Salon Spotlight: Tracie Martyn’s MET Gala Spa Day

I’m not exactly jealous I wasn’t invited to the Met Gala this year, more miffed about missing out on the prep time—kicking back in a salon chatting with famous people as I wait for my designer gown to arrive. Imagine, for example, what the Tracie Martyn Salon was like the morning of the mega-fete. Tracie, A-list skin wizard to the stars, was prepping supermodel Lara Stone and actors Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet for the ball.

Martyn, a British-born New Yorker, is widely sought out for her Resculpting Facial, a $600 treatment that she customizes specially for each client using only natural ingredients. Her signature Resculpting Facials and Resculpting Body Treatments improve the appearance of the skin, and focus on relaxing and centering the client. Though nothing can rival the handiwork of Martyn herself and the expertise she’s gleaned over nearly 30 years in the beauty industry, her specially-formulated products are famous among beauty editors and beauty junkies alike. She even offers what’s now known as “The Famous Purple Bag,” a tote that features her entire facial product collection, which earned it’s title after the audience went nuts for it during her Oprah appearance (oh, yeah—she knows Oprah too). You can get it for around $435, sans MET Gala invite.

If you’d like to test your luck and try for an appointment, her beautiful private salon location on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is certainly worth the wait. She’s spared no expense on the design and aura of the space, paying close attention to detail. She’s particular about ginger tea-scented candles and floral arrangements by Antony Todd. But the effect is worth it.