A Fuzzy Fendi Bag and Reed Krakoff Pumps: Get Furr’d Up, Part 2

Anni Jürgenson (Marilyn) photographed by Ben Rosenzweig in NYC

Well, it’s officially fall.

Before the weather gets way harsh, Tai, we have a few perfect weeks when a furry accessory is all the extra warmth you need — so to celebrate early fall, we rounded up our favorite shoes, bags, and even jewelry to keep you looking cozy, and the best pieces to wear it with to make sure you stay cool.

For the perfect fuzzy Coach creepers and full fur Fendi bag, click here. Keep an eye out for new looks all week.

Anni wears a felt crop top by LINIE, lambskin gauchos by Veronica Beard, Reed Krakoff ankle wrap fur Atlas heels, and carries a Fendi Petite 3jours candy pink shearling strap bag.


Photographer: Ben Rosenzweig
Fashion Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Hair Stylist: Corey Tuttle
Makeup Artist: Giselle Hernandez
Fashion Assistant: Emily Ovaert
Photo Assistant: Caroline Dorn

STYLE SCOOP: Jewel Thieves Strike Paris, Jimmy Choo IPO, Veronica Beard’s 120% Growth

Kering’s been hit by the jewelry heist bug zipping through Paris. The family’s Dodo store, a subsidiary of Pomalleto, was robbed early Monday morning.

Rana Building collapse victims will begin to receive payouts for last year’s tragedy. $9 million is to be doled out among 580 people.

CFDA Incubator designer Veronica Beard has been seeing a lot of growth recently, with a projected 120% growth over the next year, bringing the brand’s distribution from 62 stores in 2012 to somewhere around 130 in the next year. They’ve spent the past year raising money from investors, including Theory’s Andrew Rosen.

Could Jimmy Choo be celebrating an IPO in the next 12 months? Market value for the brand could be about $1.66 billion (with a b).

4 NYFW Collections We Want Now: Veronica Beard, Peter Som, Marissa Webb, & DELPOZO

New York Fashion Week has been on the run for about six days (with a good four to go — a “week”, sure!) and though the weather has been less than ideal, a few collections have made all the running around worthwhile. Among them, a CFDA Incubator designer duo, a recently relaunched Spanish brand, an ex-J.Crew designer and Peter Som.

The need for an extra warm coat has made the desire for gorgeous layering pieces all the stronger. At DELPOZO, gorgeous metal-trimmed boots might not have hacked it in the snow, but whoever is wearing these dresses and skirts probably has a driver on call. There’s another thing to add to the wish list.




Marissa Webb caught the eye of the inner schoolgirl in our hearts with perfectly messy topknots, undone waves, leather-layered sleeves and just the right amount of fur-trimmed-sweatshirt. Topnotch, to be sure.MarissaWebb



Peter Som showed something that made us dream a little bit harder, long a little bit more for Brigitte Bardot hair. Is everything we need in life balancing on the point of one extra long bobby pin? PeterSom



Veronica Beard showed such perfectly put-together looks, you’d think it hard to always be so buttoned — but that’s the thrill with VB, the whole point is making it as easy as can be, to let you get on with it. Blazers with buttons holding on to built in dickies and more are the key here. We love how the sisters-in-law Beard make it so easy to look so good.VeronicaBeard

Veronica Beard photos courtesy of Mark Squires, Marissa Webb photos courtesy of Getty Images, Peter Som and Delpozo images via fashiongps.com.

Fashion Week Beauty Trend: Hair That Speaks Volumes Without Having to Do Much

Fashion week is here, and with one unofficial and a second official day in, trends are beginning to emerge. Three occurrences and a trend it makes, yes? So in the case of Veronica Beard, Honor and Richard Chai (three brands with entirely different aesthetics) the trend that emerged had more to do with an attitude—and the attitude came in the form of hair. 

You have to hand it to Veronica Beard, the doubly eponymously named collection made by and for working mothers who are managing to keep it together. Zip-away dickies are prevalent in their collections, so it only makes sense that the Veronica Beard woman could make do with one thing and turn it into a wonderful other. For instance, men’s hair product: Hair stylists from O&M made it look as though Veronica had simply dipped her fingers into her boyfriend’s gel and swiftly swooshed it through before rushing out to begin her day. Now it’s hers. 
photo courtesy of Veronica Beard
Like haphazard lip stain applied in the back of a moving taxi, there’s something enviable about these looks, as if the wearer didn’t put much thought to it, but managed to hop out of the car or shower looking cool anyway. Though more effort went into the hair backstage at Veronica Beard, the nonchalant I just stole my boyfriend’s product before running out with wet hair and I still look hot is there, and we want to be her. And why wouldn’t we? She’s got more important things to do than stand in front of a mirror preening. But let’s not forget that looks are still important, or we wouldn’t be here, would we?
What’s true of one show was true of a few, though the iterations of undone hair varied with the clothing from Couldn’t-Be-Bothered to Goodtime Gal, depending on the designer. At both Veronica Beard and Honor, the hairstyle implied that maybe the hair had been done. It’s just that it had been done the night before. The only togetherness that mattered was that of the outfit. To hell with the hair!–in the best possible way.
photo courtesy of @pfpicardi via Instagram
At Honor, no matter how pretty the tailored jackets with floral lace applique and ultra sweet dresses, it was as if none of the girls could have been bothered to do her hair, or rather redo her hair after a roll in the hay, according to hair stylist James Pecis. He created the loose ponytails with even looser curls and a spray of tiny floral pins that could have passed for accidental wildflowers. Though the clothes may suggest otherwise, this season the Honor woman hasn’t necessarily kept hers—and all the more power to her. 
Following the practical lead but in a more youthful fashion was the Richard Chai LOVE model. Her hair was tidy—a bit of a change from Honor and Veronica Beard—but it boasted the same nonchalance. Center parts kept neat with Aveda Men Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade made for purposeful hat-hair; all the better with which to whip off a beanie or toss on a snapback without fretting where the ponytail/topknot/whispies go. 
photo couresty of Richard Chai
With wildly varying aesthetics, these shows still managed to keep perfectly undone hair in common, though all in differing forms. If the hair theme of the season is unkempt cool, count me in. We could all use more time in the day. 
Main image: photo by Dan Lecca.