Brooke Candy’s Majorly Glittery, Draggy, Stripper-y ‘Opulence’ <3

Steven Klein is at it again, this time using his newfound music video skills to back not Madonna, but Brooke Candy, the former stripper-turned-rapper. It was Brooke Candy’s appearance in Grimes’ Genesis video that first caught Diesel artistic director Nicola Formichetti’s eye, her knee-length braids moving him to bring Candy into his fold, styling her now for her Opulence music video. In the video are an impressive 25 looks — wigs, Delfina Delettrez jewels, Givenchy couture-inspired full-face glitter, Alexis Bittar masks, and bejeweled Diesel pieces galore. Brooke Candy and Diesel feted the video release Sunday night in the basement of the Tribeca Grand, flanked on all sides by gays in drag, their deer-in-headlights plus ones, and Amanda Lepore.

Watch Opulence below.

Bottoms Up to Travis Bass’s Latest Nightlife Collaborations

As I told you earlier in the week, there is a lot going on as clubroom continues to play its never-ending game of musical chairs. Thank goodness I was left standing with the silly music playing sans chair many years ago and can quietly watch from the sidelines. Travis Bass, who had such a big hit with Madam Wong’s and Red Egg and those Swedish dinners on Delancey, has taken the revamped Tribeca Grand and made a go of it with a  pop-up bar. He insists it’s not really the TriBeCa Grand because it has its own entrance, but it still is so shhhh, Travis, I mean what’s the point. He also is calling it a pop-up because, like many things in nightlife, the parties come with an expiration date. That date is still undetermined but a guess would put it in mid-November.

At that time, the EMM Group’s much anticipated 199 Bowery space will open. I drive by it almost every day and just love the Monopolgy motif on the construction barrier. EMM’s foray into downtown fabulous includes ex-Collective Hardware maniac Stuart Braunstein and, I hear, ex-White Noise and ex-Mansion man Luke Brian Sosnowski. Luke has a downtown sensibility but also has the ability to sell bottles. This is promising to be a bit of what The Box offered, without the shock and awe. They are looking for talented performance-types, and my guess is that this space will be a hybrid of what EMM does and what these and other players do. It may just scratch that all-things-to-all-people itch that nightlife hasn’t returned to in a bit. The developing cabaret, performance club on Bowery seems highly exportable to cities like Vegas and AC. This is a winner.

Here, Travis Bass gave me all the details about the yet-to-open Bowery spot, pop-up bar, his role in it all, and his greatest weakness.

You launched Tribeca Grand at the close of Fashion Week. Was that a strategy?
We didn’t want to launch the “Bottoms Up” pop-up bar on a high during Fashion Week and then have half our crowd leave for Europe for three weeks, taking us down to a lower note. So we launched it when they were gone and it did amazing! Now everyone is talking and hearing about the pop-up party known as “Bottoms Up.” Now that everyone is back from Paris Fashion Week, we are gonna take it to a higher note!

What goes on here? Who comes? How has this place reinvented itself?
What goes on down there is magical. People have really been able to lose themselves and dance their asses off! The crowd is much of the same loyal fashion/art downtown crowd that we have picked up along the way since Red Egg and Madame Wong’s, with some new faces mixed in that are really into this new concept of dancing a bit and then hiding.

First off… Bottoms Up is not in the Tribeca Grand Hotel, but a world onto itself. You can’t enter through the hotel. We took the space into the basement and turned it upside down and made it the place you come to party and dance all night! Before that, it was a great space to see big bands and go to early parties. We built it out as a place you can go crazy on the dance floor or vanish into all the hidden spaces. It’s a place where you can escape from everything that is happening on the streets above you. We were going to call it “Pop-Up Vegas” as it feels like a casino, in the fact that time there has no meaning.

199 Bowery opens, and you leave. What can you tell me about EMM Group’s latest adventure and your role in it all?
The space on Bowery is going to be amazing. It will be a culmination of everything that my team and I have been doing for the past two years. The space will be like nothing you have seen before and, using the abilities of EMM, we will be able to curate experiences that have never been possible before in our scene.

Are you a promoter? A curator? A director? All of the above? More?
Dictator or Director?? Ha!

