Get Lifted With Titus Andronicus’ New Single, “In A Big City”

Everyone’s favorite New Jersey band that shares a name with a particularly bloody Shakespeare play will release their follow-up to 2010’s excellent The Monitor later this year, but frontman Patrick Stickles gave fans the first taste on their blog today. First single “In A Big City” has a sound as immense as its name—big hooks, big vocals and an overall triumphant and oddly gospel-esque feel. If you’re in need of some music that will make you feel like doin’ productive things, this will come in handy.

Titus Andronicus’ next full-length, Local Business, will be released October 22 on XL, but in the meantime, you can experience the “Big City” below. Hopefully, there’s plenty more good stuff to follow.

Morning Links: Lindsay Lohan Lays Low, Stacy Keibler In Talks To Join ‘X Factor’

● With just ten days left of her probation period, Lindsay Lohan has put herself under house arrest to avoid any further trouble. Better late than never. [NYDN]

● The Pretty Reckless front woman Taylor Momsen says she’s "done done done" with acting. "It’s good to finally be able to focus on music and not have to work on 10 jobs at once," she said, putting Little J to rest once and for all. [StarPulse]

● If Jay gets his way with Live Nation, Beyoncé’s come back will be big time and — more importantly! — as soon as this year. Hope somebody’s put in a call with the babysitter. [Page Six]

● Lil Wayne has been asked to mow the now unruly lawn in front of his Kenner, Louisiana mansion. [CBS]

● The original cast of Teen Mom are no longer teens and thus this upcoming fourth season will be their last. Moms they’ll be forever, though. MTV says they are "thankful to these brave young women for sharing their stories and helping to make a positive impact on teen pregnancy prevention." [USAToday]

● George Clooney’s gal Stacy Keibler is in talks to join The X Factor‘s judges panel, where sources say she will shine because she "looks fantastic and has bags of charisma." [Page Six]

● There could be no better elixir for your SXSW hangover than this free Titus Andronicus "odds and sods" mixtape. [CoS]

Cover Tuesday: Flaming Lips Do ‘I Am The Walrus,’ Patrick Stickles Does ‘Video Games’

Okay, so Cover Tuesday is made up; it could be Cover Wednesday or Friday or whenever. But there wasn’t a better way to stick these two songs together, so forgive me. First off: the Flaming Lips doing a scuzzed-out, staticky take on The Beatles’ "I Am The Walrus," one of the Fab Four’s somewhat subtly pro-drug songs. That makes it perfect for the Lips, who are all about being pro-drug. It’s fuzzy and buzzy and out there, delightfully wacked out and befitting of their general sound. The cover’s in anticipation of thir New Year’s Freakout #5 in Oklahoma City, where they’ll do Beatles songs alongside Sean Lennon and Plastic Ono Band. That’s surely a winning formula, if you happen to find yourself down South this NYE. 

On the flipside of that carefully composed and shot cover is Patrick Stickles’ rendition of "Video Games," that Lana Del Rey jam. Stickles is the singer of Titus Andronicus, the best punk band alive; safe to say, his warbling, off-key version of "Video Games" doesn’t seem entirely straight-faced. According to an outburst of earnestness on Twitter, it is. It’s almost touching, if not for the seemingly self-aware goofy faces and winces into the camera. As he Tweeted, "’Girl, there is a pain in my heart you can never understand. Buzz off and let me play San Andreas.’ Man, this song is really real. #Vgames." So who knows? I think this is what people talk about when they gripe and shake their fists about "hipsters."