Runway Rundown: All The Best From Spring ’19 Ready-to-Wear, Resort and Fall ’18 Couture

Valentino Fall ’18 Couture


A lot has happened on the runway over the last few weeks. There was Paris Couture Week; before that, some designers showed their Spring ’19 collections; and in between all of those, there was Resort (which we don’t usually care for, but this season had one great moment). So, we don’t blame you if you’ve missed some things. And because we love you, we’re going to be your fashion fairy godmothers, and round up everything you need to see if you haven’t already (and if you have, all of the amazing things you should look at again). Below, our favorite runway moments — or, as we like to call them, the only ones worth mentioning.


Spring ’19 Ready-to-Wear:

Spring can be really boring. I mean, florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking. No, but seriously, it can really hard to re-invent the wheel when that wheel is a limited range of flowing skirts, mini dresses and caftans. That’s why our favorite brands threw out seasonal rules altogether and did things like patent leather and hoodies.




For Matthew Williamson’s first ever runway show for his four-year-old brand Alyx (or, as its named now, 1017 Alyx 9SM for Williamson’s birthday and the location of his first studio at 9 Saint Marks), the designer went all out. Instead of debuting a ton of cliche Spring pieces, like bathing suits and floral dresses, the collection looked almost as if it could’ve been for Fall. With a post-apocalyptic vibe perfect for our current political climate, Willliamson’s pieces looked like a uniform for, albeit incredibly fashionable, anti-fascist soldiers. Sign me up.





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For fashion world darling Demna Gvasalia’s turn on the runway, the designer paid homage to his home country, Georgia. Gvasalia casted the show with all Georgian teenagers, and took the opportunity to teach fashion insiders about the current political turmoil happening in the region. In fact, each piece from the collection comes with a giant bar code, that once scanned with your iPhone, will open an app that features facts about the country. And as much as I want to hate Vetements, I wish I could afford to pay $1,000 for a sweatshirt.




Prints, prints, prints. #KENZOSS19

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Kenzo S/S ’19 was all about prints. Gingham, checks, polka-dots, snakeskin — you name it, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon designed it, and styled it together. The whole maximalist, should-be-clashing-but-instead-looks amazing thing has always been Kenzo’s vibe, but each season Lim and Leon seem to do it better and better. After last year’s Spring collection, I really thought the brand had reached their peak, but this season even makes me want to wear color.




Honestly, I shouldn’t have even included Resort on this list, since it’s really not a list – it’s just Miu Miu.


Miu Miu


If Miu Miu’s Resort ’19 collection was bad, it truly wouldn’t have even mattered. With a casting like the one they had at The Regina Hotel in Paris last week, including Rowan Blanchard, Kaia Gerber, Uma Thurman, Chloe Sevigny and Naomi Campbell, no one would have even noticed the clothes. But we did, because the collection was perfect. Kind of preppy, but with a race car driver-meets-Valley of the Dolls-meets-Maui sort of look, the Miu Miu collection was what Miuccia Prada still does best, even after all these years: it was fun, it was free, and somehow, between all the clashing prints and furry heels, it was still subtle.



Fall ’18 Couture:

Couture is all about fantasy; it’s about staring at beautiful clothes you desperately want but have absolutely nowhere to wear them to. When it came to this year’s Couture Week, our favorite designers didn’t let us down, delivering some of the dreamiest collections we’ve ever seen grace the runway. I mean, Kaia Gerber at Valentino. Enough said. But don’t worry, we’ll say more anyway.




For his Fall ’18 Chanel couture show, Karl Lagerfeld paid homage to Paris. Honestly, everything the guy does is good, and the fact that he’s still able to send tweed two-pieces down the runway, and make them look good — well, that alone, proves he’s a genius. In addition to his love of Paris, the designer built this collection around what he calls the “high profile” — long skirts that unzip to show thigh-bearing minis underneath. “You can wear it zipped down when you visit your banker, no?” he told Vogue. “And zipped up when you see your lover after!”




At this point, there’s no way you haven’t seen at least one photo from the Valentino couture show. Images of Kaia Gerber in her amazing beehive have literally been flooding the internet. But for once, the talk is true and all the hype is worth it. The Valentino collection was the MVP of Couture Week — and maybe all of 2018. Obviously, Pat McGrath and Guido Palau killed it with the beauty; but the collection itself was completely breathtaking. I mean, the models looked like actual angels floating down the runway in their billowy gowns and floral headdresses.





Fendi always knows what they’re doing. For their couture collection, the brand took a step back from the logomania that’s taken over their last few seasons, and created a ’60s-inspired ode to fur. While a lot of the industry has vowed to go fur free, Lagerfeld has doubled down with Fendi. Though the collection included bits of actual fur, it was more about the ways in which he treated other fabrics that created a sort of gaudy (but in a good way), glam feel that I totally could’ve imaged Liz Taylor or Anne Welles in.




