Tony Scott Directed the Two Gayest Movies of the ’80s

Tony Scott, who is responsible for some of the biggest American movies in the last thirty years (including Bevery Hills Cop II, Days of Thunder, Enemy of the State, True Romance, Man on Fire, and Spy Game), passed away yesterday after jumping off Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles. It was certainly a shock to many, who took to Twitter (where else?) last night to express their grief. This is, of course, where I learned the news. While I can’t say that I’ve seen a ton of his movies (of the six I mentioned just now, I’ve only seen two), he was, surprisingly, the director of two of the gayest moves of the 1980s. I can’t offer any condolences via a social networking site, but I can add my own personal take on his career right here. YOU’RE WELCOME.

The first is Scott’s directorial debut: The Hunger. It’s the most obvious choice, as it’s got a lesbian love scene between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon. But let’s look deeper at the other total gayballs stuff in this movie. First, the cast. Catherine Deneuve? She’s the most beautiful person on the planet, even now at 68 years old. The woman knows how to pick a surgeon, is what I’m saying. Pretty gay! Then there’s Susan Sarandon. It doesn’t get any homo than mid-eighties Susan Sarandon. And David Bowie? Even straight dudes would go gay for Bowie. And it’s about vampires. Are there any monsters more homoerotic than vampires? Nope. Case closed.

What’s the other gay flick? Well, duh: Top Gun. To wit:

Yes, I think homosexuality is genetic and not a choice, but, then again, there is the existence of the rampant homoeroticism in Top Gun. (It surprisingly gets gayer when dubbed in Spanish, FYI.) I am pretty sure there’s a whole generation of gay men whose parents’ early ’90s basic-cable subscriptions have left them with the inability to control an erection whenever they spot a volleyball net. 

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