Drink Down The Election At These New York Establishments

It’s hard to believe the election is already upon us. Yes, today is the day we find out if President Barack Obama will be reelected, or if we will be stuck with a guy and his binder full of women. Eh, either way, drinking and feasting is in order and here is where to do it.

What better place to celebrate our democratic nation than in the historical building where Abraham Lincoln was photographed for the image you see on the five-dollar bill? That’s right, The Vault at Pfaff’s has organized an election viewing party from 6pm to 2am. Choose your party with the Red State or Blue State menu featuring fun cocktails, New England lobster rolls, mini Boston cream pies, and Chicago-style hot dogs.

If you bring your “I Voted” sticker to Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg, they will hand you a nice cold, “Yes We Can” can of beer. Plus, in case you don’t want to bite your nails watching the election coverage, they will be hosting a variety show at 8pm, followed by the band Luego at 9:30pm.

Also in Brooklyn, hit up The Bell House for their Raging Election: 2012 Election Viewing Party that features aptly named drinks like Coke & Rumney and the Bahamobama Mama. The South African restaurant Madiba in Fort Greene also has some fun cocktails like the Obama Mama, just make sure you are an Obama fan, they make no room for others.

At Brooklyn Winery, they don’t have wisecracking beverages, but starting at 7pm they are taking $10 off bottles and carafes of their house wines, plus a special election night menu. Mission Dolores too rocks election night with a sour beer tasting and benefit for Red Hook Initiative.

Hecho en Dumbo, which is actually in Manhattan, is screening the political action on their 12-foot screen and will have happy hour pricing all night. Aside from $7 margaritas and $5 draft beers, they will also offer small bites. Bonus,100 percent of sales tonight will be donated to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund,

Vegans too can get in on food, drink, and politics at the Super Vegan election party at Fontana’s in the Lower East Side, which includes sweets from Dun-Well Doughnuts and savory nibbles by Chickpea & Olive.

Finally, at 8pm The Westway hosts the Downtown 4 Democracy party with plenty of drink specials, a jumbo screen to watch CNN coverage, and a call center so that if you get drunk and angry enough, you can start ringing swing states. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that.

Occupy My Birthday! How to Eat Like the 1%

Once upon a time May Day meant walking around the May pole and the hedonistic jumping through fire to celebrate fertility for both the land and people. In the late 1800s it became International Worker’s Day and after the May Day riots in 1894 the day quickly became a time to speak out against government, capitalism, and what have you. This year the month of May kicked off with branches of the Occupy movement storming the streets of Manhattan marching and videotaping police brutality.

All this happened outside the window of Onegin as I sat in a plush chair dining on red caviar wrapped in blintzes and sipped from tiny glasses of spicy horseradish infused vodka. For May Day in my world is also my birthday and for one day, I felt a part of the one percent as I spent the afternoon in completely opulent luxury.

The birthday adventure started with cups of mellow and smooth kopi luwak, otherwise known as civet cat coffee, a brew that comes from beans harvested from the animal’s poop. It tasted great. To go with the poop coffee we stopped at SCRATCHbread for the most amazing poached egg sandwich that popped with bright kale pesto. Breakfast was quickly followed by lunch at Onegin where we downed too many shots of flavorful house-infused vodka and munched on the aforementioned caviar.

Next, our plan was to get birthday cake at Parm, and this is where the day turned sour—they were out! After a childhood filled with Dairy Queen’s beloved ice cream cake all I really wanted was to sample the version at Parm, but alas, this didn’t happen. Instead, the bartender bought me a magenta beet negroni, which had a faint sweet, earthiness to it that was very pleasing. While it didn’t make up for the cake, the cocktail satisfied my taste buds.

From there we headed to Pegu Club to sample their smoked trout deviled eggs, a snappy dish that makes even egg haters swoon. I paired my nibbles with a creamy Earl Gray mar-tea-ni, it was after all, tea time. The end of my birthday commenced at The Vault at Pfaff’s, which ironically was right in the path of more May Day marchers. Police lined the streets and Broadway was blocked off from traffic. So, I did what any self-respecting one percent birthday girl would do: I marched down the dark stairway into the swank cocktail lounge and ordered champagne.