Uniqlo, Dior Make the ’75 Things New Yorkers Talked About in 2011′ List

If you’re wondering what you and your peers talked about the most this year but don’t have the time to revisit your Twitter feed, then you’ll appreciate the latest best-of list compiled by The New York Times. "The 75 Things New Yorkers Talked About in 2011" features a variety of buzzworthy subjects that just about every human being has weighed in on in the last 12 months. From Uniqlo’s can’t-miss ads that featured figures like Tumblr founder David Karp (pictured), to the Dior new head designer guessing game, the list is sure to provide you with a generous dose of fashion, pop culture, and political nostalgia to get you through today.

Other sartorial highlights from the roundup include the number-crunching Alexander McQueen fashion exhibit at the MetElizabeth Taylor‘s record-breaking Christie’s auction, and Lady Gaga’s gender-bending take as Jo Calderon during the MTV Video Music Awards. See the complete list here.

‘Great Art In Ugly Rooms’ Delivers What It Promises

This may be a familar scene to some of you. You’re at a new bar or a house party of a friend of a friend of a friend, and the place is hideous. Bad, ratty carpeting, lighting that makes everyone look like ill and sunken-in, scratched-up furniture, a couple of creepy antiques or piles that look like gateway drugs to a Hoarders episode. And then, in a corner of the kitchen or above the TV tuned to one of those Music Choice stations, there it is: a beautiful piece of art, a captivating painting, something that is a true breath of fresh air compared to the faux-Toulouse-Lautrec literally every one of your friends ever has. And you think, how can something so beautiful exist in a place so otherwise aesthetically displeasing? And why does this happen?  

Great Art in Ugly Rooms is a half-one note Tumblr, half visual experiment that explores that artistic dissonance by ‘shopping the great works of past and present into objectively hideous spaces. A stunner from Marilyn Minter sticks out like a sore thumb in a room full of garish loveseats; a de Kooning stands sentinel over a tossed, bare mattress in a space that looks creepy and abandoned, one of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop-art steaks sits, perhaps appropriately, next to an open, empty casket. There’s Vermeer in garages, Cezanne next to moldy curtains and, perhaps most disturbingly of all, Damien Hirst in what appears to be a child’s bedroom. The results are sometimes disturbing, but generally pretty fascinating. Take some time to scroll through them, and be sure to visit the companion, Great Video Art in Ugly Rooms, as well. 

Some Changes Yahoo! Plans To Make At Tumblr

Much hay has been made of the news that Internet dinosaur Yahoo! Inc. will buy the blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion, allowing the company’s decrepit 26-year-old founder and CEO, David Karp, to finally retire to his private island made of American Apparel models. (Just kidding, David. Please don’t delete me.) But while Tumblr users and others have expressed outrage and threatened self-exile, as if we’d just reelected George W. Bush, we didn’t know what a Yahoo!-fried Tumblr will look like. Until now. Here are some highly confidential plans we intercepted. 

·      All Tumblr user names will be modified to have the Yahoo! exclamation point at the end.

·      Ask Boxes will be replaced with Yahoo! email accounts (and users must delete Gmail accounts before being permitted to register for Yahoo! email accounts).

·      Panels of Sudoku, GemClix, Deep Sea Mahjong and other Yahoo! Games will be randomly inserted into the dashboard. Everyone loves games. 

·      Half of Tumblr’s budget will now go toward high-concept Super Bowl ad buys.

·      Logging onto Yahoo!-Tumblr for the first time downloads a spyware patch onto your computer. Don’t worry, it’s just to make sure that you never quit  Yahoo!-Tumblr. Ever.

·      More yodeling, somehow.

·      The edit and delete post buttons will be removed. Yahoo! is a big believer in learning from your mistakes. 

·      All songs must now be uploaded as MIDI files.

·      Any attempt to embed a YouTube video will incur an automatic DMCA lawsuit from NBCUniversal. 

·       Tumblr Radar will be revamped to advertise nothing but Dell computers. Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

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New Blog Explains How All Your Beloved Celebrities Are Bigots

Oh, now this could be fun: some well-meaning souls have taken to Tumblr to compile troubling dossiers on the culturally insensitive habits of those people you are most likely to reblog admiringly at some point: people like Amy Poehler, John Slattery and, uh, Barbara Walters? If they’re taking her sort down I can’t see why they even bothered with Dan Savage and Eminem, whose list of offenses scans like a Wikipedia page in need of a hard edit.

So what are some of the more common complaints on the smugly-titled website Your Fave Is Problematic? Blackface, certainly, which is more widely practiced than I realized, my God—but it hardly seems fair to knock John Slattery for it, since it was a scene in Mad Men that hit on the character’s horrific racism while intimating that it disgusted his friends. Also grounds for scolding: an “appropriative” Yin Yang tattoo. Okay then.

Wearing Native American headdresses, rape jokes, Nicki Minaj’s ableism—the site is a treasure trove of every awful aspect of the sociological condition known as "being alive." Although I have no idea what the slur "t****y" could be, I’m sure Jeremy Renner should be ashamed of using it. And whether you agree that deploying an STD "as an insult” crosses a line, you’ll rest easier knowing that whatever you do, someone out there can find it offensive. Which frees you up to say all kinds of horrible things! 

Somewhere, there’s an empty comment section waiting just for you. (Try scrolling down.)

Tumblr’s New Babblr Feature Not Working At All So Far

Likely every Tumblr user on the planet was excited by the announcement of Babblr, a Google Chrome plug-in designed to let you chat in real time with all your BBFs (Best Blog Friends). Finally, a way to waste time while you’re wasting time! So far in the rollout, however, we’ve gotten only a stream of irate posts about how the damn thing won’t function, period.

