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The German sportswear brand has enlisted Junichi Abe, the designer behind Japanese fashion brand Kolor to amp things up.

10 Lipsticks That Last under the Mistletoe

Ella Petrusko (Marilyn) wears Chinti and Parker intarsia hugs and kisses sweater. Photographed by Justin Bridges. Hair and makeup by Ashley Rebecca. Styled by Alyssa Shapiro.


The Premise

A few weeks ago, two unlikely events coincided in a way that suggests near cinematic serendipity.

I met a boy, who, when I told him what I do for work, made an off-the-cuff remark about my job sounding like something out of a romantic comedy. Little did he (or I for that matter) realize just how much that would please me.

I think, (subconsciously, at least), there’s nothing more exciting to me than to imagine myself a heroine in some sort of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 13 Going on 30The Devil Wears Prada, that is in fact, just my real life.

Around the same time, our Senior Style Editor, Alyssa, who so gorgeously styled Ella in the above photographs, told me matter-of-factly that “could I please go on some dates, kiss some boys, and report back as to which red lipsticks stayed put.”

You can imagine the look on my mother’s face when I told her about my latest adventure. I was thoroughly entertained by the proposition and then failed to do my job until the day before this piece here was due. Having gone on a number of dates in pink stains or bare-lipped, I’d totally shirked my serious duties.

This negligence resulted in the following text to aforementioned boy: “Hi, so. remember that red lipstick article I was telling you about? What are you doing tonight? It’s due tomorrow….” I can assure you the waiting period on a reply was excruciating.

Special thanks to this anonymous gentleman for being super game. (Although it’d be pretty offensive if he weren’t, right?) As for me, it’s a tough life but…someone’s gotta do it right? 😉


Seeking A True Red 


A photo posted by Sara (@sarajanenyc) on

For every five red lipsticks I examined for this story, about two were what one might consider a true red. The other three were disregarded. The following reds are legit, hues that evoke classic screen sirens—the Marilyn Monroes of yesteryear to the Taylor Swifts of today. “Too pink,” or “too orange” or “too wine” or “too berry,” were all eliminated.


I’m going to call my co-tester, A, (for anonymous). We decide to consider a number of factors: how much lipstick is on his face, how much lipstick stays on my lips, and, to a lesser degree smell/taste and other guy-friendly matters.

lipsticks 1Everything but the mistletoe!

Best Practices

The best thing lipstick-wearing ladies can do is let our lips dry, refrain from eating, drinking, and talking and let the lipstick set. (Shutting up was a challenge for me). Begin with a primer. I used Make’s as much as I could, to provide a smooth foundation for the lipstick to cover. Even the best options need some drying time before you hop under the mistletoe.

Two other helpful tools:

As many Bite Lush Lip Wipes as you can possibly hoard. I didn’t have nearly enough and my skin was worse for it.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Lip Pencil which basically creates invisible lines to draw within when applying.

The Winners

1. Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Scarlet Siren is a true classic red that made it through a chai latte in the afternoon and a kiss in the evening. That’s not to say there were no traces to be found on A’s lips but my look remained in tact. It’s also less drying than most longwear formulas.


so. many. selfies.


2. Maybelline’s Super Stay 14Hr Lipstick in Ravishing Rouge is a super affordable option with a fruity scent that A appreciates and also stands some tea drinking tests. Another of the less drying formulas. A calls this “sturdy.”

3. MAC’s Matte Ruby Woo is a time-tested, mass-approved favorite. If given time to set, this baby won’t budge. Shopping before the kissing appointment (seriously, though), I notice the cashier’s solidly in-place red lip. Sure enough, it’s Ruby Woo.

4. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. in Love Bite is a favorite for color. Its old Hollywood-esque packaging is also a draw.

5. Gucci in Iconic Red is an accessory on its own thanks to its sleek black case and internal Gucci-logo detailing. It is actually deserving of it’s name (unlike many so-called reds!)

6. Butter London in Come to Bed Red is a moisturizing, brighter classic red with a matte finish (a plus for longlasting potential).

