Aimee Mann Reteams with Director Tom Scharpling for a Look Back at Her Musical Past

First of all, Tom Scharpling of The Best Show on WFMU fame is the best music video director ever. Yes, even better than whoever made the video for Michael and Janet Jackson’s "Scream." (What, that isn’t the bar at which you base the entertainment value of all things?) In recent years he’s been responsible for clips for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’ “Bottled in Cork,” The New Pornographers’ “Moves,” and Wild Flag’s “Romance.” Naturally, Aimee Mann tapped the auteur to direct the video for “Labrador,” the second single off her new album, TK.

Scharpling directed the previous video for “Charmer,” with Laura Linney as an Aimee Mann imposter. For “Labrador,” Scharpling spoofs the video for Mann’s old band ‘Til Tuesday’s classic weeper, “Voices Carry,” and features funny people like Jon Hamm as Scharpling, Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster as an actor who gives it his all, whether it be a music video or the new Stanley Klubrick flick, and a cameo from Ted Leo. Scharpling and Mann have proven again that music videos are BACK. Take that, Hype Williams.

Check out the video for “Labrador” and the original clip for “Voices Carry” below. 

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At this point every indie rock band should hire WFMU DJ Tom Scharpling to direct their videos. First we had the epic video for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists’ "Bottled in Cork," and then The New Pornographers’ "Moves." He’s back again with a hilarious clip for indie rockers Real Estate. 

Starring as the band’s street team are comedian and author Chris Gethard, Videogum‘s Gabe Delahaye, and Leah Giblin. Roaming around the city in a Real Estate-branded van and hoodie, the trio affix swag to anything (or anyone) who stands still long enough, taking brief breaks to pelt cheese puffs at passers-by and kidnap Jake Fogelnest. All in a day’s work!