Young and Fun in The Hamptons

Artist Chloe Wise, stylist Ian Bradley, Carlos santolalla, John Tuite (aka jarlos420) at Kyle de Woody’s Hamptons pool party.

Over the weekend, Kyle DeWoody, founder and creative director of Grey Area, a boutique that champions contemporary art and design, hosted a luxurious end-of-Summer pool party sponsored by liqueur Cointreau in the Hamptons. The brand hosted the event to celebrate its highbrow cocktail ‘the Cointreau Rickey’.

Opening her gorgeous property to a crew of special guests from the city, DeWoody welcomed New York’s downtown, post-boho elite. The guest-list included artists Brandee Brown and Chloe Wise, supermodel Ashley Smith, DJ Chelsea Leyland, stylist Ian Bradley, and downtown power couple Jarlos420. The New York crew mingled with Hamptons locals as they soaked in a day of picturesque poolsides, picnics, and complimentary ‘Cointreau Rickey’ cocktails—which naturally turned into an afterparty back at the guest house in Southampton.

Check out the photos that resulted from the ensuing Cointreau-fueled madness as this pack of wild New Yorkers run amock on their Hamptons property, as documented by Carlos Santolalla.

4Model Ashley Smith and Chloe Wise

111Alaina Berry






EN|NOIR Takes Us to Sweden with Steve Angello

Rob Garcia backstage during the fall 2014 show. Photo by James Law.

When Rob Garcia from EN|NOIR told us he was taking a trip to Sweden with Steve Angello, we asked him to take a few photos of his travels. Below are some casual iPhone shots from the recent trip.

This was in Steve’s summer home in Sweden. He had this giant bean bag that could instantly put me to sleep:
photo 1

Steve was showing us around Copenhagen and this was a really cool church that we passed. It was amazing being around so many historic buildings that sat amongst really modern structures. Opposite worlds colliding in a very cool way:
photo 2

This was a stretch of restaurants in Copenhagen. I took this shot while we were dying to find ice cream on a waffle cone:
photo 3

The shift in scenery between my bases in LA/NYC and coming to Copenhagen was a refreshing. This was a shot of historic government buildings in Sweden that I took — it captured that really beautiful, old-world feel that feels really peaceful:
Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 11.02.21 AM

With our Creative Director and Co-Founder Jason Wolter, about to get in an Audi S8 with Steve and his team. Great car:
photo 5

Going Somewhere? Pack These Travel Friendly Beauty Picks

It’s not every day we need our beauty faves to fit in one measly weekender bag, (still making room for other things, like shoes). On a normal day, a medicine cabinet can be a tough enough squeeze.

We’ve all been faced with lotion explosions and mid-vaca beauty blunders. Fortunately, some cosmetics geniuses thought ahead on this. Here are some of our favorite picks for the most travel friendly of beauty buys, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

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How To Un-Coachella

Way better than a VIP tent. Stretching out across a sheer drop under a shaded overhang

We love Coachella, loud bands, and getting drunk with celebrities under a hot sun. But it’s not the only way to enjoy April in the California desert. Many festival-goers (like the fans who rave to Jimmy Kimmel over bands that don’t exist) are unaware that directly behind them is a more serious playground in the desert, Joshua Tree.

You get wristbands at Coachella. You get a rope harness in Joshua Tree.

My favorite neighbors Serena Herrick and Jayme Darling: rock ’n’ roll meets Hunger Games at high noon in the desert

Seth, owner of Cliffhanger Guides


IMG_0249 IMG_0260
Felipe, pro climber, leads the way 

IMG_0309 IMG_0321
Love on the rocks.  Alexi, on her day off from the local bar, joins the action

Home Sweet Trailer-view from the crotch shot

The Perfect Holiday Travel Companion: B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Headphones

Sponsored by B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

Block out the holiday travel noise and keep the volume way up – B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen headphones keep those two worlds of sound so separate you won’t be able to hear the crying baby three rows behind you (nor will your neighbor hear that you’ve spent the last 40 minutes listening to Dev Hynes sing the same song on repeat… what?) Sure, where you’re going is great, it’s just the getting there that can get a little sticky – that’s why B&O PLAY is the best holiday travel companion you could ask for.

Slick leather in three sophisticated colors (black, tan, or agave green) elevates these headphones to another level of beauty, both in sound and design. It’s just another reason to add something to your ever-growing accessory collection (as if you needed a reason). With holiday travel, plenty of time with family, blocking out carolers, and finding a moment to relax alone, this chic set is the ideal thing to pick up for yourself this season, or for anyone who could use some time in their own private musical world. The B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen headphone set retails for $399. Available at B&O PLAY.


For a chance to win a set, get at us on Twitter. Tell us why they must be yours by Friday (12/20) at noon EST. Mention us  (@blackbook) and hashtag #bbookgiftaway. Happy tweeting.

The Hidden Jewel of Art Basel: Artist Emanuele Viscuso

Amidst the cultural whirlwind that is Art Basel MiamBeach, you may find yourself entranced and engrossed in the week’s myriad art shows, nonstop parties, and warm climate pleasures divergent from the cool austerity of most metropolitan cities and cultural centers. But when it came to BlackBook’s journey down south this year, one of our favorite discoveries was lingering just down the street from all Basel’s excitement—the treasure of Emanuele Viscuso and his exotic home on the bay.