Yes, it seems possible to add the Babblr gizmo to your Tumblr dashboard, but that’s about it: afterward it will repeatedly tell you to log in and “select a chat,” whatever that means. Some users are even freaking out about the possibility that Babblr is a hacker program that will steal your information—this because, it would seem, Tumblr didn’t design the feature itself. Everyone else is just typical tech-geek angry. 

But! Apparently the servers are currently down due to (predictably) overwhelming traffic. It may already be fixed at this point—just kidding, definitely not. Anyway, hang in there, chatterboxes! Or go find a human being to interact with in actual meatspace. 

Brooklyn Academy of Music to Host GIF Exhibit

Uh, guess this wasn’t a scathing April Fool’s joke: BAM is really going to showcase a real exhibit of real GIFs, really! It’s called “Moving the Still” and I’m sure it’ll be somehow completely different from scrolling through a few days’ worth of a Tumblr dashboard, so get on it.

The Daily News reports:

A series of 50 moving digital photos, all in Graphics Interchange Format, culled from over 3,500 online entries, will be displayed for three months on BAM’s giant digital screen on Flatbush Avenue.

Bet they’re all from Parks & Recreation, am I right? Also: holy shit, that’s what GIF stands for? It sounds so futuristically alien when you spell it out.

Oh, but the GIFs will not be framed in a gallery, sadly, just blown up on a BAM’s giant outdoor digital screen on Flatbush Avenue—like so many Madison Square Garden ads for Muse in concert. When will this precious art form get its due? Once they’ve outlived their practical utility.

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Dolly Parton Has an Official Tumblr Now, If You’re Into That

Who doesn’t love Dolly Parton? She is a national treasure, like the Great Smoky Mountains or Kansas City BBQ; she’s the toast of Branson. She is responsible for the anthem you hear in your head every Monday on your commute to work, that is, if you work 9 to 5. You’ve probably sang “Islands in the Stream” with your inebriated friends at karaoke more times than you’d like to acknowledge. You’ve seen her show in Branson. What more could Dolly Parton possibly give you? More Internet presence!

Over the weekend, we were alerted to the glorious news that Dolly Parton now has an official Tumblr. Sadly, she was unable to acquire “Fuck Yeah Dolly Parton,” which probably is a thing that exists, but this one is legit, according to her official social media people. Even though it’s probably some interns or publicists doing all the work, we’d like to think it’s Dolly herself tracking the tag, reblogging pictures of herself on TV or Instagrammed/ornately hand-drawn reiterations of her lyrics from blogs with names like “truckyeahcountrystars” and “lorettalove.” And who knows? If you’re a rabid enough fan of hers on the Tumblrs, maybe Dolly will follow you if you ask nicely enough. We wish you well in your quest. 

Shailene Woodley Cast as Lead in ‘Fault In Our Stars’ Adaptation

If you haven’t heard much about The Fault In Our Stars, you probably either don’t know many young adults (or regular adults who read a lot of YA literature) or don’t go on the Internet a whole lot. The John Green novel (which gets its name from a quote from Julius Caesar)  about two teenagers who meet in a support group for young people living with cancer, was one of the best-reviewed and most talked-about books of 2012 by readers of all ages, and Green himself is something of a literary icon for the Tumblr set. 

So of course there was going to be a movie. And John Green’s international network of diehards probably had plenty of suggestions for who to cast as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, Green’s protagonists. Today, after more than 250 auditions, the choice for Hazel was announced as Shailene Woodley, who first broke ground on the treacly ABC Family melodrama The Secret Life of the American Teenager before wowing critics (and earning a Golden Globe nod) for her performance in The Descendants. Woodley was also recently announced as the lead in the upcoming adaptation of Divergent, another buzzy YA novel, though this one is set in a dystopian-future version of Chicago. Anyway, the Internet will probably have lots of opinions about this casting choice, but the creator of the character is on board!

John Green has been supportive of the adapation, which will be co-written by Scott Neustadter (500 Days of Summer) and Michael Weber (The Spectacular Now) and directed by Josh Boone (Stuck In Love). And he was pretty stoked about the decision to cast Woodley as one of the leads, and took to one of his favorite spaces, his Tumblr, to tell his fans just why

"I am very excited about this.
Here’s the thing, tumblr: Shailene Woodley loves The Fault in Our Stars. She really does, and in her audition, she just was Hazel—at least to me. You can read what Josh (the director) had to say about it in the article above, but for me her commitment to the book and deep understanding of Hazel make her the perfect choice."
Now, of course, comes the question of who will play Augustus Waters, Hazel’s love interest. A quick search through the "Augustus Waters" tag on Tumblr brings up pleas for Freddie Highmore, Evan Peters, Logan Lerman, Grant Gustin and many more. This is like Finnick Odair all over again, y’all.

Tumblr, Vimeo Founders Talk Creativity At SXSW Brunch

Want to brunch with Tumblr founder David Karp? Split an omelette with Vimeo founder Jake Lodwick? Have an espresso with the lead singer of OK Go? Yep, so do I. And maybe someday we will, but for now, we’re getting the next best thing: a video from GE’s two-hour Brilliant Brunch at SXSW, when eight leading creators of all things tech, media, & music came together to dine on waffles, sip Bloody Marys, and tackle how they got started, what challenges them, and how they stay on top.

In this video, the innovators discuss their “Path to Creativity.” Check out the full list of videos, sit back, grab a coffee, and get instantly inspired. Or at least hungry.

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