Your Daily Guide To Trending Topics

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

Robin Roberts

Googlers are filled with concern this morning for Robin Roberts, the Good Morning America host who revealed yesterday that her breast cancer treatment—she beat the disease five years back—has left her with a rare blood disease called myelodysplastic syndrome, which can cause anemia, a drop in red and white blood cell and bleeding.. “Sometimes treatment for cancer can lead to other serious medical issues,” Roberts said to her audience, “and that’s what I’m facing right now.” 


An Australian coroner has ruled that it was indeed a dingo that ate baby Azaria Chamberlain 32 years ago in the Australian desert and Google searchers are lapping it up. Even though Chamberlain’s parents have spent years claiming this (her mother was at one point sentenced to life in prison for killing the child, but only ended up serving four years), it’s the first time they’ve had the law on their side. If any of this sounds at all familiar its likely because you’ve seen the 1988 movie A Cry In The Dark, starring Meryl Streep, or you’ve just heard people yelling “A dingo ate my baby!” over and over your entire life. This is what they’ve been talking about. 

Joy Behar

Yahoo! users are apparently very curious about the career moves of Joy Behar, the redheaded co-host of The View. It’s been announced that Behar will in September premiere a talk show for Current TV. Behar’s show will feature political and cultural commentary and discussion, not too far off from her last project, The Joy Behar Show, which was on HLN network until last year when it was canceled. "Joy Behar is a beloved veteran television personality with her finger on the pulse of what viewers care about," said Current TV chairman Al Gore—yes, that Al Gore. "Millions of Americans tune in daily to hear her take on the issues along with her inimitable style. We are honored that Current TV will be Joy’s new primetime home." 

Frank Cady

The celebrity news at Bing this morning is a bit more macabre. The top trending story is about former Green Acres star Frank Cady—he played Sam Drucker, the general store owner—who died two days ago due to an undisclosed cause of death. Cady was 96. And Bing users are apparently very attached to character actors from the golden age of television.


At the bottom of the list of Twitter’s trending topics for the U.S. is Jeb Bush, the son and brother of former presidents who recently spoke out against the state of the Republican party. Way more popular than that momentous occasion, however, is Twitter’s own wisdom on what it is women want.

Girls Want 4

Girls Want 3

Girls Want 2

Girls Want 1


Elizabeth Hasselbeck Wonderfully Ruins Bill Maher’s Appearance on ‘The View’

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an attractive Republican lady not afraid to speak her mind about Republican issues. Some might say she is a pin-up for the kind of American that abhors pin-ups. Others might say that she won’t shut up about what is on her mind. A member of the latter category would be über-left-wing talk show host and comedian Bill Maher, who was interrupted by Elizabeth for almost the entire duration of his interview. 

While I will concede that Hasselbeck does have somewhat of a point at the beginning of her epic screed against Mr. Maher (Which was sparked by a joke Maher made earlier this year in reference to abused CBS reporter Lara Logan), Maher points out that he is a comedian, and running a very different show than The View. After a minute or so of Mrs. Hasselbeck’s accusation, the awkwardness is palpable and other members of The View try to step in and break it up. Amazingly, the usually hot-headed Maher took the low road and let Hasselbeck run out of steam. It takes her over four minutes to run out of said steam. If America is looking for a new member to its national debate team, perhaps they should pick Hasselbeck. Or perhaps not. Take a look for yourself: 

Donald Trump Wants to See Obama’s Birth Certificate

In case you happened to miss Wednesday’s episode of The View, when the esteemed Donald Trump paid Whoopi and Co. a visit, the overall effect was similar to watching a Fox News broadcaster square off with Jon Stewart on the subject of Obama—and his birth certificate. The Donald, who might be gearing up for his first presidential run, still isn’t convinced that Obama is really American. And you know why? Because unlike Trump, Obama’s kindergarten friends can’t testify on his behalf to prove it!

“If you go back to my first grade, my kindergarten, people remember me–nobody from those early years remembers him,” is the quote that really got the fun started. Trump isn’t the first outspoken Republican (and won’t be the last) to demand to see Obama’s birth certificate, but something about a 64-year-old year old man with a toupe taking it back to grade school really rubs a TV show host the wrong way, right Whoopi?

