Boys in Briefs: 10 Moments of Male Celeb Strippery to Watch (Over and Over) Before You Go See Magic Mike XXL

Tom Cruise

Magic Mike XXL hits theaters today, which means plenty of Matt Bomer’s perfectly chiseled face, Channing Tatum’s perfectly sculpted abs, and, of course, plenty of perfectly filled banana hammocks. Yup, we said “banana hammock.” Get over it.

In honor of the cinematic sausage fest of the year, BlackBook looks back on 10 times boys in briefs stole the show. Feel free to bookmark this one and watch it over and over.


American Psycho:

Here’s how we think of Patrick Bateman: a chiseled man doing an insane number of crunches in his tighty whities. Murder, schmurder.

Boogie Nights:

Before Ted 2, Mark Wahlberg stripped to his skivvies in Paul Thomas Anderson’s film about the Golden Age of Porn. Of course, the underwear scenes were the PG part of this story.

Weird Science:

In case you don’t remember, Wyatt is wearing panties here. No, not strange Eastern Euro underwear that look like panties. Actual women’s panties.  And you know what? They’re simply perfection. The ‘80s cut-off sweatshirt is just a bonus.

Back to the Future:

Nothing comes between Marty McFly and his fly-as-hell purple Calvins.


A besmirchment on David Lynch’s oeuvre, the only good thing about Dune is that it gave us this scene of Sting.

Animal House:

Yes, sir, we’ll have another.

The Graduate:

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson—for tapping that. (All right, it’s a bathing suit, but still…)

The Amityville Horror:

 James Brolin

James Brolin battles demons with his bulge. Which to be honest, isn’t really that big.

A Clockwork Orange:

Alex De Large and his droogs were at the forefront of the underwear-as-outerwear trend.


Risky Business:

And finally, the most famous male underwear scene in the history of cinema. *drops candlestick*

Models Dancing in Their Undies! Your Workday Distraction Courtesy of Acne

Courtesy of Acne Studios

Acne Studios has created six mini-films to accompany the launch of their new underwear line–proving further that the promotion for the underwear is vastly more compelling than the simple undergarments themselves (Big kudos, Acne marketing team). (We still want them.)

The films follow the same aesthetic as the colorful print ads, but each have a different voicemail message as the soundtrack. Each one is only around 20 seconds long (read: perfect workday distraction) and features a different model from the ads.

As someone who loves “just because” voicemail messages, I found the films quirky, interesting, and weirdly endearing. Check them out for yourself below!

Acne’s New Underwear Line for People Who Hate Underwear

Images courtesy of Acne Studios

“Underwear should be beige or skin coloured, because I prefer no underwear,” says Jonny Johansson, Acne Studios creative director. So is the all-encompassing statement for Acne’s new underwear collection, featuring barely-there underwear in subtle tones in shades such as “sand” and “putty.” The collection features four different styles for men and (only) two different styles for women–all made from luxurious Pima cotton.

While I’m sure they are fine undies in their own right, they’re overshadowed by the fun and colorful ad pictures accompanying the collection, which are refreshingly different from clichéd over-sexualized underwear ads. Sometimes you just need chic basic nude-colored underwear without the saucy minx-face accompanying it.

The collection will be available in select Acne Studios stores and on Acne’s website starting October 16th.





Let’s Just Watch David Beckham Do Stuff in His Underwear

I don’t know what it’s like at your office today, but here most of our officemates all talking about Beyoncé tickets. ("My day is ruined," one person has already sighed now that the show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center is sold out.) Meanwhile, I’m having a great time watching this behind-the-scenes clip from David Beckham’s upcoming H&M underwear campaign directed by Guy Ritchie. I don’t even particularly like either David Beckham or Guy Ritchie. But you know what? It’s early in the day, and I’ll take what I can get.

[via Gay South Florida (which exists!)]

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So, There Are Manhood-Enhancing Swimsuits

It’s funny: one freezing January morn you could go shopping for a heavy winter coat and find the stores full of nothing but clothes more appropriate for spring. And our minds do something similar, wandering ahead of the current season, looking forward to a change in the air. You’ve caught yourself daydreaming about the summer, the beach. But when the time comes to strip down to swimwear, will you have the confidence to strut your stuff?

YOU WILL, with the help of, a website devoted to resolving a very specific problem: those regular little swimming briefs aren’t sexy enough! How do Cocksox® briefs enhance and emphasize your package? It’s quite simple: Cocksox® are “made from technologically advanced SUPPLEX® fabric, which is slightly heavier than the cotton in most cotton undies” and “come in styles ranging from traditional boxer briefs through to the super revealing mesh sling shot.”

Summer is saved! So rest easy these cold months in the knowledge that when the mercury hits 90º, you’ll get to call explicit attention to your sexual organ with a camo- or leopard-patterned dick thong. According to the helpful diagram below, you won’t have to worry about rings or slings, whatever that means. Cocksox® swim suits will also angle your penis up somewhat, like you have a tiny soft boner. Just like you always wanted.

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All I Want Is a Pair of Denim Underpants

You guys, my birthday this weekend. I will be 29 years old. And that’s actually 29 years old, not thirtysomething but just saying I’m always turning 29 because ha ha ha isn’t that so clever and cute? Anyway, because I am not yet in my thirties, I think it’s perfectly reasonable for me to wear denim underpants. Right? Right.

My friend Darci told me she was going to get me these for Christmas, but fuck that! I can’t wait that long. All I’ve ever wanted in my life is a pair of boxer jorts, because it really is time to take freeballing to a whole new level. I mean, LOOK AT ALL OF THE STYLEZ:

I think the pair with "me" in Japanese really say "me," wouldn’t you agree?

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Alexander Wang & Phillip Lim Launch Lingerie Lines

The underwear as outerwear trend is about to get a whole lot more exciting thanks to Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim. While each of the designers’ respective namesake houses going strong, Wang and Lim have decided get into undergarments. Lim’s new bra, panty and camisoles line is appropriate titled ‘initials’ (as in the first layer of fabric to hit the body). According to W, Lim is keeping the line simple, and unadulterated with embellishment or over-the-top styles. “What we love about it is that it’s something a girl can wear without feeling like she’s trying too hard.”

Meanwhile, Wang is following suit. As part of an expansion of his lower-priced line T by Alexander Wang, the designer is introducing a few select bras on his eponymous website. “The pieces are ‘definitely intended to be seen’ and run from $48 to $72,” says Fashionologie. The bottom line: exposed undergarments isn’t a trend that’s likely to go into hiding anytime soon.

Bras Can Now Control Body Temp and Other Useless Lingerie Developments

Looking to cool down or heat things up this year? Well there’s a bra for you. Apparently there’s a lot going on in the world of lingerie that extends beyond giving breasts and buns a boost. “A Dutch-designed anti-wrinkle bra that can iron out crinkly cleavages as a woman sleeps, and a smart Slovenian brassiere whose foam cups expand with body heat when the wearer works out or flirts, are amid innovations at the January 23-25 Paris trade fair,” reports the Independent. Ironing out your breasts– sounds pleasant.

Also entering the fray of multi-tasking underwear: bras that can moisturize your skin. There is a brand new “French lingerie line called Milkshake in a fabric made of milk proteins that contains 10 amino acids to hydrate the skin,” adds the Independent. Hmmm, I’m skeptical. This all sounds a bit like the recently released Reebok kicks that claim to tone your butt simply by walking in them, which sound too good to be true.