BlackBook Class Acts NYC Event Presented by Ketel One

BlackBook Magazine and Ketel One stopped in NYC last night for the fifth leg of the Class Acts Program!  An eclectic group of fashionable trendsetters, danced the night away to DJ Brendan Fallis at the The Wooly while sampling specialty Ketel One cocktails. Many of our New York Class Acts were in attendance as well: MichaelFoley, Jason Voegele, and Gabriel Rodriguez. In celebration of these distinguished gentlemen, our New York team of expert bartenders created a sampling of hand-crafted cocktails. The evening’s drink menu featured the following: Autumn and Eve by Christian Sanders, The Cecilia Brady by Lynnette Marrero, and The VOC Sour by Justin Noel. Thank you to all of you who came out last night to support!

4 Out of 5: Connie Wang on New York

Connie Wang is the global editor of Refinery29. She lives in the East Village. This is her take on four places she likes, and one place she doesn’t.


YO-C Salon – "I used to go here out of convenience (it was 10 feet from my apartment), but I’ve gotten consistently awesome haircuts courtesy of my stylist Reiko, even when I manage to royally eff it up from the random hair stories I research. Only a wizard would be able to turn a half-grown-out perm puffball into something actually attractive."

Quickly – "I usually hate hot pot meals, but I’m really into how clean and simple the shabu shabu is at the Chinatown location. I get a double lamb meat platter with an extra helping of enoki and tofu skin, but it’s a pretty mix-and-match affair for those who are picky about what they want in their dashi."

The Future Perfect Manhattan – "This is a heaven for interiors nerds. I come here to ogle the too-expensive furniture that looks like it was built by elves on acid, and to indulge in cheap thrills like animal butt magnets and gold Buckyballs."

The Wooly – "This space is the home of many Refinery29 parties (and only partially because we’re a team of people who gets off on getting wasted around floral wallpaper and pink couches). The only hassle is actually convincing yourself to make the trek down to the Financial District, but it’s definitely worth the haul."


Café Mogador – "I don’t get it. Is there something I’m missing? Cafe Orlin down the street has basically the same menu without the wait time, and my eggs never get overcooked."

APL, The Wooly and More: My Party Whim

I’m back to not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and just doing what comes up. Like the 2 year anniversary of Griffin, the club my firm Lewis and Dizon did, but which I actually did very little of because I was off doing something else. Even though it bears my name, I have never gotten around to being there. Something always comes up—or goes down, I suppose. Sometimes I can’t remember which it was or wasn’t. I guess something came up last night—but with all this confusion, maybe I got confused and the event is actually tonight. If it is, I’ll try to remember to attend.

I sort of remember not liking someone over there, or them not liking me. But that was then and this is now, and the person or incident is lost in the corners of my brain. I’m sure the person wasn’t important enough to dislike anyway. So I will go tonight, unless it was last night. Two years is a long time in nightlife, and they should be congratulated, I think.

Speaking of last night, I had a blast! I was all busy getting APL, that joint we designed on Orchard Street, absolutely completely finished as it really will have some sort of opening tonight. Little details, like hooks for ladies’ bags under the bar (I always forget to do this until the last second) and framing all those signs (reminders to everyone to not drink while pregnant, not to smoke ‘em if you got ’em, and to be of the proper age, and all that). It looks cool. I was in and out all day—annoying everyone, getting in the way, drinking delicious cucumber concoctions, which I was told were virgins but in retrospect I realize that everyone lies about that, and bringing people by who I was sure would say nice things about it to me. I was telling them all to be brutally honest, knowing full well that they aren’t that type.

I rushed over to the Confettisystem’s Lights Up! opening at the W/—— Project Space at 141 Division Street. I thought the event happened on Tuesday, and was happy to find out that it was last night. The installation took up about 300 square feet, and the crowd spread over 3,000 square feet of neighborhood. A brutally honest friend told me I wasn’t hip enough to understand what I was seeing, and I decided he might be right. I certainly wasn’t taking him to APL, to be brutally honest about that. It was a great opening with a ton of very young, old friends. I kissed cheeks, glad handed, and was brutally honest with everyone about how great they looked and how exciting the things they are working on sounded. The show is better described by those who were involved:

Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ha of ConfettiSystem debut a new public installation and a new collection of designs. Presented in collaboration with W/ — Project Space and United Bamboo, 
CONFETTISYSTEM’s new collection, Lights Up!, further explores the duo’s practice of transforming simple materials into objects that occupy the space between the ephemeral and the permanent, evoking a sense of nostalgia and lighthearted fun.

 They transformed the W/ — Project Space into a theatrical storeroom filled with the fantastical objects and wardrobe used in theatrical production. A video collaboration with director Jon Leone, shot on location at Creatures of Comfort in New York, will also be screened as part of the exhibition.

 CONFETTISYSTEM has previously collaborated with United Bamboo on several stage designs for their fashion shows, as well as an ad campaign featuring artist Terence Koh; Leone has directed videos for Animal Collective, Ariel Pink and Beach House.

It was off to Hotel Chantelle with a herd of hipsters for cocktails. To be brutally honest, the previously alluded to cucumber concoctions had left me a bit between the ephemeral and the permanent, and I was in an excited state. The roof is so close to being ready and I’m so excited to ask people how much they truly, honestly love it. Chantelle was popping and I hung out with my cutest friend Stephanie and her friends who she referred to as “her Gays!” I showed them the roof, and they were completely, brutally honest—telling me how wonderful it was. The handsomer one—or maybe it was the other—said it was like Paris with a view of the Williamsburg Bridge. He so got me. I promised to absolutely invite him back when it’s done, which might be as early as next week if the contractors behave with brutal honesty. They rarely do .