Either way, Trump isn’t giving up this fight: “I want him to show his birth certificate, there’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like.” Watch below.

Bill O’Reilly & the Top Five Television Walk-Offs

This morning on The View, Bill O’Reilly did a wonderful thing. His opinions about the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” pissed off Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to the point where they felt the need to remove themselves from the set and his presence, in front of a live studio audience. Barbara Walters immediately called her co-hosts out for their thin skin, but the reality is, great drama makes for great TV. Behar and Goldberg did everyone a favor, including Bill O’Reilly, who gets to keep his reputation as a hot-headed button-pusher. What made this so special, as you’re about to see, is that it’s usually the guests who storm out of interviews, not the hosts. At any rate, the whole thing reminded us of some other memorable moments in TV Walk-off history. Check them out, after the jump.

1. Dr. Jan Adams walks off Larry King Live: We begin with the man who supposedly helped kill Kanye West’s mom. Remember that? She died as a result of complications resulting from surgery, and the man responsible, Dr. Jan Adams, went on Larry King to defend himself until he suspiciously loses the urge out of respect to the family.

2.Carrie Prejean walks off Larry King Live: Another classic moment in King’s repertoire. No matter how batty the soon-to-be-retired host comes off, every so often he’ll encounter a guest that makes him seem machete-sharp. Disgraced beauty queen Carrie Prejean was one such guest. Here, she refuses to talk about the terms of a settlement, and after King pesters her, she calls him “inappropriate.” What happens next is talk show awkwardness at its peak.

3. Andrew Dice Clay storms off CNN: It’s hard to watch this clip just once. The quickness with which things fall apart is startling. When a CNN host infers that washed-up comedian Andrew Dice Clay is a washed-up comedian, he snaps, giving his greatest performance in years. “Go fuck yourself and go fuck the whole fucking network” is an instant Clay classic.

4. In the name of Xenu, Tommy Davis abandons his Nightline interview: If Scientology has an image problem, flacks like Tommy Davis are the reason why (and maybe this guy). During this interview with professional provoker Martin Bashir, Davis strips off his mic and walks out after Bashir won’t let talk of Xenu, volcanoes, and spaceships drop.

5. The Bee Gees show off their sense of humor on a British chat show: If the title of this video wasn’t “Clive Anderson chat show bust up with Bee Gees 1996,” it would be impossible to predict what goes down in the final moments of what seems like a routine interview. Sure, the host Clive Anderson took a few jabs at the group’s expense, but isn’t that what happens on talk shows? After Barry Gibb storms off, his brother Maurice is left there alone to wonder with the rest of us: What just happened?

Elisabeth Hasselback ≠ Ann Coulter

imageContrary to rumors mounting about her departure from shrieky cluck-fest The View after being henpecked to death by her co-hosts for her political leanings, adorably naive Elisabeth Hasselback is staying put. But despite her support for McCain, Hasselbeck does have a glimmer of wisdom to offer by way of telling co-host Joy Behar, “Please don’t put me in the same sentence as Ann Coulter.” This actually makes her likable for the better part of a nanosecond. But she also insists the rumors of her move over to Fox News are false — which then undoes any likability she otherwise manages to earn.

Bill Maher Shares His View

I’ve got a heavy man-crush on Bill Maher, so much so that it aches my heart. His anti-religion views are right up my alley (sorry, God), and his deft mix of political clarity and edgy humour is often spot on. Not only that, but his HBO show Real Time With Bill Maher is home to some of the sharpest political commentary and debates on television, and are often must-see in these historic times. Maher is currently doing the rounds to promote his new faith-mocking documentary Religulous, and this morning, got himself in some hot holy water with the feisty ladies on a Barbara Walters-less The View.

The incident occurred when Maher insinuated that co-host Sherri Shepherd was bonkers for believing in Noah and his Ark, and that she’s spoken to God. Maher then suggested that “We should call Belleview,” and at that point Whoopi chimes in and takes them to commercial, with Maher never to be seen again. Looks like some women on The View don’t like it so much when others express their own. Quite lame. And the dust-up couldn’t have gone over well with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is reportedly upset about being picked on as the show’s sole conservative, and as a result, is considering splitting.