Andrew Cedermark Announces ‘Home Life’

Underwater Peoples, purveyors of all manner of lo-fi rock, will release Andrew Cedermark’s sophomore album, Home Life, a followup to 2010’s Moon Deluxe, on July 16. Listen to a couple of his old ramshackle but rambunctious tracks below.

Recorded with two different bands in New Paltz, New York, as well as NYC and Charlottesville, Virginia, Home Life will feature, among others, Liquor Store drummer Sarim Al-Rawi. If the new stuff is anything like “Moon Deluxe” and “Hard Livin,” from Cedermark’s debut, even air-guitaring along could give you finger blisters. You’ve been warned.

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BlackBook Premiere: Julian Lynch, ‘Gloves’

You have to hand it to Underwater Peoples: 90% of the artists on the label really do sound like they’re playing at the bottom of a swimming pool. Julian Lynch, since 2008, has been collaborating with the likes of two such aqueous bands: Ducktails and Real Estate. Meanwhile, he’s forged a winding solo path.

Which brings us to “Gloves,” a brand-new Lynch track from the forthcoming Lines LP, due out March 26. There’s a repetitive, jamming, minimal phrase that gets tessellated like one of Sufjan Stevens’s little shards of song, over which we hear some accordion wheeze. A bass line meanders through the mechanics until we come up against an outburst of guitar around the two-minute mark.

Nothing too dramatic, here, but then that’s always been Underwater Peoples’ charm—you could listen to this laid-back stuff while sitting out on the back porch with a beer and forget to put on something else when it’s over.

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