Halloween at Stone Rose NYC

We assume you’re already deep into your Halloween planning. What comical yet topical costume idea have you chosen to embrace this year, you clever little minx? Let’s hope it involves smeary makeup and/or stifling latex. Regardless, as always, it doesn’t really matter so much who you are as much as where you are, and one stellar where-to-be this ‘Ween will be New York’s Stone Rose.

It’s a pretty straightforward proposal – the Stone Rose is clubbing out for the night, with 5 DJs for 5 hours, “costume preferred,” from 10pm to 3am. And of course, should you choose to venue-hop, other prominently enjoyable Gerber Group properties are also sporting Access Perks for happy users of our very own BlackBook Guide for iPhone. Check out a special $10 Guava Sin cocktail at Whiskey Park, $5 Shots of Herradura Silver (Sunday-Thursday only, sorry) at Underbar, and 15% tequila and whiskey flights at LEX Bar. Treat, trick, take your pleasure. RSVP to {encode=”srevents@gerberbars.com” title=”srevents@gerberbars.com”}.

An Interview with Gerber Group’s Mystery Man, Scott Gerber

A few years back, when I was a partner in SLDesign, I had the pleasure of working with Scott and Rande Gerber, who hired us to work on their rooftop at the W Hotel Buckhead. Rande Gerber is, of course, that former ex-model who is married to Cindy Crawford and is the face of such brands as the Whiskey, Whiskey Blue, Whiskey Sky, Whiskey Park, Whiskey Bar and Grill, Wetbar, Underbar…you get the idea. He also heads up those Stone Rose joints. With somewhere near 30 properties worldwide, Gerber Group is one of the world’s top hospitality brands.

The Gerber group just opened three new venues in the new W Santiago and a Stone Rose Bar and Grill at the JFK Delta terminal. They also offer the midnight bar collection, which is a complete line of seven essential cocktail mixers “made with all the finest all natural ingredients.” With all these amazing achievements and projected developments, Rande Gerber and the Gerber group are household names. However, my Chihuahua has almost as much name recognition as Rande’s brother and partner Scott Gerber.

A google search of his name took me to a ton of Rande links. But Scott Gerber is responsible for directing all of the business operations, including new business development, negotiating partnerships, liaison with property owners, overseeing management and coordinating construction of the properties. He is a gentleman and a scholar with a BS in finance from the University of Arizona. I caught up with Scott yesterday and shot him a couple of questions. He’s a very busy guy.

I googled you and found practically nothing. It basically just refers people to your brother Rande or the Gerber group. Why do you prefer being in the background? It’s much safer that way. [Laughs]. I run the business end of the business. Rande is more involved with the design and aesthetic.

We all know that Rande is much more than just a pretty face. Is there a clear separation of duties? Yes, there’s a clear delineation. Rande wouldn’t get involved with the day-to-day operations.

How many places are you operating and how many more are in the works? We operate 30 properties and we’re having conversations about 10 more. Probably we’ll start up 5 of these this year.

This JFK Stone Rose Bar and Grill fascinates me. Nowhere in my experience is food and service worse than at an airport. I guess that’s changing. Tell me about your synergy with Delta. Our midnight bar collection is being served on Delta flights. Instead of just getting a little bottle and a mixer we make margaritas and cosmos. We teamed with Delta on this and it’s an in-flight revolution. I travel every other week and I know what has been available to a traveler. Were often waiting for a plane for one, two or even five hours. At Stone Rose we have a full bar and menu so you have a relaxed and stylish spot while you are waiting. Our menu gives you a great sandwich or steak and a variety of bites like buffalo mozzarella salad, buffalo wings. Much more than the typical traveling fare.

I guess with increased security we are all forced to spend more time in the airports waiting. Did that extra time factor into your decision to open an airport location? Of course. Travelers are told to be there two hours before their flight. Everyone comes at least one hour early. We wanted to provide something besides the cheesy places that are currently the norm. You can now get a great drink and food while you wait for your plane. Delta asked us to get involved as they try to take their brand more upscale. They even have David Barton exercise facilities at their terminal at JFK.

As hospitality drives the major hotel chains, the Gerber group is the big kid on the block. The Stone Rose in JFK raises the bar and creates a whole new market for food and beverage brands. I’m sure that very soon other hospitality groups will get into the act. Will it be long before we see Pure at the Las Vegas airport? Or Tao, LAX? How about La Esquina, LaGuardia? Customers want things the way they want them, and that means everywhere. They want Whole Foods not Met Foods. They want high end design and style in their boutique hotel, not just in the room, but in the clubs and restaurants that bring the beautiful locals to them. Luxury, boutique brands, with increasingly enhanced amenities, will be available to them wherever they go. Thank god I have a place to hang and eat at JFK. The Delta brand means something more to me today than it did the last time I traveled. What a great idea. If I ever find myself in Santiago, Chile, maybe visiting my friend Lindsey Risk, I’ll stay at The W and visit the Gerber Group’s Whiskey Blue, W Lounge and Red 2 One. I know I can expect high design, great service and an understanding of my needs.