Somehow I ended up downtown at the Woolworth building where my young old friend, Eric Adolfson, was hosting the after party from that art show at his joint, The Wooly. Eric was part of my merry clan when he was but a wee-lad. It was established that I had completely corrupted him when he was in his Wonder Bread years, and that he had caught the fever which, of course, butterflied into a dream and passion. That’s the way it is: being a nightlife impresario, you can’t get enough. The warning on the side of that cigarette pack says “don’t get or take more than you can handle.” I unfortunately always skipped the fine print. A gentleman in the crowd recognized me from that Limelight documentary, which apparently is still being previewed short of it’s August debut. I wonder how you all will think of me when you see me in that. I was brutally honest, and not very subtle anyway, Eric has it so together at Wooly. He’s a bright guy surrounded by the brightest people, and the Wooly is just wow. It’s everything I ever wanted and worked hard to create. Every time some follower complains that there is nothing to do at night, a friend leads me to another gem. I had heard only good things about The Wooly, but it takes great things to get me to the Financial District. I can’t wait to go back. Eric and I talked about wallpapers, couches, tables, and such, and the future plans. We will talk about all that when it’s the proper time.

Parties: The Fashion Week Effect on Nightlife

Fashion Week has descended upon New York City, anointing new and yet-to-be-opened venues with its holy presence. Fashion houses and fashionable rags have shouldered their way into seen-and-be-seen restaurants and night spots, and have sold off their first born in order to offer their party guests a first look at some unopened places, like The Mondrian and the Darby’s buzzy basement. The perennial question: Whether to elect tried-and-true spots (or, in the case of Alexander Wang, gas stations and bounce houses) over what could be just a flash-in-the-pan hotspot. Herewith, a rumor-mongering and totally useless look at where all the week’s parties shall take place.

No Need for Dropping Bar Names Tonight, Stella McCartney will be watching out for our furry friends along with PETA, Tim Gunn, and Olivia Munn (last name rhyme-a-thon!) at her store for PETA’s Fashion Week fete. Also tonight is Waris Ahluwalia’s party at The Wooly to celebrate the buzzy launch of his line “Waris Loves You,” with and Karen Elson is rumored to perform with The Citizen’s Band. Not to be outdone, Fendi will be at Saks Fifth Avenue along with The New York Botanical Garden and a slew of fashion fixtures like Genevieve Bahrenburg, Byrdie Bell, and Lauren Remington Platt. We know this game all too well: we’ll have to leave our Frye boots at home. One place we can wear our beloved booties is the RETNA graffiti party at 560 Washington Street with fashion royalty, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, with an after-party at good ‘ol Indochine. Itinerary: Stella McCartney The Wooly Saks Fifth Avenue Indochine

Hotel Playgrounds The James has proven to be a great new nightlife addition, frequented by a slew of designers and celebrities, which means the hotel’s newbie restaurant, David Burke Kitchen, will be a big draw for the fashion crowd, and the rooftop bar Jimmy, will be packed—per the usual. But really, the buzz is all about the VMAN party rumored to be held at the not-yet-opened Mondrian—more specifically, Imperial No. Nine, chef/cool-guy Sam Talbot’s new restaurant therein. Reason for the buzz: VMAN’s cover featuring Kanye West with money in his mouth, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. We’d love to see the confirmed guestlist, pretty please? And of course, don’t discount The Standard Hotel. Although it’s not spanking-new, Boom Boom room will continue to dazzle, and blogger workshops for the Independent Fashion Blogger’s Evolving Influence conference (featuring Proenza’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez) will be held at Le Bain. Itinerary: The James David Burke Kitchen Jimmy The Mondrian Imperial No. Nine The Standard Hotel Boom Boom Room Le Bain

On the Verge Speaking of Le Bain, the French connection will see to it that the delayed Le Baron New York will have a proper place to party. Aside from Alexander Wang (who may just be hosting a chill party at his Soho store opening on February 15th) another person everyone is trying to befriend in time is Andre Saraiva. His Paris club, Le Baron, has always been the spot for Paris fashion week, and conveniently, the New York outpost is rumored to be opening in March. Though it’s been reported that it isn’t officially ready in time for NYFW, that doesn’t mean it can’t host private events and quiet gatherings for Saraiva’s closest friends. But instead of temp fate (or the Community Boards) the splashy Le Bain will host Le Baron and family on two separate occasions: on Friday with Kitsuné celebrating “Kitsuné Parisien” with hosts/music done by Gildas, André Saraiva, Annabelle & Alexander Dexter-Jones, and Grand Marnier from 11-4AM. On Sunday, the Nouveau York weekly will also host “Late Night with Le Baron, with music by Alex from Tokyo, Manu (Supreme Records) and Lee (Hamsa). The Darby has been open for a while, but rumors point to a private basement opening party this Friday, with a subsequent party open to the public (whatever ‘public’ means to the Darby folks) next Wednesday. Also on everyone’s mind: Westway, a former strip club resurrected, has bloodlines from The Smile and The Jane. Charlotte Ronson’s after-party is one rumored party slot in Westway’s schedule. Itinerary: Le Baron Basement of The Darby Westway