5 High Fashion Athleisure Collabs to Drool Over and Shop This Season

Photo courtesy of Nike

High fashion sportswear is going nowhere. In preparation for her upcoming athleisure line (see below), Rebecca Minkoff discussed the trend with her staff. As WWD reported:

During an informal office survey, most of Minkoff’s female staffers told her that on weekends they wanted to look as if they’d worked out, even if they hadn’t.

It’s a sign of the times. While some feel more staunchly than others that these lines shouldn’t be so blurred, the newest batch of designer sportswear suggests that voice is in the minority. When it comes to sales especially, the mantra must remain: give the people what they want!

These are the best of the fashion inspired athletic lines out there right now. Get shopping and get moving!


This triple whammy of a collaboration, which came out on Monday, features three up-and-coming lines’ take on the trend. While sporty–the basketball aesthetic inspiration is apparent–the line is more mesh dresses, satin bombers, and tailored sweats than wicking spandex.


craig greenChampion Select lookbook image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The Craig Green oversized mens’ sweatshirt is available here. 

[Ed Note: This men’s sweatshirt can also work as a women’s minidress…]


wood woodChampion Select lookbook image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The Wood Wood sports bra and shorts are available here. 


timo weilandChampion Select lookbook image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Timo Weiland’s mesh v-neck dress is available here. 


rebecca minkoffPhoto courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

The bag-turned-everything designer’s entrée into the world of casual gym-to-work-to-dinner clothes makes sense. Minkoff’s brand is ever expanding and already straddles a daytime/nighttime look. Keep this one in the back of your mind, since the official launch won’t be until April…but then you can stock up on neoprene (the fitness fashion fabric du jour) pieces, vests with leather trim, and more on the designer’s site and Shopbop.


cr fitness 1

cr fitness 2

cr fitness 3
Photos courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley’s impending athleisure debut is perhaps even more par for the course than Minkoff’s. Rowley, after all, has been designing wet suits for what feels like forever, and is a star athlete/surfer/trampoliner herself. Her new line, which she told Well & Good came about from the realization that “more and more, being active really is the way people dress and live their lives,” launches February.


Sneakers with a fashion spin are downright commonplace and the newest iteration is this futuristic collaboration (for men and women) between French brand Sandro, and Reebok.


js nike1

js nike 2

js nike 3Photos courtesy of Nike

I’m genuinely excited about each and every item on this list. In fact, in a perfect world I would buy all of them. That’s the extent of my commitment to athleisure fashion. But can we take a second to truly geek out over Nike’s latest collab with German designer, Johanna Schneider? Schneider’s collaboration with Nike drops on February 26. The collection is tailor-made to cater to every part of your fitness journey–the to, the from, and everything in between. The drape-y layers are reminiscent of current fashion, but drop a layer and you’ll still be ready for spin class.

Let’s hope the new goods will have a positive correlation with the bettering of our health.

Urban Outfitters Sale Rack Vomits All Over New Ke$ha Video

At first glance, Ke$ha seems to have taken some pages from Lady Gaga’s more recent playbook in her video for new single “Die Young.” There are the neon crosses and pentagrams, the playing with religious iconography that reminded us of “Judas;” the triangles and glitter the first few seconds of “Born This Way.”  But these links are obviously tenuous and over-thought: what this video really echoed, as the headline may indicate, is an Urban Outfitters sale rack. There’s neon, geometric patterns, leather—at some point footage shows up out of nowhere of two wolves either fighting or trying to mate (we’re not totally sure). All it’s missing are some ironic Mitt Romney t-shirts.

The premise of the video for the synthy, YOLO-espousing first single from Ke$ha’s upcoming album, Warrior (which will feature guest appearances from Iggy Pop and, on the “deluxe edition,” New Best Friend Wayne Coyne) is, of course, that Ke$ha is the leader of some Illuminati-esque cult. It’s probably only a matter of time before there actually are Illuminati conspiracy theories about this video, like that when you watch it backwards and zoomed in at 200%, you can see the message “NEW WORLD ORDER” written in glitter in the background. Watch.

OMGWTFLOL: Urban Outfitters x Lisa Frank is Here!

If you’re an ’80s baby, a ’90s baby, a candy raver, a child living in an adult’s body, or a human with a soul, then you are excited about Urban Outfitters’ new collaboration with iconic stationary artist Lisa Frank. The fast-fashion retailer has re-released tons of nostalgic fantasy favorites, from sticker sets to photo albums to erasers to cookie jars, which are all limited-edition and reasonably priced. Read on for some items that will go great with your hair-crimping session, bedazzling party, and TGIF marathon.


Clockwise from left: Vintage photo album ($34), vintage tri-fold binder set ($35), vintage postcard set ($14), vintage stars collection sticker box ($14), under the sea designer desk set ($20), vintage jumbo erasers ($10).

‘Shit Girls Say’ Book Released Just As Everyone Had Forgotten That Meme

Behold, the cover of the newest book headed to an ignored table at an Urban Outfitters near you. Shit Girls Say, based on the successful Twitter account and webseries that launched an incredibly insufferable video meme last spring (still LOLing your head off at "Shit Cis-Dudes Say" and "Shit Anthropology Majors Say," aren’t you?), is written by creators Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, two dudes who, I’m assuming, will probably be hearing, "No, I will not fuck you," a lot more often from the girls they encounter. But what do I know, sitting here without a book to my name? Alas, I’ll find some wigs and get on top of writing a proposal. 

