Via Tania: Making Moves

Joe’s Pub on Lafayette Street in Manhattan is the perfect environment for an artist like Via Tania. Lights are dim, the mood is soothing, and you feel as though you can finally “let go” — just like Tania with her calming voice and vibe. Last night I saw her perform in front a packed house of open-eyed fans hanging on to each song she played. The Hours Entertainment hosted a showcase of sorts for a few artists on the rise, with Miss Tania headlining at 11pm.

After the show, I ventured backstage to seek a slice of time with the lovely lady (originally from Australia, now calling Chicago home) to have a chat. Amidst fans and friends greeting her, my pal Alex squeezed her way through the sea of people to make our first introduction. Immediately I inquired, “The cover you did of that Presets song, ‘If I Know You,’ that you have on you Myspace page — who did that with you? It’s amazing. I’ve been wondering what moved you to do something of the sort.” I thought maybe not only because of the song’s sheer power, but perhaps due to her Australian heritage, like The Presets, she felt an affinity for the track, hence the cover. “Well, I’ve always been a fan of The Presets and my friend Jori (Hulkkonen), who is this amazing producer and musician … we decided to work together on a project. He’s done a bunch of remixes for The Presets that I’ve loved, and well, it just seemed like it’d be great to do something. We’re currently working on more recordings as well.”

So not only do fans of Tania get to hear her guitar-driven sounds, but also a whole range of resonance from the electronic remix world. My my, bring it on.