I think the best way to describe me would be all of the above, except a promoter. I put together the team and then work with my team to curate the room. I like to come into a space that no one else wants or even thinks about, move a few things around and punk it out for a few bucks so we make the money back the first weekend. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My #1 strength is my ability to surround myself with an amazing team that truly loves each other and will go to battle for each other — Eamon Kelly (Best Friend/Door), Vance Brooking (Best Friend/sweetest human alive), May Kwok (Best friend/DJ) — all three have been with me since Madame Wong’s and Red Egg. Our bartenders Dave Mason and the two George’s have also been with me since Wong’s as well

My weakness is trying to find a balance in life while being in the nightlife industry. Being a healthy person that does clubs is a contradiction of terms. I am in love with the punk rock lifestyle and attitude of doing clubs, and it really hurts the day after.  Like many people that do clubs, we all need to find a balance between the late nights and having a normal life.

Life After the Hurricane & the Marathon Conspiracy

We were better than most in our 4th floor loft atop a hill in Williamsburg. Our new apartment didn’t have cable yet or heat for that matter as those companies were busy elsewhere. We had bins filled with water, flashlights, food, everything we needed to weather the storm. Many of our friends were less fortunate. We took in a couple of strays, fed them, and thus beat the boredom of the silent night. On Tuesday night we went on a safari to Manhattan. The car loaded up with stir crazy women heading into a dark unknown place reminded me of the opening scene of a monster movie. I could hear a voice from the audience saying “don’t go there, you idiot!” but onward we sped. When we got to the center of the Williamsburg Bridge, the light went out and we plunged into the surreal. A candle in a window here, a flashlight off to the side told us the zombies hadn’t eaten everyone. The cops were serious, their flashing lights creating surreal shadows and illuminating thevoids. There were hundreds of thousands in those dark monoliths but there was little sign of them.

Wednesday night was Halloween and we went to Manhattan again. More was lit up but not that much. We went to the Tribeca Grand in search of a couple of friends who worked there. The bar at Tribeca was lit with candles but had no humans so we headed to the Soho Grand, where a party was happening. We embraced our pal Dean Winters who plays Mayhem in those insurance commercials and avoided making a bad joke about his role in all this. Matt Green was holding court over a fast crowd that was slowed down just a little by the crisis. The hotel’s generators kept one soda gun going and a few lights. The trademark under-illuminated stairs were dark. We had a blast as everyone was happy to have something, although we were all aware of so many who had nothing. Our smartphones told us about Lit Lounge, Erik Foss’s joint, which I love more than any other. Eric, of course, got Lit, lit and we all gathered into our clown car and navigated the polite streets. With no traffic lights, everyone gave everyone right of way. It was grand.

Lit had a party. They wrangled up a generator and had the DJ booth going and a few soft lights. Nick Gazin of Vice was DJing, spotted by Ben Rayner and Dj Mell (Cerebral Ballzy).The brilliant artist Chris (Spam) Martin and Foss threw this shindig. It was a super hip and beautiful crowd, happy to be anywhere, and ecstatic to find themselves at such a fantastic gathering. Foss got boxes of pizza from God knows where and fed the masses. When he offered one dude a slice, he replied, "No thanks, I’m good, I live uptown .We headed into the dark for little trips and met no monsters but helpful friendly people everywhere. Intrepid bodega owners watched their shops and sold warm beers and snacks. We popped into strange bars illuminated by melting wax and were greeted with cheers for just showing up. It was mad fun.” Back at Lit, I told Erik that this is why I say his is the best joint in town. My DJ gigs at Hotel Chantelle and Griffin were cancelled as the plans of millions took a break. Old friends Facebooked and called from all over the world to make sure I and mine were OK.

The Marathon debate raged on Facebook and I used that medium to scratch my writing itch. I ripped Bloomberg for his audacity and wondered if he canceled so very late in order to ensure the runners came and their money boosted our economy. I got a Sandy tattoo when my artist managed to fly back from New Orleans. My pal Matt De Matt who owns Gaslight and some other joints hooked my refugee tattoing pals up down in Louisiana where he is totally connected. It was and is a time for friends to help friends. As the city sputtered back to light, the clubs threw "stir crazy" parties and Sandy parties. Nothing too clever, sad to say. This week promises to be more "normal," but problems for nightlife still remain. The subways are not quite right and gas is so rare that few can venture in from suburbia. The loss of Halloween revenues is staggering. Clubs and staff won’t recover quickly, but the busy season of nightlife has begun, and in a week or two, cash should be flowing. The local bars and coffee shops are collecting necessities for our neighbors in places that still are under the thumb of destruction. Do what you can to help.

