Tupac Among the 2017 Rock Hall of Fame Honorees

Photo: GeorgeHannzD via Wikipedia

The nominations for the 2017 Rock Hall of Fame inductees have been announced: first time nominees Journey, Pearl Jam, Electric Light Orchestra, Joan Baez, and Tupac Shakur are joined by three-time nominee Yes.

The ceremony will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on April 7, and will be streamed by SiriusXM and filmed to be featured on HBO.

Yes drummer shared his reaction to the news with Billboard“It’s totally exciting. It’s a great pleasure to be recognized for something you’ve been doing all your life and get recognition in the industry for the amount of work you’ve put in and to have done something that changed the course of history, I guess, over time.”

Joan Baez also released a statement in light of the honor, according to The Hollywood Reporter“I never considered myself to be a rock and roll artist. But as part of the folk music boom which contributed to and influenced the rock revolution of the 60’s, I am proud that some of the songs I sang made their way into the rock lexicon. I very much appreciate this honor and acknowledgement by the Hall of Fame.”

To be considered for the Rock Hall of Fame, 25 years must have passed since a musical group’s first recording. Others considered this year were Chic, Bad Brains, Chaka Khan, Depeche Mode, Jane’s Addiction, the J. Geils Band, Janet Jackson, Joe Tex, Kraftwerk, MC5, Steppenwolf, The Cars and The Zombies.

Linkage: Brooklyn’s Northside Festival Gets A Lineup, Tupac Goes On Tour

Growing larger every year in scope and scale, this year’s Brooklyn Northside Fesitval lineup expands on with Qu-Tang Clan’s GZA slated to perform his Liquid Swords in full. Also on the eight-day schedule? Of Montreal, Ceremony, Tinariwen, the Felice Brothers, Screaming Females, and, surely, many more up-and-comers tucked into galleries and spaces across the borough. [ArtsBeat]

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Jack White’s much anticipated solo debut, Blunderbuss, is now available for pre-order and early listening on iTunes, ahead of its April 24th release via his Third Man Records. [CoS]

Ai Weiwei is suing the Chinese IRS for fining his company Beijing Fake Cultural Development $2.4 million last year without testimony or evidence. “Their actions were illegal and violated regulations," he said, sounding measured considering the circumstances. [AnimalNY]

That Tupac hologram stunt was so winning at Coachella that Dr. Dre and people that made it happen, Digital Domain Media Group Inc., now want to take the show on the road for a virtual Tupac tour. "This is an illusion [and] this is just the beginning," says the company’s chief creative officer. [WSJ]

DIY pioneer and hardcore legend Ian MacKaye turned fifty yesterday. That’s half a century. [D+T]

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● Congratulations to Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose on their engagementt! May there be duets and drama ’til death do you part. [JustJared]

● The new Muppets movie will have to go on without Jason Segel, who says he just won’t have time to pen the sequel. [Vulture]

The $100,000 electric car was just a warm up: TMZ reports that Justin Bieber is ringing in his 18th year with a skydiving trip, a big party, and by signing the lease on two new homes — one for himself and one for his mom. Aww! [TMZ]

2Pac: The Musical is an actual thing that they are actually casting for. [BV]

● Zac Efron came clean to Matt Lauer this morning about that shiny gold-foilded thing that fell from his pocket on the Lorax red carpet. "I did, I did," he confirmed. "I never really had a pocket-checking policy prior to going onto the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one." [PageSix]

● This story about Tyga being held at gunpoint and made to dance to his own "Rack City" has, in all likelihood, been exaggerated. It’s too good not to share, though. [TaleTela]

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● Heeding the advice of fellow father Tom Cruise, Jay-Z is forgoing the usual mini-van for an armed vehicle to tote his kid around in. [ShowbizSpy]

● In something of a Canadian pop coup, Drake hinted that he’ll be working in some capacity on Justin Bieber’s next album, Believe. [Rap-Up]

Tupac’s sex tape sold rather anti-climatically to a private collector for an undisclosed sum. [TMZ]

● For the third year running, "whatever" has been declared the year’s most annoying word. [Reuters]

● Louis C.K. has been tapped to headline the 68th annual Radio & TV Congressional Correspondents Dinner where, sources say, no topic is off-limits and sometimes things get awkward. [Page Six]

● Atlanta rapper and Waka Flocka Flame’s right hand, Slim Dunkin, was fatally shot Friday evening while working in his recording studio. [Reuters]

● Suri Cruise’s Christmas wish list — complete with ponies and gowns and decked in diamonds! — allegedly amounts to a whopping $130,000. Tom needs to teach Jay about this, too. [StarPulse]