As our first decision made in our Art Basel planning, we opted to stay in an Airbnb house rather than one of the scene-centric hotels the city has to offer. Between the fairs (ABMB, Art Miami, Design Miami, Pulse, Untitled, NADA… the list goes on,) the people, and the parties, we already sensed a need for some quiet respite—and what better way to revive our minds and creative spirit between happenings than with some bay side reflection and relaxation?

Upon looking at Emanuele’s South Beach home, we had a feeling there was something special hiding behind his doors. Perhaps it was the house’s proximity to the water—including a pool, private beach, and 180 degree sunset views—or maybe it was the artwork that lined he house (the photos just don’t do it all justice), but we can say with assurance that there is truly something magical about it. As our host, Emanuele played a major part in our incredible experience—his home and stories of his life as an artist a true inspiration and one of the most unique experiences we could have had in Miami.

BlackBook’s home away from home for the past week, Emanuele’s house is filled with creations of his own from nearly 30 years of work as an artist: sculptures that capture and embody the movement of sound; a Frida Kahlo collaboration with the photographer Leo Matiz; trompe l’oeil library wallpaper. The energy in the house is incredible and supremely revitalizing—most of that comes from the artist himself.

With a background in music as a composer and concert pianist, Emanuele’s love of composition comes to life as the physical embodiment of sound through his countless sculptures throughout the home. Varying in color, shape, texture, and scale they’re a sampling of the versions he has housed at the Observatory of Contemporary Art (Bagheria), Paolo Pini museum in Milan, and Milan’s Malpensa Airport (something to look for on your next Milan Fashion Week excursion). The sculptures encapsulate the motion of music’s physicality—each line is a note, the lines together in varying heights, a chord. The sculptures reverberated with us even more strongly after he treated us to a private piano concert, playing pieces by heart from his own compositions that range from neo-classical wonders filled with emotion to songs akin to classic American jazz standards, as well as the compositions of one of his favorite legends Frederic Chopin.

Between the private concerts (with the stunning view of the bay at night), the Frida Kahlo-themed bedroom, numerous sculptures on view throughout the home, picture frames filled with happy, smiling faces ((Emanuele with Richard Gere, Emanuele with Liza Minnelli…) and the backyard space to beat all backyards, it’s clear we found the true hidden gem of Art Basel Miami Beach—and we couldn’t have been more pleased.

tumblr_mxgvlnT9lr1qaxqhho1_1280 Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 3.18.42 PM tumblr_mxgvlnT9lr1qaxqhho2_1280 tumblr_mxgvlnT9lr1qaxqhho4_1280 tumblr_mxgvlnT9lr1qaxqhho3_1280

Emanuele Viscuso’s work can be found here. 

Photon Showers: A Cure For Your Jet Lag

Wandering into the Wired Store at the beginning of every holiday season often brings on a strong feeling of oh my god, it’s the future, and no product showcased has made me feel that more intensely than the Photon Shower made by Nexus Interactive Arts. (The what? I know. But anyway…)

Intrigued by a warning on the door – something or other about seizures and light sensitivity – I found myself sizing up the stall. At first hesitant to step inside, a rep mentioned the Photon Shower’s jet lag fighting abilities, and considering my sleep deficit I figured it was worth a whirl.

Supposedly mimicking sunlight, all those LEDs offer a certain… kick start. Round one didn’t do much, but after a second time watching 90 seconds of pulsing lights (and listening to ambient noises and narration by a strangely soothing and slightly robotic female voice,) I felt more up. The kick actually lasted a couple hours… maybe the Delano and The Standard should consider installing one in the spa for weary Art Basel travelers. Or the hotels in London, Milan, and Paris come fashion month… Hoteliers, are you listening?

Travel Dispatch: Introducing Curaçao’s First-Ever Fashion Week

Surprise: I’m in Curaçao! Where the heck is that, you ask? It’s a dreamy little island in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast. While I’d love to tell you that I’m chilling with Anthony Bourdain eating exotic food and throwing back Blue Curaçao cocktails, I’m actually here on official fashion business. From now through May 25, international press, retailers, stylists and stars are in town to witness the premiere of Curaçao Fashion Week, which is expected to include the works of over 20 designers and photographers from 13 countries. 

Lest you forget, Curaçao is one of the world’s newest countries. On October 10, 2010, the largest of the three "ABC" islands (Aruba and Bonaire are the others) became it’s own self-governing country, meaning that the second the clock hit that symmetrical date, they started making their own rules. And just like anyone with newfound freedom, Curaçao is looking to spread its wings in a major way. In addition to being one of the only islands with an active marketing plan for the LGBT community, (their motto is "Biba i laga Biba" or "Live and Let Live"), they’re determined to become the "Caribbean Capital of Fashion" to attract stylish tourists.

So, what designers can we expect to see on the CURAFW runway? Key shows include Sheguang Hu from China (who designed this decadent blue couture number), the globally-recognized Custo Barcelona from Spain, Gianina Azar from the Dominican Republic, Romero Bryan from London, Aqua Di Lara from Montreal, Liza Lopez from Curaçao, Castro Rojas from Puerto Rico and two designers from New York: Washington Roberts and Adha Zelma

Stay tuned for live coverage and curiosities from all the parties, shows and exhibitions going down this week.