Tonight I should be hopping around town as the election that never came has actually arrived. Tomorrow will be a day off for most, a day to take a deep breath and get ready to return to the routine. Voting and watching the results will dominate Tuesday. I, of course, endorse Obama. I think the other guy represents the Dark Ages, and I am fearful of a return to the religious and greed-fueled policies of Bush. I urge all my readers to contact friends in swing states and get them out there voting and motivating.

Nur Khan Responds to WTF Gossip, Alacran Tequila Turns Pink

Yesterday’s story, which dealt with swirling rumors, was apparently well-read as I got lots of complaints about its veracity. I though it was clear that it was only rumors from unreliable sources, but it seems to have stirred things up. The retooling of the TriBeCa Grand will not include my pal Nur Khan, who chewed my ear off for putting my foot in my mouth for things I heard with my very own big ears. Good thing I have such a handsome nose. Nur made it clear that he was extremely happy with The Electric Room. He told me "… I love the Electric. Any rumors that I am leaving are 100 percent unequivocally untrue. I have a lease. I love the space, pour my heart and soul into it…Why would I want to leave? It’s extremely successful albeit small. False rumors."

That’s from the horse’s mouth. He told me how he was completely devoted and was going to "grow the brand".

I looked up at the Empire State Building last night and it was all bathed in pink light. It took me a minute, but then I remembered it was for Breast Cancer Prevention 2012. On Facebook this morning I was tagged by liquor hawker Arty Dozortsev. The tag was for a matte pink version of the usually black Alacran Tequila bottle, in honor of breast cancer awareness. Alacran will donate money from sales of this bottle. Alacran is a superior product that I endorse because it makes statements like these for good causes.

WTF?! This Fall’s Nightlife Gossip

I remember my first date with Jeannie LoVullo like it was yesterday. She chewed a lot of gum and said "what the fuck" a lot. This weekend was like a date with Jeannie LoVullo; my movers, who were indeed shakers, were chewing gum and saying "what the fuck” a lot. They got me saying it. I didn’t have time to go out but did answer the phone and heard bits and pieces of what seems like a great game of musical chairs. I’ll get to the bottom of all this faster than you can say "wtf," but for now you will have to accept these moist and fuzzy tidbits. I hear that Nur may be leaving The Electric Room on his way to the newly remodeled TriBeCa Grand. My source who is usually unreliable swears it’s true, citing contract endings and stuff like that. I also hear that Travis Bass will also bring his special brand of whoopee yippee yay nightlife to TriBeCa. This may be a temporary thing, as he is slated to be a honcho over at the 199 Bowery space that EMM Group is developing for November. OK, OK,. I’m pausing for a WTF…

I heard that Jamie Mulholland was all set for that bank space on the corner of Houston and Essex which has, for years, been so many things to so many people. Now, this other group is there doing something irrelevant, and I’m not sure what’s going on with Jamie. He would be the perfect fit for what is an imperfect space. I’ll find out WTF is going on and tell you when the time is right.

 Also, I am told that Vala Durvett has taken over the job of putting asses in seats over at the almost new Bishops & Barons. They kicked Danny Kane and his crew out for lack of performance, according to another fairly unreliable source. Translation: they opened at a bad time, withered during the summer, and kicked their team out as the season began. Vala is a good fit for this joint as its 14th Street East location is a tough destination. Bishops is located right between the IHOP, and they just opened Bait & Hook, my pal Div Patel’s (formally of Nest) seafood joint. WTF, Vala has her work cutout for her, trying to hook people over to a hood where no man has gone before. Good thing she knows a lot of women. It can be done; Beauty Bar has been there since WTF – the last century. I’m sure I’ll get some calls to clarify, and so I will.

Moving has been one big WTF and I’m a bit frayed. I’ll be at BINGO as usual tonight to get my mojo back, and if I win I’m just gonna yel…you got it.. WTF!