Morning Links: Unreleased Tupac Song Going For $1 Million, Lil Wayne’s PSA

● Someone has offered a cool $1,000,000 for the unreleased track playing in the background of Tupac’s sex tape. Bidding on the tape, meanwhile, has only hit $150,000. [TMZ] ● Roseanne Barr’s return to network television is nearer then ever, NBC having picked up her sitcom Downwardly Mobile. [THR] ● Michael Jackson’s kids showed up to Saturday’s tribute show to the late performer in MJ-inspired garb. Also of note from the night: Beyoncé performed “Wanna Be Where You Are”, and Jennifer Hudson failed to show up, citing “production problems.” [People]

● In a 30 minute “public service announcement,” Lil Wayne mourns Steve Jobs, talks about inspiring a gang of kids in New Orleans to skateboard, and calls himself the “Barack Obama of Buggatti.” Grab a chair, you’re going to want to hear this. [Complex] ● Hilary Duff looks a teeny tiny bit pregnant finally. [Daily Mail] ● Did Beyoncé steal the dance moves for her “Countdown” video? Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker says so, and that she didn’t even do it well. “Am I honored? Look, I’ve seen local school kids doing this. That’s a lot more beautiful,” she said of Beyoncé’s lift. [AceShowBiz]

Tupac’s Sex Tape Features Money B & Unreleased Tupac Song

The gentleman in possession of the Tupac Shakur sex tape, which shows the rap legend “receiving oral sex while rapping and dancing,” says he plans to release it. But what exactly does a Tupac sex tape look like? Considering it was filmed 20 years ago, in 1991, it probably looks blurry.

TMZ has details from the tape, which they say begins with Tupac entering a living room filled with “a bunch of groupies” during a house party. He then receives oral sex while “an unreleased song of Tupac’s is playing in the background.” Tupac was notoriously prolific in the studio, so the thought of him recording a song that only received airplay during his own sex parties doesn’t sound too out of the norm. Apparently there’s a cameo from Digital Underground’s Money B, whom Tupac “puts his cocktail arm around” while continuing to receive fellatio. The tape ends before he commences full intercourse, and it’s “unclear if there’s another tape.” Here’s the video for Tupac’s “I Get Around,” featuring Money B. It may not be a sex tape, but it’s a great song and fun video. We’ll take that over a posthumous party sex VHS any day:

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● T.I.’s first post-prison performance was an unlikely guest spot at Taylor Swift’s Atlanta show last night. As it turns out, the girl’s got edge. [Rap Radar] ● Waka Flocka Flame was slugged in the face by a former protege during a charity being held at a bowling alley. The rap game’s stressful. [TMZ] ● When it became clear he wouldn’t be making his Toronto show, Russell Brand likened the Canadian border patrol to Nazis and blamed them for denying him access into the country. In reality, Canada could care less about the comedian; he was just late because of plane problems. [THR]

● Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are truly the best friends a girl could want. Demi Lovato says they called her every day while she was in treatment for an eating disorder. “Those two girls, they meant the world to me,” she says. “They still do.” [NYDN] ● TMZ thinks they’ve found a short Tupac sex tape, which opens up all sorts of weird questions about postmortem sexiness. [TMZ] ● Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner fancies himself to be most like Mad Men adwoman Peggy Olson. He also sees a lot of Don Draper in himself, but because he writes about “consequences,” he says, “I really don’t fantasize about being him.” [NYT]

PBS Hackers Pinpoint Tupac’s Location in New Zealand

Over the weekend, a group of hackers took aim at PBS’ News Hour by breaking into the company’s system and posting an article that claimed Tupac is hiding out in New Zealand. The news item—“Tupac Still Alive in New Zealand’—was deleted about an hour later, after more than 3,000 people had read and shared the false story, ignoring the fact that conspiracy theorists have long thought Tupac’s current hiding place is Cuba.

The hackers, who have identified themselves as a group called LulzSec, explained that the attack was prompted by PBS’ Frontline documentary WikiSecrets and its portrayal of former U.S. soldier Bradley Manning. In addition to writing up the false news piece—which also claimed that The Notorious B.I.G. was hiding out down under with Pac—LulzSec posted a public list of usernames and passwords of PBS’s admin members, the same strategy that the cyber organization took against Fox News and Sony recently.

According to LulzSec’s Twitter page, Sony is a prime target for their next attack, but for now, isn’t it comforting to know that Tupac really is dead, or at least, still hiding out in Cuba?