Party Faces: The Best Looks From a Week of Parties

Spring is all about rebirth and growth and yadda yadda: for Manhattan scenesters it’s mainly about ending winter hibernation and hitting the social circuit in order to show off the latest looks. This week was chock full of winsome odes to spring in Manhattan: parties to remind New Yorkers that the High Line will soon be in bloom, events that celebrated spring fashion openings and new spring catalogs and parties that got people excited to shed leggings, overcoats and layers of stuffy winter makeup. Here were some of the freshest beauty takes from this week’s party scene.

image Fresh Face: Unknown Party Person Event: Just a normal Thursday night out. Venue: Avenue Notable Attendees: Wass Stevens, Genevieve Jones. Look: Bold brows get the Factory Girl pairing with a bleach-blond coif, both elements are tres spring, as they say and have been runway mainstays waiting for their springtime devotees. Otherwise, this chick was just trying to pull an Edie Sedgewick. Recommendation: Get heavy brows with a highly pigmented brow shaper like Jean Paul Gaultier Monsier Brow Defining Pencil.

image Fresh Face: Alison Brod and Jennifer Ruff Event: First Bloom Art and Photography Auction to Benefit the Friends of the High Line. Venue: Equinox on 10th Avenue Notable Attendees: David Patrick Columbia, Christian Simonds, Gillian Hearst Simonds. Look: Baring your legs for the first time after a long winter can be scary, but these ladies look as if they’ve been wintering in some tropical local with smooth and tan limbs. Recommendation: Exfoliate your winterized stems with a good body polish like Brown Sugar Body Polish by Fresh. Get glowing with an easy self tanner like Victoria’s Secret Flawless Instant Bronze Body Spray.

image Fresh Face: Ian Cuttler Event: First Bloom Art and Photography Auction to Benefit the Friends of the High Line. Venue: Equinox on 10th Avenue Notable Attendees: David Patrick Columbia, Christian Simonds, Gillian Hearst Simonds. Look: A bold pair of glasses are having a hay-day after dark. Recommendation: Tom Ford’s assortment of interesting frames. If you are bold, opt for the cat-eye cut and really walk with the trend.

image Fresh Face: Noot Seear Event: Fotorelief and a Milk Gallery Project organizes a Picture Saves a Thousand Lives Venue: Milk Studios Notable Attendees: Richard Chai, Lucy McIntyre, Bonnie Morrison, Nicole Trunfio. Look: Noot works the no-makeup makeup look that was big on the spring runways of Tommy Hilfiger, Proenza Schouler, and Tory Burch. Recommendation: M.A.C. Sculpting Powder in Sculpt and bronzer in Matt Bronze.

image Fresh Face: Stacey Bendet Eisner Event: alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Shop Opening Venue:Saks Fifth Avenue New York Notable Attendees: Byrdie Bell, Melissa Joan Heart, Tinsley Mortimer, Kat De Luna, Richie Rich. Look: The eternally adorable Bendet adds a youthful edge to a classic alice + olivia frock with a bright hair accessory. The yellow barrette is simple but says a lot about how playful Bendet is when it comes to dressing up. That same irreverence was seen on the Dolce & Gabbana and the Marc by Marc Jacobs runways. Recommendation: Try a whimsical floral clip by Anthropologie or a simple barrette from Ulta in a bright color.

image Fresh Face: Models Michelle Buswell and Tiu Kuik. Event: Akris Hosts New Yorkers For Children Spring Dinner Dance Kick-Off Venue: Akris Notable Attendees: Tinsley Mortimer, Tracy Stern, Lisa Anastos. Look: The two nail proportion. Michelle rocks a voluminous ‘do to balance a lean jumpsuit for a very ’90’s aesthetic while Tiu goes cocktail chic with a slick updo to show off her elegant neck and shoulders. Recommendation: Get big, all-American 90’s volume with Umi volumizing spray. Spritz on damp hair before blow-drying hair upside-down, then from side to side. Accentuate bare shoulders with a highlighting powder. Nars Highlighting Blush usually does the trick (and works for face and body).

image Fresh Face: Harley Viera Newton (with Nicola Vassel, Todd Selby, Harley and Moses Berksom). Event: Todd Selby and Cole Haan Celebrate Their Spring Catalog Venue: 10 Downing Notable Attendees: Lynn Yaeger, Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost, Mickey Boardman, Bonnie Morrison. Look: Harley gets all spring-y on the retro look by opting for a red stain rather than a pout full of gloopy lip paint. Recommendation: Tarina Tarantino Conditioning Lip Sheen in Paramour has a crazy pop-art red look but takes on the texture of lip conditioner.

Levi Johnston’s ‘Playgirl’ Spread: Bland, Sad, & A Far Cry From Peter Steele

Back in August 1995, Type O Negative frontman Peter Steele did a Playgirl cover. And man, he did it right. Readers from that dusty era may remember Steele’s unflinching verve–and how he saw the NSFW centerfold role for what it was: A smart way to drum up publicity. Also, he didn’t half-ass it (har har!) In fact, he unabashedly pushed Canadian decency laws. Sure the trade-off for showing the full monty meant that Steele would age into a cultish camp figure instead of an immortal goth rock dreamboat. But fundamentally, he’ll be remembered for having the cojones to showcase his, well, cojones. In the 14 years of delightful moral erosion following Steele’s Playgirl glory, we can’t say the same for the first man of Wasilla. Playgirl‘s new best: a tame monochromatic Levi propped up against a bathroom wall at a Taco Bell somewhere. Blah.

Sure. I get it. $25,000 or $15,000 plus all the chalupas that Johnston, publicist Tank Jones, and the rest of their crew could chomp down, meant that Playgirl‘s surviving few in the art and edit departments were probably stretched thin. There’s only so much that Daniel Nardicio, freelancer Juan who has a lucrative day job in Midtown, and intern Vonda can do, since everyone else was fired. Still, considering how arty some of the most unflattering Facebook candids turn out, this stab at publicity pornography is basically a mess.

Regardless, people will log onto the webazine and unless they’re flustered to their breaking point by the quintillion pop-ups that greet them upon visiting that site (not that I’d know!), they may even go as far to enter their credit card numbers and actually pay for a peek at Levi’s Johnston. Spoiler alert! He doesn’t show it. But after such a whirlwind of frantic anticipation, we were all kind of expecting such a massive letdown anyway.

This aimless mission completed, hopefully now Johnston can fly back to Alaska, taking with him new bride Minsley Tortimer or whatever her name is. Once there, the two can quietly raise baby Tripp, with Johnston hunting penguins to prepare for the winter as Prinsley Shortimer awaits his return in their igloo, strumming away on her ukulele with abandon, singing ancient Alaskan folk songs. While nursing baby Tripp, Binsley Zortimer will sing tenderly, “My hands are small, I know / But they’re not yours, they are my own / But they’re not yours, they are my own / I am never broken / In the end only kindness matters.”