Fourth of July Nightlife: Behind the Scenes

The Fourth of July weekend looms, ready to empty Manhattan of its denizens of the night. Quite a few people have cut out already, leaving club operators in a quandary. With so many of their regulars away in exotic lands, how do they generate income to pay their bills, and how do they make staffing decisions? In an age of instant awareness, clubs that are crowded will become known to people who find themselves in empty rooms. A text, a tweet, or a call has them scurrying to find the crowds, and a well-run and established club has a leg-up on competitors.

The smart clubs employ PR companies that get the name and image of their clients to the masses both locally and throughout the world. While Manhattanites are off to vacation hovels, New York City becomes a destination for millions who want to see the fireworks and enjoy the hot town. These tourists with no job to wake up to want to go out to party. They almost always have only a name from a celebrity sighting, a synopsis in a city guide, or the word of their hotel concierge to steer them to the right nightclub. These concierges are heavily swayed by what they read in Page Six and New York Magazine.

PR companies worth their salt keep the name of their clients out there. Nightlife sections of lifestyle magazines and blogs are constantly updated with images and blurbs to attract those not normally looped in. Concierge outreach programs are used by the smart venues. A rep from the club visits chic hotels regularly and establishes relationships.

During the normal course of business throughout the year, the guests of these concierges are given preferred treatment for entrance and often other incentive-filled deals, like discounts on bottles. These concierges are sometimes tipped back by clubs for sending spenders their way but get much of their loot from satisfied customers. On weeks like this, when tourist dollars are the salvation, these concierge programs can save the day. Tourists don’t have work for days to come and are raring to go, eager to spend beaucoup bucks in places they have been convinced are ultra exclusive.

The best joints in town will lower their standards to fill their rooms. It is an opportunity for those allergic to the Hamptons and other cricket-heavy lands to get into places that normally exclude them. It can set the tone for a relationship with a doorman and club staff and ease entry going forward. Door people welcome familiar faces who have proven themselves to behave "correctly.” A borderline "no" can become a consistent "yes" if an effort to impress is made. Operators have a hard time staffing long weekends. Their employees, like most people, have other places they’d rather be. Staff are told in advance to not even think about being MIA, as operators can’t predict how busy or not they will be.

I will see the fireworks from the roof of the Tribeca Grand Hotel where there are stirrings of a rebirth of its traditionally vibrant nightlife culture. I have attended a couple of swell events there recently and I hear word of more to come. It has always worked for me. Multiple rooms, great sound, delicious drinks and even food, and the sexiness of the atrium and rooms up above have made me a regular over many years.

On another note, I was completely captivated by the new Wes Anderson flick, Moonrise Kingdom. I advise you stop reading this right this second, leave your house, and head over to your nearest cinema and see this film. Hell, quit your job…go now. Yes, I am that age. Yes, I had one of those Davy Crockett hats and I was the nerdiest, bespeckled scout. The world of my New England summer youth is there to be seen. I even had an eternal love that lasted an entire summer. I camped out, was bullied and fought back, and thought I knew everything about the trees and the winds and the animals of my wooded universe by the infinite lake of our seasonal retreat.

I’ve gotta go…I’m gonna see it again.

Actor Rodrigo Santoro Talks Soccer, Shaving And Starving Himself, And His Twitter Impostors

You may recognize Rodrigo Santoro from his roles in movies like Love Actually, 300, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and Che, among others. The Brazilian-born international talent has a range of films under his belt, from comedy to drama, action to foreign. His latest subtitled flick has the 37-year-old actor playing the part of Heleno de Freitas, a 1940s-era soccer superstar hailing from the same place, albeit during a very different time.

Heleno, which opens today in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, is a black-and-white biopic about the thrilling yet tragic life of de Freitas. de Freitas, as portrayed in the movie, was a man of great passion—for both beautiful women and, of course, his sport—who died at the age of 39 from syphilis, which he refused to treat. de Freitas, the story goes, dubbed medicine as making men weak, so he gradually and then exponentially declined, retiring to a sanatorium far from the sandy beaches, nightclubs, and stadiums of his glory days. His self-destructive behavior—defined by an addiction to ether, estrangement from his wife and child, and a hot temper with his team—cemented de Freitas as a living myth of sorts. Perhaps this is how he earned the nickname Prince Cursed.

Santoro, on the other hand, couldn’t be farther from de Freitas when it comes to fame, fortune, and disposition. The opposite of cursed, he’s accomplished a lot and has much more to look forward to. In Heleno, we witness Santoro take command of the character in an award-caliber performance, one that is raw, yet respectful of its subject.

