From Club Man to Actor: Danny A. Works With the Best

Danny A. Abeckaser has made the transition from hosting boldface names to being one. The longtime club owner/promoter is usually surrounded by the beautiful and famous at the chicest of clubs. He has a piece of Avenue, and I find him there when he’s not out in the world shooting some flick or another. The good clubs aren’t good because the celebrities go there. The celebrities go to the good clubs because the people there allow them to be themselves and they know that what happens in there stays there. Danny A., as we all know him, has been the guy with the table, the mega-star, and the models, going back to when I was doing it well. Early on, I saw him in a club-like flick called Point&Shoot, and found it amusing. His production of and performance in Holy Rollers made me a true believer. Hey…I’m a fan.  He has remained a friend and I enjoy catching up with him and talking about what he is up to.

You have a great role in the new flick The Iceman with Michael Shannon, James Franco, Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, David Schwimmer, and Winona Ryder. This is big time. Tell me about your part and about the film.
I’m so excited for The Iceman. It’s been two years in the making. I play Dino Lepron, who’s the Iceman’s best friend. He’s the only guy the Iceman really loves and trusts. Acting alongside Michael Shannon was amazing; the guy is so good he makes anyone he’s in a scene with so much better. I’ve known the director Ariel Vromen for years, and when he told me about it I had to be in it. It was just shown in Venice and Toronto. Should be out end of this year.

You just finished some work with Martin Scorsese. Tell me about that and how you hooked up with Marty…er, Mr. Scorsese?
I did three days on The Wolf of Wall Street. Just being on set and working with Scorsese was a dream come true. The roll is very, very small. But it’s Marty. I would have gone to Japan to be an extra, so that was great.

You will be in another film which headlines Woody Allen as an actor. Are you blowing up? Tell me about this film and the path it took you to get here.
Yeah, I just got cast in a small role as a rabbi in Fading Gigolo. Starring Woody Allen. Directed by John Tutoro. Very exciting. I don’t care about the size of the role. I just want to work with the best. So I feel very blessed.

I remember Point&Shoot, and thinking how amazing it is that you’re this club guy, a high-end promoter/owner type, yet you have this movie career.
Point&Shoot. That was fun. That’s when I said, “I like this. I want to keep doing it.” I’ve always wanted to act and produce. I acted in a few small things as a kid. But now I feel it’s what I was meant to do.

I loved Holy Rollers and have seen it many times. I appreciate it more each time. You had a production credit in that flick, as well as your acting performance in the pivotal role of Jackie.
Jackie was a character I felt I wanted to play first, very early in my career cause I felt I know that guy. I needed to feel comfortable with my first big role. Being in the club business, I’ve met lots of guys like him.

Have you been planning this movie career all along? Will your club career be coming to an end?
Nightlife has opened so many doors for me since it’s kept me around amazing people. But only after doing The Iceman did I realize how hard this acting thing is. You have to put in the work and time to do it on a high level. I’m very lucky to have Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss as partners at Avenue and a few other small things. Without the freedom of knowing Noah is there to make sure everything is good, I wouldn’t have been able to go away and shoot for two months at a time.  Like I said, I’m very blessed and excited for the future. Excited to see what happens.

I love that you, Steve Lewis, loved Holy Rollers and always says nice things about it. It made me go out and work harder. So thanks. Peace. 

Looking Back on Martin Scorsese & Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Moments Together

Late last night, the first trailer for Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street debuted to a ravenous howling of excitement. Starring the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio, the film looked to be staying below the radar of major anticipation, but with the film’s rousing first trailer, fans are already insisting this will be Scorsese’s best film in years and DiCaprio’s long-awaited shot at an Oscar. But as this is not their first time at the rodeo together—their fifth collaboration, actually—it’s only natural Marty and Leo’s simpatico has finally properly aligned and after Gangs of New York, The Aviator, Shutter Island, and The Departed, perhaps this one takes Scorsese affinity for twisted and disturbed men of power and DiCaprio’s legendary skill for playing the lunatic and outrageous to a new level. So in honor of the energetic and thrilling new trailer (see final slide), let’s take a look back on some of Leo’s best moments in Scorsese’s films. Enjoy.



The Departed, Bar Scene


Shutter Island, Nightmare


The Aviator, Fine Pair of Misfits


Gangs of New York, Fidlam Bens


The Aviator, Not One for Tears


The Departed, I Want Some Pills


Shutter Island, Set Me Free


The Aviator, Dinner With the Hepburns


Gangs of New York, Dance



The Departed, Recruitment 


Shutter Island, Dream Sequence


The Aviator, Car Scene


The Wolf of Wall Street

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad For Leonardo DiCaprio. Ever.

It is not just that Leonardo DiCaprio has had sex scenes with Kate Winslet in two different movies. You are officially off the hook from feeling bad for Leonardo DiCaprio ever because while filming Martin Scorcese’s latest he spent four hours with strippers rubbing their boobs in his face.

While filming The Wolf Of Wall Street about sex, drugs, and the ’90s stock market, Page Six reports that Leo and Matthew McConaughey filmed a scene at Lucky Cheng’s drag bar. Lucky Cheng’s had been done up to look like a strip club, complete with a gaggle of brunette strippers—some naked—tasked with jiggling their tits in Leo’s face. A source revealed "They did five or six takes, more or less the same scene over and over, with girls dancing and rubbing on him." Thankfully Leo is a gentleman and was "very professional" throughout filming. (Also, he has yet another blonde girlfriend.)

Hard day at the office indeed.