7. Bite Cashmere Lip Cream in Rioja is a liquid lipstick (so the application experience is different). It’s not guaranteed to leave the lucky recipient of your kiss color free, but it is pigmented enough to keep your lips stained with its gorgeous, deep red color post-kiss.

8. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon is a classic shade, but definitely a darker one. This will set like a stain—a major pro for long-lastingness, but I would use primer so it doesn’t sink into a liner-only look.

9. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb is a moisturizing formula from a brand I’ve always found reliable for professional-level cosmetics. I prefer lipstick with a pointed tip as it’s easier to line the edges of the lips neatly, but this is still a solid pick. 

10. Topshop in Hazard is one of a number of solid reds from Topshop. There’s definitely a red for everyone in Topshop’s varied selection of cute black-and-white striped cases.

lipsticks 2With special gratitude to the curtained booths at The Breslin–a BlackBook approved location for a makeout sesh. 

My Life Lesson/ Non-Beauty Related Takeaway

Here’s the thing about a solid red lip: any partner worth your time is willing to pay the price of some lipstick on their face in the name of a good kiss. When A asks me if I “understand male psychology at all?” the point is made abundantly clear. (Yes, I do understand, thank you!) The making out part overrules anything and everything else. As it should. 

P.S. Fellow beauty junkies tweet us @blackbook and let me know your faves. 



Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s Exclusive Top Shopping Picks for BlackBook

Photo by Dean Neville/BFAnyc.com

Mega exciting news: TopShop is opening up a new flagship on 5th Avenue on Wednesday — possibly its biggest store anywhere, and certainly the biggest in NYC. It’s a doozy.

More on TopShop’s new flagship tomorrow… in the mean time, get your shopping list started with Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s top shopping picks, exclusively for BlackBook.

Black premium later plated backpack, $240

Star teddy, available exclusively at TopShop in NYC

ilver Gallop metallic court shoes, $95

Beyoncé and TopShop Are Collaborating and the Countdown is ON

Photo by David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com

BEYONCE. TOPSHOP. COLLABORATION. The two powerhouses are teaming up to create an athletic-wear, footwear, and accessories line. I repeat: Queen Bey and TopShop will be working together on clothes, potentially winning best collaboration in the history of collaborations.

Coming together under a new 50/50 joint venture company called Parkwood TopShop Athletic Ltd, the new street-wear brand will launch in fall of 2015. It will include fashionable athletic gear for dance, fitness, and sports categories while retaining the highest levels of technical performance.

Coming from one of the best dancers in mainstream pop culture, I would expect nothing less than kick-ass, but still high functioning athletic-wear. Let the countdown for next fall begin.

Kenny Scharf Goes to Town in Rockaway Beach

Mural by Kenny Scharf.  Made possible by Topshop, curated by Beatrice Johnson for Clocktower Productions, and presented at Playland Motel.

All summer long, Topshop is celebrating the beach and sun with a Summer Music Series held in the Rockaways. The retailer enlisted the help of artist Kenny Scharf to set the tone — watch him in action (above) spray painting a beach mural featuring some of his favorite characters.

Drop by any Sunday through August 31 to see the mural for yourself, and catch DJ sets by artists like Danny Krivit this Sunday, MOTHER (with Penn Badgley) on the 17th, and more. All of the Topshop x Playland Summer Sundays are open to the public from 4 p.m. until late.

How To Get Your Hands On Kate Moss For Topshop

Early morning, bleary-eyed and scrolling through Net-a-Porter, it took only a moment to realize that most of the be-fringed Kate Moss for Topshop pieces I’d had on my mental wishlist were basically sold out already. You can still try your luck with Net-a-Porter, or go straight to the source and shop it at Topshop online and in stores.

But! you can find out “which Kate Moss” you are! Take the quiz here.

Kate the Great at the collection’s celebration at Oxford Circus Tuesday evening.