For the feature, Santoro dropped nearly thirty pounds in order to appear as sickly ill as de Freitas actually was when at his worst. This among other things the sunny Santoro opened up about earlier this week when I sat down with him at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, where he was cheerily upbeat and far from withering away. Read on for more, from drastic dieting to head-to-toe hair removal to why he worships the female sex even more than before.

What initially drew you to this film?
I got involved with the director [José Henrique Fonseca] at the very beginning. We just started to talk about the story, the character, the script. That’s the reason I became a producer on the film.

And how did you prepare for the role?
When we finally got financing, we hired a professional soccer player. He’s [currently] coaching [but] used to be an amazing player in the ’80s and ’90s. I always played soccer. Being Brazilian, you gotta do it. But always for fun with my friends. I wanted to go through the routine of a real soccer player. I was looking for somebody that had the same characteristics as Heleno: Heleno was known for head-striking and receiving the ball on his chest, which is something very hard for players to do. It doesn’t matter how fast the ball comes, they have the ability to “kill the ball.” So, we hired this guy. We also did research. We have photographs, a biography, and a lot of interviews. We spent almost a year interviewing people all over Brazil. 90-year-old guys that saw [Heleno] play or knew some story about him; this lady whose neighbor had an affair with him—she used to see [Heleno] come in. All these crazy stories.

And you lost a bunch of weight…
I dropped 28 pounds because we were portraying his last days. We shot the first part of the movie, the glamour and the heights of his career, and then we broke for two months. I dropped the weight, I came back, and we shot the last part.

How’d you do it? Just starve yourself?
You do starve. The diet is very strict. I do not recommend it. I had two doctors. This is the third time I went on a strict diet. This is the most extreme I’ve been on. I was eating very, very little. Just sufficient to work, because you gotta work. I felt weaker, more fragile, but my mind was clear. It was incredible. It was intense, though. It wasn’t fun.

Besides calorie restriction, what did you do?
A lot of cardio. And just discipline. That is the key. You teach your body and your body adapt[s] to that reality.

Did Heleno really eat paper?
Not paper, newspaper. From our interviews, that’s what they told us. He wanted to chew stuff. Mainly paper. That was his thing.

Is it more challenging to take on the role of someone who actually existed?
I wouldn’t say more challenging. The challenge is different. We decided to do this film because he’s such an important character in Brazilian soccer history. You have to respect that there’s an image. You cannot try to imitate that person. There’s a lot of little risks and it’s tricky. But also, you have a lot of information. If you’re playing a character that did not exist, you’re totally free to create, but there’s no reference. It’s just different.

After the entire endeavor, did you come away liking or disliking Heleno? The film itself doesn’t make him terribly likeable…
As an artist, you cannot judge the character. You have to be able to suspend judgment. I wouldn’t say I like or I dislike. I just tried to portray his humanity.

What do you think you’d be doing if not this?
I think I would be traveling the world, working at Discovery Channel. I love nature. I would do something in the wild, like a journalist or documentar[ian]. Or surfing.

Ha. What was it like working with Arnold Schwarzenegger?
It was great. He was Conan the Barbarian, he was Terminator. I was a teenager at that time. He was an icon. [On set], there was part of me being like, That’s the Terminator and he’s backing me up. He was nice, very accessible, great humor. We had a good time. I saw a cut two weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. It’s fun.

Do you have a favorite film you’ve been in?
It’s hard to choose because I believe it’s like kids. You cannot choose your favorite son. But, I was never so involved with something [as] Heleno.

So, I’m intrigued—and impressed—that you shaved and waxed your body for 300
It’s the second time I’ve done this. Not the first time, okay? I perfected my techniques. I did not wax, because the first time I tried it—I have a deep respect for women. I already had it before, but now I worship you guys. It is very painful. It is not fun. This time we shaved everything. It was a process. I had to shave my head every day. Arms, legs, everything.

A taste of a lady’s life. Now that you’re done shaving, what are you working on?
Right now I’m working on my holidays.

Makes sense. Say, did you know you have, like, six fake twitter accounts?
Even more! I gotta tell you, I don’t have Twitter, I don’t have Facebook. But, according to my friends, there’s one [Twitter account] that is really good at portraying me.

No kidding. So, what’s your stance on our fine city?
I love New York. It’s a place that every time I’m about to come here, I get excited.

