Suntory Time: Japan’s Bourbon-Flavored Lip Gloss Export

From coffin hotels to talking bras, the island nation of Japan never fails to deliver the most hare-brained inventions known to mankind. Continuing in that vein, Tokyo Milk has announced plans to release a line of Lip Elixirs in eight flavors typically reserved for cocktails and desserts, including Cherry Bourbon, Salted Caramel, Absinthe, and Smoked Salt.

And as you might have hoped, the scent is subtle enough as to give only the slightest hint of boozy aroma to your date. As an added bonus, the Elixirs have all the right moisturizing elements to keep your lips soft and chap-free. Pick up your favorite scent for $7 on the Tokyo Milk site and your alcoholic boyfriend will be eternally grateful.