The Boy Band That Isn’t One Direction Is Getting a Reality Show

I think The Wanted’s "Glad You Came" is one of the worst pop songs in recent history, and compared to the friendly, clean-cut guys in One Direction, the dudes in the other British boy band of the moment look like the kind of guys from high school who would ruin a lot of reputations and probably get innocent nerds in trouble for cheating on math tests. I mean, one of them might be dating Lindsay Lohan, for Christ’s sake. Do you want to be friends with anyone who might be dating Lindsay Lohan? Who would want to be friends with someone who is probably not very smart and brings his crazy girlfriend around all of the time? Of course, these characters are the perfect candidates for reality television. Thus, E! came calling.

What’s in store for this show, tentatively titled The Wanted Life? Well, one of the dudes is recently single, so there will be a lot of anonymous girls vying for his attention. Also, the network plans to stick them all in a house together, so get ready for some fights and possible homoeroticism! Plus, one of the guys is described as having "a Jekyll and Hyde personality." That seems logical. And maybe some Lindsay Lohan, although that’s a stretch because an E! reality show seems to be below her pay-grade. (Just kidding. Literally nothing is below Lindsay Lohan’s pay-grade.)

Good work, Ryan Seacrest! 

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