What do you do for fun while you’re here?
I just walk. That’s my favorite thing to do. It’s very simple, very basic, but I love the fact that [this city is so] condensed. It’s perfect in that way. You can do whatever you want. I love the cosmopolitan quality. I love to go to Central Park and get lost there. My favorite thing to do when it’s sunny is sit down in the grass and watch the grass grow. Things are so fast and people are moving all the time, so my favorite thing is to stop and watch it. 

BlackBook & Fox Searchlight Present ‘Sound of My Voice’ Screening

Last night BlackBook magazine and Fox Searchlight Pictures hosted a special screening of the haunting Sound of My Voice starring Brit Marling, Christopher Denham, and Nicole Vicius at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room, where there was an intimate group of approximately 100 industry tastemakers and guests of BlackBook magazine. Directly following the screening, director Zal Batmanglij, actress Brit Marling, and actor Christopher Denham participated in a 45-minute Q&A with BlackBook Editor-in-Chief Joshua David Stein. Check out the photos after the jump, and be sure to read our interview with Batmanglij here

Photography by Karl Ferguson

UPlanMe Celebrates Launch During Social Media Week

For the past few days, BlackBook has been attending events for Social Media Week 2012. Yesterday’s panels included "The Future of Sharing," "How Street Style Blogs Affect Retail and Design," and keynote presentations from Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, and Chris Kaskie, President of Pitchfork Media. It wasn’t until last night that we finally had a chance to wet our feet in some SMW nightlife. With a full roster of after-parties set to end this year’s event on a high, or at least drunk note, these next few days will entail boozing and schmoozing of the networking type.

Last night’s UPlanMe Launch took place at Pranna, an upscale lounge and restaurant in downtown Manhattan. We meant to hit up the Instagram NYC Community Party at Tribeca Grand Hotel, but by the time we got elsewhere, reports were flying in via Twitter that it had been filled over capacity and didn’t have WiFi. We stayed at Pranna and got ourselves a drink, chatting with UPlanMe Co-Founder and former BlackBook Senior Account Executive Brian Kantor.

"What UPlanMe strives to do," Kantor said, "is to take everything in our users busy lives that they’re interested in, all of the events and everything in their schedules that’s going on from their favorite bands to TV shows, restaurants, bars, all your favorite brands, and put it directly into your account here." Kantor and colleague Sean Barkulis started the website in 2011.

As the "Pandora for your social life," the UPlanMe website provides users with a personalized calendar based on their interests, suggesting events that UPlanMe’s "Busy Bee" selects individually.

Partnered with Medea Vodka, Radeberger, and Summerstage at last night’s event, UPlanMe has additional services for businesses seeking to directly communicate events to their consumers, and offers analytic and demographic information straight from the site.

"So when you need to find a new shirt for an event that you have tonight," Kantor said, "You can go to your UPlanMe calendar and see all your favorite brands, saying well these 5 brands are having in-store events today, I should go check them out, or I want to stay home with my significant other tonight and just watch TV, which of my favorite shows are on?’"

In the spirt of SMW, Kantor discussed with us the uniqueness of each online platform, acknowledging that there’s really no such thing as "typical" in the world of social media.

"Facebook is all about communicating with your friends, and Twitter is essentially the new global news organization. We focus on capturing our users while they’re in the act of planning their lives."

4 Out of 5: Ilirjana Alushaj on Brooklyn

Ilirjana Alushaj is the founder of Pop Manifesto. She creates music for Apache Beat, Girl Crisis, and Typical Girls. She’s a columnist for Noisey. This is her take on four places she likes, and one place she doesn’t.


Bakeri – "This place is really charming, and a lot of time has been spent here chatting with friends and eating pastries. All-round sweet coffee shop."

Desert Island – "If you love graphic novels, amazing prints and chatting with a really nice guy behind the counter, this is the place. Ghost World dreams come true."

Spectacle Theater – "A tiny theater that shows rare and strange films, along with live performances and other random acts of art. A fun viewing experience."

Tribeca Grand Hotel – "I curate events here sometimes and so have gotten to love its dark interiors and secret hotel room parties. Definitely a fun place to drink and get lost in."


Union Pool – "Despite good tacos, this place can get a bit fearsome with a lot people giving looks of desperation, especially on weekends."