STYLE SCOOP: See Kate Moss’s Collection for Topshop + LVMH Invests in Giuseppe Zanotti

Kate Moss Wears Kate Moss
Topshop released the lookbook for Kate Moss’s collaboration collection. It’s been four years since Kate Moss designed a collection for Topshop — now we just have to wait until later this month. The duds will retail at Topshop both in-store and online, at Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and ShopBAZAAR.com

OMG Shoes
LVMH has acquired a 30% stake in Giuseppe Zanotti. More shoes for everyone!

Gone Too Soon
Peaches Geldof has died at age 25, causes yet unknown. Her own mother died of an overdose when Peaches was 11. Of her death, her father said, “Peaches has died. We are beyond pain. She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us. Writing ‘was’ destroys me afresh. What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable? We loved her and will cherish her forever. How sad that sentence is.”

Honoring Angela Ahrendts
Burberry’s CEO (soon to be at Apple) has been honored with the DBE, or Dame of the British Empire, for her contributions to British business.

Image: Kate Moss for Topshop

Summer & Father’s Day Brings on Thompson LES Hotel’s Party Series and a New Tattoo

Tonight my favorite DJ (not named Paul Sevigny) Mr. Jonny Lennon will provide the sounds by the pool at the Thompson LES Hotel. Ford Models will be hosting tonight and once a month. This sounds like way too much sexy-time fun for me and besides, I married a Ford Model 28 years ago so… been there, done that. Sal Imposimato, the recently-added corporate director of entertainment for Commune Hotels – the parent company that manages both Thompson Hotels and Joie de Vivre Hotels – is making his mark revitalizing the scene there.

They have a rock and roll movie series presented by Topshop that occurs the first Thursday of every month. It’s called “Pool Party Babylon.” They also have a weekly Tuesday party which, this week, presented Scorpio Rising by director Kenneth Anger and honored Mudhoney’s 20th Anniversary. DJ Miss Guy does the honors. Their locals-only Wednesday weekly is hosted by Creatures of Comfort and features DJs Amy Yao and Cameron Mesirow.

This Friday, starting at 2pm, Steven Hamilton hosts with resident DJ Jasper Stapleton and special guest Nick Catchdubs of Fool’s Gold fame. The programming is fresh, forward, and fun…and conveniently located. Sal did the most amazing job when he was with Morgans Hotels Group, totally getting me way uptown to the Hudson or way downtown to the Mondrian. Now that he has hung his hat near civilized humans, I’ll be around… a lot.

This Sunday is Father’s Day and I got an anchor tattoo that says DAD in honor of the day courtesy of Sailor Jerry who did half the hood over at 3Kings the other night. My dad Bernie just celebrated his 90th birthday. He joined the Navy on June 8th, 1941 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the day before. If you are looking for me to attend a gala, a soiree or shindig on a Sunday, I always pass as me and mine dine with mom and dad.

I have the blessing of being able to look at nightlife from an insider/outsider perspective. From where I stand I see a lot of people chasing a lot of money and girls and other things without a sense of what is important. When the shit hits the fan, as it famously did for me, there are few you can depend on. My family was there. So take a minute or an hour to visit, call, or remember your dad before returning to the fray. A tattoo may be drastic but if you want one, call Alex McWatt or any of the other talented folks over at 3Kings. Tell them Uncle Steve sent ya.

Kanye West Returns to PFW, Wants to Collab with Topshop

In today’s "Kanye West Loves Fashion" news, WWD has announced that the rapper will indeed return to Paris Fashion Week to present his sophomore womenswear collection at 9:30pm on March 6. Now, the Telegraph reports that ‘Ye met up with billionaire Topshop tycoon Sir Phillip Green last week for lunch to discuss an upcoming project. "They were in the restaurant for several hours tossing ideas back and forth," Telegraph reveals. Hmm.

While a possible Topshop collaboration might make others flich, we actually think it could work, especially since the London-based retailer is a champion of fit and West’s designs are very much lacking in that department

This is interesting and all, but honestly we’re just waiting for a solid DONDA update, or at least another Twitter barrage.