An Indie-Rock Last Supper In Vampire Weekend’s ‘Diane Young’ Video

Santigold looks lonely, Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth likes to play with fire and Sky Ferreira is chewing gum at the table. Then, someone busts out the sparklers and the champagne right as the drums kick in, and the party shifts in to a much higher gear. This is not the sort of Last Supper da Vinci envisioned, but rather the work of music video director Primo Kahn and Vampire Weekend, who take the classic (probably now a bit cliché) Last Supper tableau and invite some key names of indie rock to the party, including the aforementioned, along with members of The Walkmen and Chromeo for the band’s "Diane Young" video. 

Like the song itself, the "Diane Young" video is bouncy, full of saxophones and makes you want to do that ’80s WHAM! arm-swinging dance move, and this is meant entirely as a compliment. At some point, a saxophone is used as a giant bong, which is probably a thing that is going to cause some related injuries among some rather adventurous high school jazz band members. This is the sort of thing that should be left to the professionals. Enjoy the delightful song and colorful video below. 

Fake SNL Punk Band Releases Real EP

What a lot of people forget about Saturday Night Live is that longtime player and Portlandia star Fred Armisen didn’t start off as a comedian. He spent a good chunk of the ’90s playing in a Chicago post-hardcore punk band called Trenchmouth. So it comes as no surprise at all that when the show decided to do a fake rock-doc sketch about the one British punk musician who liked the late Margaret Thatcher, Armisen assumed the role. And the fake band—Ian Rubbish and the Bizzaros—actually did get the ’77 British punk sound down. The first few seconds of "Hey Policeman" sound like they could have come from any number of classic acts from the era.

Of course, the Bizzaros did deviate in that Armisen’s Johnny Rotten-lampooning Ian Rubbish was quite fond of the Iron Lady, even penning songs like "Maggie Thatcher," where they sing lyrics like "there’s a lady in 10 Downing / Check it out, she’s quite astounding" over a "Janie Jones"-esque beat. And who could forget that touching, Falklands conflict-referencing ditty, "Sweet Iron Lady?" Now, you or the non-Thatcher-hating special someone in your life can own these classics from these fake ’70s punk band absolutely free, thanks to the fact that said fake band recorded and released an EP of songs performed in the skit. You can download it here, at said fake band’s real website, and watch the original sketch below. 

See Grimes Turn Down Steve Buscemi & Vampire Weekend + Watch the Gang Paint Easter Eggs

I really hope these Steve Buscemi, Vampire Weekend promo videos never stop coming because they’re absolutely wonderful. And in today’s installment of strange and hilarious awkwardness, we first get Buscemi attempting to wrangle Grimes into coming over for Easter brunch with the band. Naturally, she turns down the offer, claiming to be pretty averse to children screaming and Easter in general. Buscemi is crushed of course.

And in the second video we see the ol’ gang painting Easter eggs as Buscemi apologizing for to the dudes to for making them explain their songs and explains just how much he really does love to bunny-filled holiday. Rostam explains that his family celebrates Persian New Year to which Buscemi seems confused and then goes on to feel left out after not understanding a funny tweet. You get the picture.

See for yourself below.


Steve Buscemi Goes Bowling With Vampire Weekend, Fun Ensues

Who knew that lovable weirdo and iconic cult actor and director Steve Buscemi would make such a beautiful comedic pairing with Vampire Weekend? And since they announced the collaboration to have Buscemi direct their upcoming show at Roseland Ballroom as part of the American Express Unstaged Series, the dudes and Buscemi have been teasing us with hilarious videos of their time spent promoting the concert together.

First, we saw them awkwardly in the studio for their "first meeting," and now we see the group out and about on a bowling trip. Buscemi, seeming to think Vampire Weekend doesn’t have much of a fan base, scrambles to put out flyers for their concert, attempting to wrangle folks into coming to the show. And then as the video continues they all head to the bowling alley where the Vamp guys all get strikes while Buscemi’s ball flies off into the gutter. A Big Lebowski joked is botched when Buscemi doesn’t get it and the whole thing is just a delight.

Take a look below.

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See Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi Get Weird in a New Concert Promo Video

In the beginning of the month, we posted the teaser for Vampire Weekend and Steve Buscemi’s upcoming collaboration. And if you had any reservations about the chemistry between our favorite bizarre and wonderful cult movie icon/director and the sonically-minded group of witty fellas, you can certainly allay those fears.

On April 28th, Vampire Weekend will take to the stage at Roseland Ballroom to be streamed live as part of the American Express Unstaged series with Buscemi directing, and now to promote the concert, there’s an awkwardly funny video of Buscemi’s "first meeting" with the band—prefaced with the fact that guitarist Chris Baio recently found out that Buscemi was distantly related to him, hence reaching out for him to direct the show. But in the video Buscemi seems to get everything wrong—from hugging the wrong Chris, to asking them to make their lyrics more accessible, to asking Rostam if he’s a DJ. And it’s a delight to watch.

So check out the promo below, listen to "Step" for the 1,000th time, and get ready for the release of Modern Vampires of the City on May 14th.

See the Teaser for Vampire Weekend’s Steve Buscemi-Directed Concert + Behind the Scenes Footage

Since posting earlier this morning about Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weekend’s latest collaboration, I have not stopped listening to their new song "Step." No, not have not stopped, cannot stop. But how apt, considering now we have a teaser for the upcoming Buscemi-directed concert that’s a part of the American Express Unstaged series. 