Jay-Z Previewed ‘Watch The Throne’ at the Mercer Hotel Last Night

For a minute, people seemed to believe that Watch The Throne would actually drop over the Fourth of July weekend, as rumored, but that didn’t materialize since the album’s tracklist hasn’t been finalized yet. But last night, Jay-Z hosted an intimate listening session for the collaborative LP at The Mercer hotel on Thursday (sans Kanye West) and while we weren’t in attendance, we gathered a few details on what went down in Suite 208.

Jay made his way directly from the Yanks game to the Mercer, where he previewed eleven tracks off of the upcoming album to a small group of journalists and two teenage fans who got lucky in a contest.

Things we gathered about the listening session:

● Guests were served cheese and crackers along with Ace of Spades champagne. ● Roc Nation pens and notepads were handed out to encourage note-taking, while live-tweeting was banned. ● A rep from Fader live-tweeted the event anyway, and was ejected from the listening session. (A Twitter apology followed). ● Jay-Z revealed that he’d completed two songs for his next solo album, one of which features Frank Ocean.

Things we learned about Watch The Throne:

● The tracklist has not been finalized, and during the three-hour session, Jay-Z encouraged attendees to discuss the tracks and provide feedback. ● There have been three iterations of the album since he and his Little Brother began recording. ● Jay and Kanye recorded the album in Paris, Los Angeles, Australia, England and definitely at the Tribeca Grand in New York. ● Odd Future’s Frank Ocean recorded two songs for the album, one of which will be included in the final cut. ● Beyonce is the only other feature on the album besides Frank Ocean. ● Previous singles/leaks “H.A.M” and “That’s My Bitch” were not included in the eleven songs. ● Jay-Z admitted that arguments did happen during the recording process.

Startup Social: Socialisting @ Tribeca Grand

“I want it to be like Friendster,” declares Socialisting founder Lawrence Lewitinn, then quickly clarifies: “The early days.” We’re at Socialisting’s launch party. I found out about this party because I spotted it on Facebook and recognized some attendees. I found Lawrence at the party through Peter Gaston, a SPIN editor my girlfriend met through work. Friends of friends! Theme!

Socialisting is like Craigslist, only centered around your friends and friends-of-friends. You only see listings of people up to two degrees of friendship from you. This doesn’t make too much sense to me when it’s applied to yard sales and free couches, but it does make sense for roommates, job offers, and free kittens. These things are best handled through contacts, where the social trust breeds better fits and better behavior.

“Everyone has a hookup story from Friendster,” Lawrence says. There’s been a lot of Friendster nostalgia in the tech and media crowds now that the site is deleting people’s old photos and blogs. Many of the people in this crowd (and at this party) were Friendster’s first users back when social networks, and the kinds of interactions people had on them, were novelties. And one of those interactions was finding new friends on the network.

The early days of a new social network are always heady for the owners. The first thousand users are more exciting than the tenth million users. Every data point on the site, every user interaction, can be seen in real time. (In the first year of Twitter, one page showed everyone’s tweets in a live feed. Impossible now.) The site could become anything. Everything could still happen. And there are parties.

This party is in the large lobby bar of the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Unlike most New York hotel bars that host startup parties — the Hotel on Rivington, the Delancey, Le Bain at the Standard — you can actually tell you’re in a hotel. On a Saturday night. there are plenty of non-party patrons. The party is chiller, less crowded with bold names, than most. I do catch Barbarian Group founder Rick Webb and Kevin Kearney of Hard Candy Shell, and upon arriving I immediately recognize the first three clusters of people.

Lawrence acknowledges the party’s laid-back nature. “No velvet ropes,” he says. There actually is a velvet rope separating the party from the rest of the lobby, but, you know, not a douchey rope, and it disappears at midnight when the free rum drinks end. No one’s checking a list here.

Lawrence’s sister Sarah is DJing. She plays some NIN, some radio pop and “Black Hole Sun”. Sarah emerged a decade ago as Ultragrrrl, a DJ, producer, manager, and blogger. She has a Wikipedia page. When I met her last year, she didn’t mention any of that, though she did say she managed Heinz’s Facebook page. The last song I hear her play is Modest Mouse’s “Float On.”

We leave a bit after the open bar ends, because while there are many people left, we just don’t know them. This sounds like a stupid sentence unless you know that media startup parties in New York mainly attract the same core crowd, called “the 250” by a certain group of critics. Rex Sorgatz, the 250’s club president, is busy with a birthday party (which swaps guests with Socialisting throughout the night). Lawrence has made his party open and apparently hasn’t concentrated on luring big names. These are friends and friends-of-friends.