Sandy Relief at Pacha & The Bottoms Up Controversy

You can’t throw a rock without hitting a benefit for Sandy relief efforts and so it should be. The other night, a singer in a sleazy place proclaimed her performance was to help with Sandy relief. A friend who wasn’t born yesterday quipped in my ear that "she just renamed her cat Sandy.” "Hmmm," I replied more brilliantly than it reads. I’m sure there is some of that, but these days I am believing in people. One person I can always believe in is the brilliant producer of The Love Show and an inspired performer in his own right: David F. Slone, Esquire. Last night, his Love Show, which happens every Thursday at Hotel Chantelle, before Sam Valentine’s Generation Wild party where I DJ along with him and Luc Carl, ran way over, as performer after performer had the crowd in shock and awe… and stitches. They passed the hat and raised some loot and the spirit was wonderful. Every cloud has a silver lining and without trivializing the pain and suffering still afflicting our neighbors. Sandy has gotten people working together again for a greater good. The Obama election has helped turn the mindset from the fears and loathing a Romney win would have meant. The Love Show benefit gave 100 percent of the money collected at the door  to The Brooklyn Recovery Fund to benefit Sandy’s victims.

Angela Harriell & The Love Show Dancers!
Harrison Greenbaum: Award-Winning Comedian/Magician – Comedy Central’s ‘Comics to Watch’ and winner of the Andy Kaufman Award!
Kissing booth with everyone’s favorite late night lover, Manchego!
Award-winning quirky songstress, Jessica Delfino!
Performance genius, Eric Schmalenberger!
Tight harmony singers, The Shirtwaist Sisters!
Vocal powerhouse, Corn Mo!
Sweetheart of the Sideshow, Lady Aye! 

Eric Schmalenberger slayed us as Miriam, his alter ego whom I personally like way more than Eric. In a drunken drawl, Eric…er, Miriam proclaimed "Hella fun night. My only fear is tomorrow I’ll give the NY Blood Bank blood/vodka.”

The highlight of the show was when my editor Bonnie Gleicher, out on her blind date with the debonair Craig Clemens who donated $500 to MS for the privilege, pulled a large sword out of the throat of Lady Aye. Do not try this at home.

Next Wednesday, Nov.14, I will be a guest bartender at Pacha for their gianormous HELP HEAL NEW YORK Sandy relief benefit. The DJs I can mention include DANNY TENAGLIA, FRANCOIS K ,SUNNERY JAMES & RYAN MARCIANO, SHERMANOLOGY, DANNY AVILA ,D BERRIE ,AUDIEN, HARRY CHOO CHOO ROMERO, SHAWNEE TAYLOR (live) ,CARL KENNEDY, HECTOR ROMERO, DAVID WAXMAN, CEVIN FISHER,, THEO, HEX HECTOR ,PAUL RAFFAELE, CODES, ROXY COTTONTAIL ,SAZON BOOYA ,DALTON ,SIK DUO, CARL LOUIS & MARTINDANIELLE ,PAIGE, BAMBI, THAT KID CHRIS. There are many more , but I’m sworn to secrecy. Eddie Dean and Rob Fernandez (RPM) are always spot-on in their bookings, as evidenced by them asking me to bartend.

The Greater New York Red Cross will receive 100 percent of the proceeds from door, bar, and coat check. Doors will open at 5pm and stay open till 5am. If you do come to my bar, order beers and simple drinks or else you’re going to have your own private little benefit. For the record, I entered the business as a bartender . How long ago??? Well, back in that day when you ordered vodka on the rocks and it came in a stone mug  poured over pebbles. And it wasn’t Grey Goose.; it was Grey Pterodactyl.

Oh and on another note. I’m going to a "sneak peek" preview of BOW, that much anticipated EMM Group entry at 199 Bowery, shared with FINALE. Travis Bass, ex-Madame Wong’s and Red Egg and recently Bottoms Up is doing the inviting. They say the place isn’t quite done and neither is Travis nor me for that matter so it might be fab. I’ve told you that I think this place might be a game changer and I’m anxious to see how right I am. Even if I’m only 10% right,  tonight, I anticipate much more as BOW is only part of a 20,000 square foot hospitality entry being unleashed by EMM at 199.  Travis always delivers. I heard that his off-again on-again incarnation Bottoms Up at the Tribeca Grand was often off-again because the hotel people didn’t much like the wear and tear Travis’ crowd inflicted on the furniture and decor. Now that sounds like my kind of party.

