annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show hitting London today, we’ve searched through the past extravagant events and pulled the best, sexiest, most outlandish outfits.









Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

Joe-Schildhorn---2012 Photo: Joe Schildhorn/








Fashion Showdown: Chanel Vs. Victoria’s Secret. Who Will Win?!

Cara Delevingne walks in Victoria’s Secret and Chanel. Images by Joe Schildhorn and Matteo Prandoni (

Two massive events on the fashion calendar will occur on the same day this year, which means this will be one hell of a fashion world showdown. Chanel’s Métiers d’Arts collection will debut in Austria on December 2nd, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show will be held the same day in London.

The two events will inevitably have to fight for the same editors, celebrity guest list, and models (Cara–who will you choose?!) Both events are known for their theatrical presentations, over the top outfits, and generally high entertainment value. Basically, it’s like if a sports person had to choose between watching the Super Bowl and the World Series on the same day (yeah sports!)

As for me, I’ll be watching the Victoria’s Secret show on TV with the rest of the fashion plebeian cast. Unless Karl wants to extend an invite.

This is What a Pregnant Supermodel Looks Like

In case you needed any proof that models are indeed from Mars, it’s just been revealed that Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is four months pregnant with her second child, which means that she was two months pregnant during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November. 

I suppose that we could have all speculated that Ambrosio was preggers, given that the three VS lingerie outfits she wore during the show covered her stomach, but still, the woman looks good. And after birth, we’re sure she’ll bounce back from the (nonexistent) "baby weight" as fast as her fellow freaks of nature, Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bündchen

Photo: What’s Haute

Victoria’s Secret Gives Agent Provocateur a Run For Their Money

To keep up with the Agent Provcateurs and Kiki de Montparnasses of the world, Victoria’s Secret has added a high-end lingerie line to their roster of fancy underthings. The collection, which launched yesterday, features racy lace numbers, ruffled knickers, fierce garter belts, and barely-there chiffon babydoll gowns. Essentially, this new range reveals the secret that the deceivingly demure Victoria has been keeping from us all along: she’s a major minx. 

Regarding pricing, WWD reports that bras retail $98 to $158, undies and garter belts are $38 to $68, and baby dolls and teddies are $158 to $218. There’s also a kimono ($210) and merry widow ($298) in the mix. See the no-nudity-but-minimize-your-browser-if-you’re-at-work collection here.

This Supermodel Ate a PB & J Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

By now you’ve all heard Adriana Lima’s crazy Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show fitness and diet plan, which consists of working out twice a day and drinking only protein shakes nine days before the show, only water two days before the show, and nothing 12 hours before the show. On the flip side, we were both surprised and delighted to hear that one of our other favorite models, Lindsay Ellington, takes a more relaxed approach to her pre-VS routine.

"Last year I was kind of stressed so this year I came prepared," she tells Modelina. "I brought my own peanut butter and jelly sandwich because it’s something that really calms me down" She also took homeopathic stress reliever drops and practiced yoga breathing before the show.  

We’re sure Ellington also works out a ton and watches what she eats before the show, but knowing that she trusts a PB & J to calm her nerves proves that some supermodels are just like us, sort of.

Victoria’s Secret Continues To Beef With Anti-Rape Group

Good news: big corporations still don’t understand how spin works. Or maybe Victoria’s Secret just didn’t understand the extent to which Baltimore activist group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture had tied the brand’s shoelaces together with a satirical website advertising consent-themed underwear (in opposition to VS’s rapey “Come And Get It”-type products). Why else would they still be on the dead wrong side of this cultural skirmish nearly two weeks later?

Victoria’s Secret, as part of the body-shaming-industrial complex, had instantly fought back against, insisting that the site would “confuse” their loyal customers and that their official logo was being infringed upon. Most of the people confused, however, were the company’s own employees. Most Internet-savvy folks realized immediately that Victoria’s Secret would never put that curvaceous a woman of color on the front page of a new brand launch.

The message itself was obviously lost on whatever image consultants they’ve got working on the top floor over there—and apparently it is too much a threat to the company’s established line of flirtatious, naughty-girl, you’re-wearing-this-for-the-man-in-your-life undergarments. Because right away they should have been folding these guerilla designs into their catalog and donating a percentage of the profits to women’s shelters or something. How easy would that be, and how much goodwill does it get you? But no, they’d rather lawyer up and debate the definition of  “parody” in court. ONWARD, CAPITALIST SOLDIERS. 

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