So what does the launch party say about the startup? First it shows us who’s gonna join first: Lawrence’s friends. Very different from Facebook, which started with the founder losing all his friends. It also shows us how the competitive market will shake out. Socialisting has to fight old-school competitors like Craigslist and any innovations from Facebook, as well as all the other classifieds startups. Third, I have no analogy for free rum drinks.

Socialisting grew out of Lawrence’s List, a Facebook group for people to exchange job and gig leads. There seem to be a lot of these lists online. Lawrence’s friend Anthony De Rosa, a Reuters employee and popular blogger, launched the spinoff “Soup’s List” for some media friends. This spring, former AOL exec Jonathan Dube started a LinkedIn group called “You’ve Got Talent” for everyone he’d had to fire before getting fired himself. (Facebook has a Marketplace app for these functions, but nobody uses that.) Craigslist famously grew out of Craig Newmark’s events list, then lost a lot of its friend-of-friend advantages. When a general structure like Facebook groups keeps inspiring a specific use like job lists, there’s usually an opportunity for someone to replace it with a better structure.

The description for Lawrence’s List asks members to concentrate on listing jobs they’re involved with. “This list is effective when it’s my friends or their friends meeting/hiring/moving in with my friends or their friends, not if it turns into another Craigslist where crazies/kooks/stalkers can find/meet/harass/kill/cook each other.”

Aren’t strangers the worst?

Startup Social evaluates new tech and media startups based on their party-throwing prowess.

New York Hotel Social: A Twitter Directory

Hotels must offer guests not only the best hospitality money can buy, but the best technology on the market, too. Hotels shape a neighborhood — so their Twitter accounts should interact with life beyond the lobby (and with the Twitter Universe, of course). Whether offering discounts on hotel suites, an extra hotel help-line, or party-crashing pictures, these New York-based hotel Twitter accounts are a few of our favorite follows.

Tribeca Grand @TribecaGrandNYC By far our favorite social hotel, thanks to their fun and informative Grandlife blog and support from Twitter people about town. Staff like @StevenRojas, Grandlife’s social media guru, @TommySaleh , Creative Director of Tribeca/Soho Grand Hotels, Cinema, and Gallery, and @yadiramartinez , Director of Food & Beverage of Soho and Tribeca Grand Hotels, keep it interesting. Tweets are nightlife-y and insidery, like this behind-the-scenes status: “At Tribeca Grand Hotel ready to put on a great show for #TribecaFilmFestival! Werk;)

Hotel Giraffe @HotelGiraffe Pretty basic presence—”Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!”—and links to press are common, but every once in a while, you’ll get an image of Carrie Bradshaw kissing Big on their terrace.

Library Hotel @LibraryHotel Neighborhood-y Tweets talk about Bryant Park (a lot), and what’s going on via different events calendars, but they’re way too reliant on their Facebook page to do any real interacting.

Mondrian SoHo @MondrianSoHo They’ve only just opened in NYC, so they may be more concerned with operating as a hotel before they focus on Tweeting, but they happen to be doing a great job interacting with costumers and partiers already. Just look at all those @’s and inside-joke #’s! “We had a great time with @MalandrinoBuzz & @LACOSTE at the @papermagazine party in the Garden last night! #puckerup #kissingcrocs.” You can also check out @morganshotels for Tweets from the entire hotel group, but it’s not as good as Mondrian’s local shout outs.

Nu Hotel @nuhotel Good for social media specials (“coming to stay with us? Check in on Facebook and Foursquare to earn free drinks!! Local?? Come check us out at NU BAR! :D”), these guys even have special rates for Facebook and Twitter followers.

Gramercy Park Hotel @GPHhotel Their Tweets are simple, but they have a really sexy voice (“How many little Black Books out there contain your name? We know ours is in at least one.”) that perfectly captures the hotel’s atmosphere.

Distrikt Hotel @distrikthotel Their Twitter works as a hotel help line and as a virtual concierge.

Flatotel @flatotel Heaven knows who’s running their Twitter, but it’s obviously someone who likes a good deal! Sample Tweet: “All Aboard! WIN 2 tickets to Anything Goes & an overnight stay with our #Broadway Hotel Package at Flatotel on Facebook!”

The Setai Fifth Avenue @setaififthave Sky-scraping condo/super-lux hotel is actually a hoot on the Tweet deck. Behind-the-scenes of the property (So pleased to welcome the crew from @bravotv to the hotel today, taping some “Mad Fashion!”) mixed with a lot of potential, current, and former guest interaction.