New York: Top 10 Joints for an Easy Hook-Up

imageNew York City is a veritable hot zone for burning loins on a mission to be cooled. But where is one to go when craving a no-frills hook-up with no need to swap digits afterward? If you’re over the romance, and have already exhausted our targeted tips for boys and girls — here’s a little something for everyone looking for a little something.

Felix (Soho) – Your best bet for a little Sunday afternoon delight. Go for the brunch, stay for the booty. The wait for a table is so long that you will have met five potential hook-ups and ingested three Bloody Marys by the time you sit down. ● Hudson Terrace (Midtown West) – If you’ve read even one article in the past month about nightlife, then you’ve definitely heard of this highly publicized pick-up zone. Attractive people are flocking to the West Side Highway lounge for its large roof and loud music with a clear mission to make a match, for the evening at least. In fact, the music is so loud, you needn’t produce semi-witty banter before you begin to bump n’ grind.

Gansevoort Roof Deck (Meatpacking District) – Now that summer’s here, the flesh is fully exposed atop the Gansevoort Hotel’s roof on Saturdays and Sundays for the weekend’s daylong Plunge party. This gives all the boys and girls not one but two days to lounge around the pool paying $15 per drink, all the while honing in on Mr. or Ms. Right-now. By 7 p.m. everyone is tipsy, and you may even meet one of the many promoters with bottles to lighten the bill. Drop names Tony, Ruben, Richie, or Morgan at the front. The rest is up to you. ● Pianos (Lower East Side) – Are you in the mood for a little hipster love? Surprisingly, this live music go-to spot on the Lower East Side actually has much more to offer than tight jeans-wearing boys with flat ironed-straight hair. You can find quite a selection of suitable hook-ups listening to the band, eating and drinking in the front, or getting cozy on the couch upstairs. The place is somewhat legendary, so the draw is still there, and so are the singles. ● M2 (Chelsea) – Nothing like a massive Chelsea club to quench your hook-up thirst. The sheer magnitude of people makes your odds at snagging a mate for the evening uniquely high. I’ve never been there without getting hit on at least 28 times, which also helps me remember what street its on. ● Lexington Bar and Books (Upper East Side) – I know I know, it’s way too far uptown. But do you want to score or not? If you are a lady in your 20s or even (gasp!) 30s, you’ll nab yourself an older gent with money to pay for your drinks as well as a fine pack of Dunhill’s, since it’s a smoking establishment. Vice versa goes for the young fellas. The cougars in this place are just waiting to snatch up some prey to take home to their Classic Six lairs. ● Corner Bistro (West Village) – Go for the burgers, stay for the booty. Where else can you find a place so casual hosting a mishmash of twenty- and thirty-somethings chomping down the best burgers in town for under $10 a pop? After all that beef, it’s only natural to find someone to burn off the calories with. ● Underbar (Gramercy) – Even the name even implies you’ll be getting under someone. Anyplace dark and subterranean with couches and candles is good for snagging some action. Underbar’s stylish but easy to get into, so the bridge and tunnel crowd can take over on weekends. But who are you to turn down B&Ters out of hand, you elitist snob? Plus, such a partner will have to run to the last train at Penn Station, which gets them out faster. Warning: If they miss the last train, you may be stuck with a unwanted sleepover, so keep an eye on the clock. ● Joshua Tree (Murray Hill) – Strictly for frat boys and their ilk — those perhaps most inclined to prowl for an evening hook-up, so you need the most help. The best time to go is when there’s a game on during happy hour. You and your potential match will high-five each other when your team scores, then proceed to some scoring of your own. ● Hudson Bar at Hudson Hotel (Midtown West) – Shimmering white floors as far as the eye can see make even the most jaded of New Yorkers happier, not to mention easier on the eye. Being attached to a hotel with readily available rooms (showers with a view of the bedroom) is a bonus. This fairy-tale cocktail lounge will make ladies feel like Cinderella at the ball — only the curfew is way past midnight.

Chicago: Top 10 After-Hours Bars

1. Berlin (Wrigleyville) – Dark omnisexual house/industrial/video club for serious dancers and adventurous straighties. 2. Bon V (West Loop) – Bottle service on Randolph Street? A Bears superstar’s sibling tries his luck with a VIP lounge in the famed district. 3. Charlie’s Chicago (Wrigleyville) – Country boys early, with their cousins from the city taking it over for late-night dance parties. Yee-haw!

4. Circuit (Wrigleyville) – Y tu juicy booty tambien at this enormous dancehall/sweatlodge. 5. Crobar (Near North Side) – Chicago’s original mega-dance club still holds its title and gets all the celebrities in the house. 6. Diversey Rock ‘n’ Bowl (Logan Sqr/Humboldt Prk) – All-night bowling for the rock-n-roll jet set: tattoos and tequila meet 10 pins. 7. Estelle’s (Bucktown/Wicker Park) – Rockers, industry, and trixies convene in red booths post-2 a.m. 8. Le Passage (Near North Side) – New owners try to get Le Passage back on top of the nightlife food chain. 9. Rednofive (West Loop) – One of the area’s only after-hours bars hits a high note with late-night partiers. 10. Underbar (Roscoe Village) – Roscoe Village’s prime 4 a.m. bar draws an interesting mix of night owls.