On April 28th the fellas will take to the stage at Roseland Ballroom to play tracks off their Modern Vampires of the City alongside their classic tunes, and for those of you that won’t be enjoying their performance in person, don’t fret—you’ll be able to stream the show live online.

And alongside the teaser, we’ve also got a new behind-the-scenes video featuring Ezra, Rostam, and the gang performing and taking us through the process of making of new song "Diane Young." Enjoy.

Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weekend Join Forces for a Live Concert Webcast

It’s simple: who doesn’t love Steve Buscemi? And moreover, who wouldn’t want to work with Steve Buscemi? So after we all saw this weekend’s Easter Parade in which the acclaimed cult-favorite actor, director, and writer performed his own top-hat clad version of Vampire Weekend’s "Diane Young," it now appears that he’ll be collaborating with the group of talented young dudes once again. 

Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio announced to Rolling Stone that the band will be teaming up with Buscemi as part of the American Express Unstaged Series when they hit the stage for their first New York City show in over two and a half years at Roseland Ballroom on later in the month. From the same series that brought you collaborations between David Lynch and Duran Duran, Terry Gilliam and Arcade Fire, etc. Buscemi will director a YouTube/Vevo stream of the concert, as well as some "bonus documentary footage." Speaking of Buscemi (who is apparently his distant cousin) Baio said:

He really is a great director. Growing up, I was a huge "Sopranos" fan and one of my favorite episodes is "The Pine Barrens", which he directed. Also, I just realized this morning he directed the ‘Leap Day" episode of "30 Rock" last year; that’s one of my favorites. I feel safe in his hands.

So yeah, no problems here; this is certainly a bizarre and wonderful pairing that I’m more than excited to see. Also, it’s only a little over a month til the high-anticipated Modern Vampires of the City comes out (via XL Recordings). So in the meantime take a listen to two of their new singles and watch Buscemi’s take on "Diane Young."

Vampire Weekend Announce New Album in ‘NYT’ Classifieds

I can find at least four dudes who don’t believe that print is dying: Vampire Weekend. The band announced the March 7 release of their third album, Modern Vampires in the City, by taking out an ad in the classifieds section of The New York Times. But it looks like the band took to the traditional media of their generation—the internet—to announce the album’s cover and track listing as well as the band’s upcoming tour dates. Still, this is a major coup for The New York Times. And to think, they didn’t need to put an animated gif on the front page of the paper’s website to get people to pay attention! 

Modern Vampires in the City track listing:

1. Obvious Bicycle
2. Unbelievers
3. Step
4. Diane Young
5. Don’t Lie
6. Hannah Hunt
7. Everlasting Arms
8. Finger Back
9. Worship You
10. Ya Hey
11. Hudson
12. Young Lion

Tour dates:

03-13-16 Austin, TX – SXSW
04-12 Las Vegas, NV – The Cosmopolitan
04-14 Indio, CA – Coachella
04-16 Davis, CA – Freeborn Hall at UC Davis
04-17 Oakland, CA – Fox Theater
04-21 Indio, CA – Coachella
05-08 London, England – The Troxy
05-10 Paris, France – Casino De Paris
05-15 Boston, MA – Agganis Arena
05-16 Toronto, Ontario – Sony Centre
05-17 Detroit, MI – The Fillmore Detroit
05-19 Kansas City, MO – Midland Theater
05-20 Denver, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
05-21 Salt Lake City, UT – Red Butte Garden Amphitheater
05-23 Portland, OR – Keller Auditorium

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BlackBook Tracks #28: I Resolve To Come Up With Better Titles For These

Local Natives – “Heavy Feet”

After getting back in the game with “Breakers,” the LA band has released “Heavy Feet.” It’s an understatedly lovely cut from their forthcoming second album Hummingbird.

AlunaGeorge – “Diver”

In “people who are doing pop music their own way” news, AlunaGeorge are still on track to be this year’s darlings. “Diver” piles glitchy layers and crystalline vocals over a bass-heavy foundation.

Vampire Weekend – “Unbelievers”

The press cycle for Vampire Weekend’s third album is just beginning, so enjoy it before it turns into people getting angry about sweaters for no reason. Here’s the only song the band has publicly unveiled so far, hopefully with more to come soon.

Miles Kane – “Give Up”

British rocker Miles Kane knows how to pack a punch, and he nails it on the short and snarling “Give Up.” As a bonus, this song appears to center around the same basic principle as the classic 30 Rock episode “The Bubble.”

Free Energy – “Girls Want Rock”

It’s usually a bad idea to make assumptions about half of the earth’s population, but I’m pretty sure girls actually do want rock, so Philadelphia’s Free Energy are in the clear.

Total Warr – “Where Is My Mind”

For the forthcoming Loisy EP, this electro-pop duo has remade the Pixies classic with a French accent.

HAIM – “Don’t Save Me”

The LA band just won the BBC Sound of 2013 poll, so get ready to hear more of them if you haven’t already. Guitar pop’s new golden girls are set to make 2013 their year.

NZCA/Lines – “Airlock”

Electro/R&B crooner Michael Lovett opens this track with the line, “Baby, you look so cold.” I’m going to pretend he’s singing about me when I trudge down 14th Street wearing a neon green puffer coat and a displeased expression.

Peter Bjorn and John – “Eyes”

I’m going to keep reminding myself that there are places where it’s even colder, like Sweden.

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