What You Can Expect From Alexa Chung’s New Show

A few weeks back, I mentioned that Alexa Chung is set to host a show about thrift shopping. In case you were wondering what Thrift America might be like, Style.com has released a video that features a shopping day with Chung in Williamsburg—a place she calls her “lover.” As expected, Chung brings her funny but awkward humor to every situation, which makes her fun to watch. She stops at her favorite neighborhood shops like Bird and Amarcord, and reveals her favorite thrift finds are sheepskin jackets and children’s school coats. The best takeaway from the video? Her view on the secondhand stench: “Don’t not wash it.” See the full clip after the jump.

Alexa Chung to Host a Show About Thrift Shopping

Known for her effortless vintage style, Alexa Chung has girls everywhere scouring their local thrift stores for the perfect frumpy sweater or floral day dress to pair with their latest It-bag. Sometimes they bring a print-out of her to reproduce a specific look, other times they dig based on one specific question: “What would Alexa buy?” Well, soon they’ll be able to tune in and find out. Next summer Chung is set to host a new show on PBS about vintage shopping across the country called Thrift America.

The show will follow Chung and Maya Singer of Style.com as they “comb the country’s consignment shops, garage sales, and flea markets for old clothing, furniture, music equipment, and other potential treasures to use in various creative endeavors. A few of the places they plan to visit include Orlando, Detroit, Nashville, Alabama, and Brooklyn,” says The New York Times. They’ll also make a few stops outside of the U.S., including Chung’s stomping grounds in London, where she helps jewelry designer Pamela Love create a pop-up shop in the first episode.

Thrift America will be nothing like Chung’s short-lived stint for MTV, It’s On With Alexa Chung, or her various hosting gigs for British television as the show is soley based on her creative style and aesthetic. Besides inspiring It-girl hopefuls across the country, the project also has a green factor, promoting the use of second-hand finds and repurposed materials for home decor and other crafts. I just hope this show has the staying power to keep Chung’s fun quirk on American television this time.

Photo via Style.com.