Take a First Look at the Rick Smith-Led Soundtrack for Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’

Danny Boyle’s Trance is…well, I won’t tell you quite yet. However, I will say that as all his soundtracks are wont to be—it’s amazing. The way Boyle’s films use cinematography. editing, and music almost hypnotically to pull you in and absorb you into its characters’ world and align you with their psychology is incredible and of course, Trance is no different. So for the film, Boyle has collaborated once again with Underworld’s Rick Smith, whom he’s worked with more than seven times since their brilliant soundtrack for 1996’s Trainspotting

The Playlist recalls that Boyle has described Trance as “reach[ing] back to the darker, more anarchic spirit of films like ‘Trainspotting‘ on which Rick was a key collaborator. The film is a puzzle of the protagonist’s own making and Rick’s music brilliantly drives the interior landscape of these characters as they try to solve it.” Indeed it does, Danny, Indeed it does.

So here’s the entire tracklist for the film, as well as one of Underworld’s songs that I feel exists similarly to one of Smiths’ less distressed sonic moments in the film. You can get your hands on the Trance soundtrack March 25th via Universal with its very own liner notes my Boyle.

"Trance" Soundtrack Tracklisting

1. ‘Chanson D’Amour’ (Art & Dotty Todd)
2. ‘Bullet Cut’ (Rick Smith)
3. ‘Solomon’ (Rick Smith)
4. ‘Here It Comes’ (Emeli Sandé & Rick Smith)
5. ‘Cannon Fall’ (Rick Smith)
6. ‘Sandman’ (Kirsty McGee)
7. ‘Raw Umber’ (Rick Smith)
8. ‘The Day’ (Moby)
9. ‘Santiago (101 Greatest Goals)’ (Rick Smith)
10. ‘Hold My Hand’ (UNKLE)
11. ‘Bring It To Me’ (Rick Smith)
12. ‘Movin’ On Up’ (M People)
13. ‘Soho Dim Sum’ (Rick Smith)
14. ‘You Knew’ (Rick Smith)
15. ‘The Heist’ (Rick Smith)
16. ‘Sandman (I’ll be There)’ (Rosario Dawson & Rick Smith).  

Check Out the First Trailer for Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’

When a film is directed by Danny Boyle, shot by Anthony Dod Mantle, and scored by Underworld’s Rick Smith—well, I’m hooked. For the past few months we’ve been eagerly awaiting a trailer for Boyle’s latest feature, Trance, and today, amidst a haze of Oscar announcements, we’ve been given a preview for the upcoming heist drama. Known for his thrilling novelesque and visually dynamic films, Boyle’s latest, which stars James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent Cassel, looks to blur the lines of reality and take us on ride. Trance tells the story of:

Fine art auctioneer Simon (McAvoy), in league with a gang led by underworld boss Franck (Cassel), plots the audacious theft of a masterpiece by Goya from a major public auction. When Simon double-crosses the gang during the robbery, Franck retaliates violently and knocks him unconscious. In the aftermath of the heist, Simon sticks stubbornly – and perhaps shrewdly – to his claim that the violent trauma has left him with no memory of where he stashed the artwork.

Unable to coerce the painting’s location from Simon, Franck and his associates reluctantly join forces with a charismatic hypnotherapist (Dawson) in a bid to get him to talk. But as they journey deeper into Simon’s jumbled psyche the boundaries between reality and hypnotic suggestion begin to blur and the stakes rise faster and far more dangerously than any of the players could have anticipated.

The film opens on March 27th in U.K. and although a U.S. release has yet to be announced, we’re sure Fox Searchlight will follow up shortly with a stateside date.

Snobbery and Entitlement at All Points West

VIP access to this weekend’s All Points West Music and Arts Festival means hanging with the artists, but not actually watching them perform. Ignore the tempting buffet because there is too much beer to drink. Score a bunch of free shit and feel very important because of it. At the entrance, unimportant and important people alike wait in long-ass lines while their are bags checked. But we very important folk waltz right in.

Pass the Brazilian Girls and one gay man of CSS on the second stage, ignore Underworld on the main stage, and go straight to the VIP tent/area. Once inside the haven of exclusivity, I can breathe again, finally amongst my very important people. But when I go for a beer and the bartender has the gall to ask for money, it became very clear, very fast, that the whole thing was a sham, a put-up. Even the food had prices — a cardinal sin in VIPville. My lungs pinched up and the Statue of Liberty laughed at me. I’ve been had by promoters looking to grant concertgoers a quick fix of upper-crustery. I had to get out of this make-you-believe world and into the real, which meant only one thing: backstage.

Passing security is no big deal — I belong there, after all. Beyond the metal railing, behind the stage, is a world of artists golf-carting to and fro, and celebrities picking at fruit plates. Vice co-founder Suroosh Alvi hangs out with the hipster set. Natasha Lyonne (looking a little plump these days) is flanked by Animal Collective. There’s Liv Tyler bringing her son onstage to watch Kings of Leon (probably dating the whole band). Jessica Stam just walked by. Rosanna Arquette eats cantaloupe. Mary-Kate Olsen watches the show. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are there too. Miso too salty, chocolate cake too decadent. And when headliners Radiohead finally start playing, their music sounds so much better from behind the stage, muffled as it may be. It’s the music only very important ears get to hear.