The New Year’s Eve Hotel Roundup

Planning on getting out of the house for New Year’s Eve? Of course you are. And if you don’t feel like going home that night (falling into your own bed can be a little anticlimactic after popping bottles all night, don’t you think?) it’s the perfect night to indulge in a hot hotel escape. There are a lot of offerings around the country, but these are come of the most exciting.

For their friends in New England, rounded up some great last-minute deals. All Kimpton properties, like the modern boutique hotel Nine Zero are half-off on Jan 1st to make the most of your long weekend, while the upscale XV Beacon is offering a bottle of Taittinger to stay in and enjoy in front of your in-room fireplace, after checking out the city’s First Night festivities or else a reception in their wine cellar and fireworks on the rooftop terrace, followed by brunch at Mooo and late checkout at 2pm. They’re also featuring some deals at the Hyatt48 in New York, and The Joule in downtown Dallas.

Another Southwestern property we can always count on to go big for a holiday is the W Scottsdale, who’s making a weekend of it with their $2,012 “New Year’s Eve Fiesta Bowl VIP Experience.” Football fans kick off the four-night weekend stay with top hats and Champagne in their room, a vintage-circus themed party throughout two of the hotel’s venues (be sure to get onto the terrace for the midnight fireworks) entrance to the Fiesta Bowl block party on January 1, and two club level tickets to the game on January 2. It’s just one of the many W-hosted New Year’s soirees; check out your local location for details on theirs.

The club hoppers at Guest of a Guest have put together a great roundup of parties for the night in New York City, including several hot hotels—it’s showgirls and circus performances before an indoor ball drop at the Tribeca Grand, Debbie Harry hosting at the Standard, and a massive open bar at the Empire Hotel rooftop, as well as other festivities at the Jane Hotel and the Soho Grand.

Midnight Snacks: A Few Suggestions For Your Friday Night

Party: Carmen Kass hosts cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to celebrate the launch of with Reet Aus. Time: 5PM-8PM Perks: Music by The Misshapes. More: Dear Carmen Kass, I love you. You could be hosting craptinis in your grandmother’s basement and I would be more than thrilled to go. Also, can we be friends? Thank you for having us, Holly.

Party: Join StyleCaster to celebrate the launch of Qwiki ( at Backstage (152 Orchard Street, LES, NYC). Time: 9PM Perks: Music by Neil Jackson + iPad DJ Rana Sobhany. Complimentary cocktails courtesy of VeeV Açaí Spirit. More: Backstage? Qwiki? iPad DJs? I have no idea what is going on here, but I like it. And drinking spirits made from Açaí berries make me feel better about my liver and general lack of concern for it. PS: Space is limited. RSVP:

Party: T*n*A at Thompson L.E.S Time: 10PM-2AM Perks: Drink specials, and elbow rubbing with fashion-y elbows. Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein host. Music by, you guessed it, T*n*A More: Does T*n*A stand for tits and ass, as the old adage goes? Also, you should really think about changing the asterisks to periods. It must be murder to BBM that to your friends mid-drink, amirite?

Party: Franco V’s 4th Birthday Celebration at the Bunker Club. Time: 11PM-4AM Perks: Franco V More: Darling, it’s tacky to pretend to know somebody just to get into the club of the moment, so don’t even think about pulling that trick, not for a second, do you hear me?

Party: Steven Rojas is DJing at the Soho Grand Tonight Time: 10PM-4AM Perks: What a GrandLife, right? More: The grands, Tribeca and Soho, have been powerhouses with staying power. Powerful stuff.

Party: Refresh Refresh Refresh at Happy Ending Time: 8PM-12PM. Perks: Ever wanted to be one of the cool kids on the internet, or just meet them? Those cool kids, including Leon Neyfakh, Katie Baker, Sasha Frere-Jones, Akiva Gottlieb, Nick Sylvester, and Mike Taylor will tell stories. More: I heard about it from the intranets, what does that tell you?