[via Laughing Squid]

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BlackBook Tracks #12: Acts To See at Fashion’s Night Out NYC

It’s Fashion’s Night Out, which for some people, might be the best day of the year (just call it Treat Yo Self 2012). Special deals, limited edition gear, and complimentary drinks and snacks abound. If you’re in NYC, here are some options for music to see around town.

Theophilus London – “Last Name London”

Check out the ever-stylish rapper/Cole Haan collaborator at the Gramercy Park Hotel.


Azealia Banks – “1991”

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch her at Spin’s Fashion Week party last night, Yung Rapunxel will be appearing at the MAC store in Soho, presumably to support their new lipstick collaboration.


Icona Pop – “Sun Goes Down”

Rising Swedish duo Icona Pop will be bringing their non-stop energy to no less than four appearances tonight. They’ll be DJing at Helmut Lang in Soho, AllSaints in the Meatpacking District, and Mister H at the Mondrian Soho, as well as fitting in a live performance for Urban Outfitters.


Poolside – “Only Everything”

Dreams take flight in the new video for Poolside’s single “Only Everything,” their latest slice of chilled-out disco. Catch up on BlackBook’s Q&A with the LA-based duo and check them out tonight at 8 at Moods of Norway in Soho.


St. Vincent – “Champagne Year”

Sweet-voiced songwriter St. Vincent always has great style, so it’s no surprise that Rag & Bone are bringing her to their party. Here’s her song “Champagne Year” for a champagne night.


Frankie Rose – “Know Me”

The veteran member of Vivian Girls/Dum Dum Girls will take her darker solo project to Theory in the Meatpacking District.


Chairlift – “I Belong In Your Arms” (Japanese Version)

Synth-pop darlings Chairlift will be performing at Prada’s party in Soho. This is also sure to be a popular one.


Haim – “Forever”

LA rockers Haim have been working their way up for years, and they’re now undeniably buzzworthy. They’ll be playing at Topshop tonight.


Wild Belle – “Keep You”

Sibling duo Wild Belle will be bringing their dark pop sound to Mulberry in Soho. If you don’t get to see them tonight, you can always try to see their session at Le Baron next week.


POP ETC – “Live It Up”

The reinvented Morning Benders will be lending their weirdo R&B vibes to Morgane Le Fay’s event in Soho.

Industry Insiders: Lyz Olko, Co-Founder of Obesity & Speed

After Gwen Stefani wore one of the first shirts Lyz Olko designed, the demand for Olko’s homemade apparel soared. Her response: Olko and her partner Josh Conner created the New York-based clothing line Obesity & Speed in 2003.

With a name inspired by an obscure Huggy Bear song and a style that’s both dark and humor-filled, the line has debuted in Japan, LA, NY, and such recognizable stores as Urban Outfitters. Other celebrities that have worn the brand  include Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and Jared Leto. With its bold embroidered statements and edgy casual wear, Obesity & Speed’s collection continues to grow. “Go hard or go home," Olko says.

Afternoon Links: There Is A Kurt Cobain Solo Album, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Might Be Dating

● According to Hole’s Eric Erlandson, Kurt Cobain recorded an full solo album — what "would have been his White Album" — before he died. So probably, Kurt will preform the album in full as a hologram at Coachella next year. [NME]

● To few’s surprise, Urban Outfitters is stocking yet another questionable tee shirt. It’s almost like racism is a part of their agenda or something. [D+T]

● Vincent Gallo is suing the City of Los Angeles over their Arts District Business Improvement District, an organization that is supposed to be using tax dollars to clean-up and beautify the Downtown Arts District. Gallo, however, does not think they are up to the task and he wants his money back. [TMZ]

● In this week’s episode of A Day In The Life, the boys of Das Racist take Morgan Spurlock to Guitar Center and to meet Philip Glass. Watch the whole affair on Hulu. [Prefix]

● Cam’ron announced on Twitter late last that, beginning today and excepting weekends, he will release a track a day for the next 30 days. The hashtag’s #UNLostFiles, for those that will be collecting. [Complex]

● Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis — both, of course, of That 70’s Show fame — went out dinner and touched hands. According to one bystander, "She looked hot," and so it "was definitely more than a dinner between friends." Assume what you will! [Page Six]

● The Pulitzers are here! Did you get yours? No? Next year. [Poynter]

FashionFeed: Missoni’s 400-piece Collection for Target, Chipkos $18K Flip-Flop for Charity

● Feast your eyes on the complete lookbook for the 400-piece Missoni for Target collection. Fashionologie] ● Behold the world’s most expensive flip-flop ($18,000), created by Chipkos LA artist David Palmer for charity. [Accessories Magazine] ● Yesterday’s Bean Pole x Kim Jones at Opening Ceremony Block Party was all kinds of cool. Take a look at Black Frame’s photo diary for evidence. [Tumblr] ● Neiman Marcus has curated six exclusive Kate Spade New York looks that only their Facebook fans have access to shop now before they officially launch to the public on August 19. [Facebook]

● Abercrombie & Fitch literally bans customers from shopping too much at their stores. Wait – frequent A&F customers exist? [Styleite] ● Urban Outfitters held a Project Runway-style competition for Pratt Institute students where they asked competitors to design a jersey dress that will be sold in UO stores this fall. Here are the three winning designs. [UO] ● Peep the brands that former Neimans and Bergdorfs fashion director Nick Wooster tapped for his stint as the men’s collections creative adviser at PROJECT Las Vegas. [Project]