Itinerary: Halloween Parties Begin Tonight

Technically, Halloween festivities fired up as early as last week, but New Yorkers really get down to business tonight, extending their weekend via The Bunker Club, or The Gutter, and rolling through the weekend with 1Oak, the Boom Boom Room, and the Hudson Hotel, with some lovely Brooklyn markets and parade options thrown in the mix. Enjoy one of the best weekends in NYC, and remember: next year, Halloween will fall on a Monday.


Tonight Yelloween Location: The Bunker Club Time: 9pm Veuve Clicquot is hosting their “Yelloween” Halloween party this Thursday night at one of our favorites in the MePa.

Launch Party for the Renaissance Hotel’s RLife LIVE Location: Renaissance Hotel Time: 9pm The Renaissance Hotel is launching a new entertainment/cultural program called RLife LIVE and will feature performances from various RLife LIVE artists including Robin Thicke, Sam Ronson and Solange Knowles. It’s a free national program created for hotel guests and patrons in cities across the country, which allows them to experience the music industry on a more intimate level on site at Renaissance properties.

Scott Sartiano’s Birthday Party Location: 1Oak Time: The usual time parties at clubs start. DJs Jus-Ske and Harley&Cassie help Scott celebrate.

Friday HallowMeme Costume Party Location: The Gutter Time: 8:00pm-2:00am Join Know Your Meme & Urlesque for the 2nd Annual HallowMeme Costume Party. Dress like your favorite meme, viral video subject or other Internet phenomenon. There’ll be free drinks, live performances, giveaways, a photobooth, and awesome prizes for the best costumes.

Saints & Sinners Location: De Santos Time: 10:00pm-2:00am Mandatory costumes with $40 open bar.

Saturday House of Horrors at Santos Location: Santos Party House Time: 9pm Guests include DJ Cobra Starship and Taryn Manning and Eddie the Gun.

Kinda Scary Halloween Party Location: Thompson LES, Shang Time: 9pm Rex Sortgatz hosts a costume party in which guests come as terrifying or spooky media and tech personalities. Prizes awarded for best costume.


The Bowery Hotel Presents Ghosts of New York Location: The 2nd floor of the Bowery Hotel When: 11pm Celebrating Halloween and the world premiere of Nigh Home, a film by Gary Breslin. Join hosts Johnny Christ, Laura Cooper Brown, Brooke Geahan, Gary Breslin, and Brian DeGraw.

Day & Night present Seven Deadly Sins Time: 12pm-4pm Location: The Oak Room at the Plaza Start celebrating early with brunch at The Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel with the Koch twins.

2nd Annual Haunted Candyland Halloween Location: Le Poisson Rouge Time:10:30pm-3am The Sky Group pairs specialty cocktails with specialty candy and a whole lot of crazy.

Heaven or Hell Party Location: RdV Time: 11pm-3am Jamie-Lynn Sigler hosts this good/evil bash.

GrandLife Halloween Party Location: Tribeca Grand Time: 10pm-4am Hosted by Timo Weiland, Carol Han, Steven Rojas and DJ sets by The Misshapes, Harley&Cassie, and matt + maia.

The Hudson Hotel Presents DJs Jus Ske & Jesse Marco Where: Hudson Hotel Time: 10pm Hosted by 4AM in Hudson Hall.

Library Bar Presents the Tequila Avion Lounge Location: Library Bar at Hudson Time: 10pm-2am Our very own Steve Lewis DJs with Paul Sevigny.

La Roux at Hudson Bar Location: Hudson Time: 10pm-12am 2 hour DJ set by La Roux.

Veuve Clicquot’s Nightmare on 13th St. Location: Bagatelle Time: 8pm Veuve Clicquot throws a their Halloween bash to start off the night right.

image Sunday Halloween Market at Kings County General Store Location: Kings County General Store (125 Fifth Ave. in Brooklyn) Time: 12pm-5pm The local market has drink specials and free admission to the afternoon fall festivities.

Angels and Devils party at The Standard Location: Boom Boom Room Andre Balazs, Andre Saraiva, Olivier Zahm host your good and your bad side at the party of the evening.

Not Your Standard Bingo Location: The Standard Grill Costumes, prizes pre-Boom Boom Room.

Village Halloween Parade Location: Spring Street at Sixth Ave running up to 21st on Sixth Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm The classic parade at dusk in the Village.