Discover highlights from our Autumn-Winter 2018 ‘Artisanal’ Collection designed by @jgalliano: The nomadic idea of taking life on the road is conveyed in abundant layering where garments interweave and mutate. #maisonmargiela #artisanal #artisanalartistry – Music: “Unchained Melody” Written By: Alex North & Hy Zaret Courtesy Unchained Melody Publishing LLC – Black Saturn, Nicholas Hill, Luciano Ugo Rossi, Glenn Herweijer; Ben Sumner. KPM Music When The Clock Stops, Nikky French. KPM Music Breakacuda,Benjamin Medcalf. Anger Music Circus Caravan MYMA. Justement Music Flight Remembered, Nicholas Hill, Glen Herweijer, Ben Sumner. KPM Music The Arrival, David James Caton, Harry Valentine. Anger Music Etude in e major, Frederic Chopin, Tolga Kashif, KPM Music Warhammer, Darren Mudge. Anger Music Arrangement : Jeremy Healy

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Galliano went all Fifth Element for his latest Margiela Artisanal collection (he’s too cool for couture, natch). Using VR headsets and iPhones as accessories, the designer sent a retro-futuristic, technology-obsessed collection down the runway. And hey, since people are already attached to their phones, physically adhering them to our outfits seems like a natural next step. That, or we’re going to war with aliens and Galliano is designing the outfits.


Viktor and Rolf


To celebrate their 25 years together, Viktor & Rolf decided to take 25 of the brand’s most iconic looks, and update them for their Fall ’18 couture collection. That update meant turning everything white and covering them in Swarovski crystals. Though I’ve always been a fan of Viktor & Rolf, there’s literally nothing more perfect than the bed dresses they originally created for their Fall ’05 collection — or, at least, I thought, until I saw this season’s iteration, complete with white bedazzled pillows and a down evening dress. Sigh. This is what dreams are made of.


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Vetements Just Debuted a Vans-Inspired Checkerboard Slide

We’re still not quite sure how the checkerboard slip-on Vans we thought were the height of fashion in middle school have actually become high-fashion, but here we are. The shoe, created by Costa Mesa-based skateboarding brand Vans, has been around since 1977. In 1982, it rose to prominence when Sean Penn slipped into a pair for Fast Times at Ridgemont High and then spent decades as the go-to footwear for stoner skaters with names like Spike and Queef.

All seemed well in the land of checkerboard Vans for years until, last year, something unexpected happened: It became a fashion must-have. At the final White House state dinner for President Obama, dream bae Frank Ocean donned a pair to add a daring flair to his navy suit and white dress shirt, which Vogue declared was a “bold, rebellious choice” for the singer. Immediately, the checkerboard slip-on became the go-to for everyone from Justin Bieber and Ty Dolla Sign to Ryan Reynolds.


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Now, at the height of its resurgence into pop culture, the design has fallen under the watchful eye of Vetements, the punk fashion brand famous for trolling. In an Instagram post titled “VETEMENTS SS18,” the design house showcased a blue-and-black checkerboard shoe with the heel crushed down to create a “slide” style with yellow “Vetements” lettering on the back tab.

There’s no word yet on whether this is an official collab with Vans or how much these shoes will cost you but, in the meantime, you can live out your Vetement dreams by recreating the shoe in two easy steps. Just push the heel down on the pair of Vans you forgot are sitting in your closet and walk around for a few hours. For bonus points and major street cred, take a yellow sharpie and write Vetements on the back. In the cut throat game of life, it’s all about faking it until you make it one checkerboard at a time.


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Vetements Hosts S/S 18 ‘No Show’ In A Parking Lot

Photo: Demna Gvasalia/ @Vetements_Official on Instagram

Always one to buck convention, Demna Gvasalia’s S/S 18 show for Vetements was not a runway show at all, but rather a gallery of lifesize lookbook photos presented in, naturally, a multi-story parking lot.

The models? Random people plucked off the streets: young, old, and even entire families. It’s a relatively expected move for Gvasalia and his anti-brand; poking fun at the highbrow, nose-in-the-air world of Paris Fashion Week, though that’s not to say the regular shows fit into any sort of mold (see: sky-high scaffolding and Gvasalia’s fashion dads).

As for the clothing, the looks were reflections on Vetements past, with some fine tuning. There were the typical spandex boots, chunky heels, funky T-shirts, baggy dresses, shirts, and jackets: normcore at its most expensive.

“I wanted to go back and perfect things we did in former seasons. It’s kind of a best of, I suppose. And I felt quite liberated by that,” Gvasalia told Vogue.

And in an even more interesting twist, models picked out their own looks for the presentation, and Gvasalia himself took the pictures.

“What you see is what each person chose to wear themselves,” Gvasalia continued. “Everyone is choosy about what they want to wear; it was quite a big project with a huge range of clothes. And I showed everyone their photographs to be sure they liked them.”

Take a look at some of our picks for best looks below:


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Steal This Look: The Foxy Flapper

We know what’s been on your mind: you want to look like a fennec fox flapper girl rocking twenties partier meets Demna Gvasalia meets woodland creature vibes. But you don’t have the know-how or the statement pieces to implement your vision. Fear no more: we’ve got the advice and shopping links to let you implement all your foxiest dreams.

The Statement Glitzy Jacket.

This entire look is based off of three adjectives: loud, glittering, and over-the-top. It all comes down to a wild, statement jacket – the centerpiece of this look. While it’s up to you to find the right version for your own aesthetic, we’re obsessed with the drag queen, club kid extravagance of BCALLA’s designs, which have been worn by everyone from Gaga to Pearl. bcalla_fw16_by_michael_burk_02 bcalla_ss16_4


Michael Burk for BCALLA.

The Tall, Tight Boot.

To pair with your big jacket, you’ll need some slender, sleek boots a la Balenciaga Spring ’17. These Vetements ones are a huge crush of ours, as are these velvet Balenciaga dream thigh-warmers.



The look is fairly simple, all things considered. If you have the resources, pair your ensemble with a sensible neck ruff, thick blonde moustache, and the genetics of a Fennec Fox. Happy strutting!