Party: Bear in Heaven plays with Twin Shadow, and Sun Airway at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Time: 8PM Perks: All bears go to heaven. More:

Party: Tame Impala plays their second consecutive sold out show with Stardeath And White Dwarfs, and Kuroma at Bowery Ballroom Time: 8:00 PM Perks: Tickets will release at 9:30PM, and will also be found on Craigslist, along with everything else you could ever want. More: Video from last night;

DJ Maia Wojcik’s Beauty Tricks for Day and Night

That title is wrong. Tricks are for kids, and Maia is a pro. If she was a kid she’d be a sleep-all-day-party-all-night career DJ with no alarm clock. Not Maia, her alarm clock goes off every morning for her day job as a fashion exec, whether she likes it or not. Despite the late nights spent spinning at places like Butter, BEast and Tribeca Grand as one half of the duo matt + maia, Miss Wojcik is always bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come morning. The girl looks good when I bid her farewell late at night to go home and catch up on beauty sleep, and just as bangin’ in the light of day, short on sleep and H2O. Maia shares the magic potions in her arsenal that keep her together at all hours (hint: corn and peas).

When you wake up in the morning after a ‘gig’ what do you usually do to save face? After a weekday gig, I sometimes only get four hours of sleep before I head into the office. To deal with tired eyes, I wash my face with ice cold water, moisturize, and gently apply Lancome’s Renergie Microlift Eye R.A.R.E. It stings a little bit, but I love that because I know it’s working. When desperate times call for desperate measures, nothing works better to cure puffy eyes than a couple bags of frozen veggies from the freezer. I’ll usually press them to my eyes for as long as I can bear it (about six seconds)… corn on one eye, peas on the other. Works wonders.

Do you do your makeup differently for a night out? Definitely. When I’m DJing I almost always do a dramatic lip (I rarely wear lipstick during the day). I love classic red lips- Chanel Rouge Allure, in “Lover” is my pick. Sometimes I’ll do bright coral, or pink. And I definitely don’t skimp on the black eyeliner.

Where else do you go out when you aren’t DJing? If I’m not DJing, I’m trying to have a low-key night, unless I’m going to see other DJs I like. I go anywhere from Market Hotel to Webster Hall. BEast and Avenue are fun, but I’m also pretty happy with a glass of champagne at Les Enfants Terribles, which is a block from my house.

Biggest beauty faux pas: Wearing brightly colored eyeshadow with brightly colored lipstick. Unless you’re entertaining children at a birthday party, that look never works.

Makeup staple: Keihl’s Lip Balm #1 – It adds a nice gloss while soothing dry lips.

Skin care essential: Toner. I love Scientifica Skincare Skincare Hydra-Pure toner. I’m not even sure what it does, but it feels amazing.

Exercise routine: Walking everywhere, biking to work, and taking stairs rather than the elevator, within reason. Does dancing in the DJ booth count?

Anti-aging tip: I’m borderline phobic of direct sunlight on my face. I always wear moisturizer with SPF, even in the winter, and get my “sun-kissed glow” from Origins Sunny Disposition Bronzer, rather than the actual sun.

Must have hair product: Aveda Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment – when you go as light as I do with highlights, you have to take good care of your hair.

Beauty indulgence: Regular facials with Lulu at Scientifica Skincare. She was the best kept secret in Manhattan until she was recently plugged by Christy Turlington in Vogue. My skin improved dramatically after I started seeing her a few years ago, to the point where people would comment. She also sells amazing products that she helped develop herself.

Hair salon: Vidal Sassoon on 18th Street, or Carsten Salon in Union Square.

At home beauty secret: Tan Towels. I can’t reveal any more than that. They are incredible. And as much sleep as possible.

Skin care line you’re obsessed with: Clinique Moisture Surge – It’s a daily moisturizer but in the form of a gel. I’ve never seen anything like it. It goes on with a dry feel, not oily or greasy like other moisturizers. It’s amazing. I’m completely obsessed.

Shower essentials: I use Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair, and Aveeno Positively Radient Exfoliating Shower Wash with a loofah for my body. I also follow every shower with St. Ives Vitamin E lotion from head to toe.

Your scent: Marc Jacobs Daisy. I also received a free sample of Harajuka “Love” by Gwen Stefani, which smells really nice.

Biggest splurge: Highlights every 6-8 weeks. Painful on the wallet.

Daily makeup: Full n Soft Mascara by Maybelline. It’s better than any designer mascara I’ve ever tried. Light powder, light eyeshadow, eyeliner and I’m done.