If The ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Had Found Jesus

It figures our wife-obsessed popular culture would come up with this concept eventually: a reality show about preachers’ wives in Atlanta. 

The Sisterhood, which airs on TLC on January 1st at 9p.m. EST/8p.m. CNT, stars the five black and Latina women who are married to religious figures in the Atlanta faith community. Preachers’ wives are called "First Ladies" and are supposed to set an example for other women in the church. But, of course, this is a TLC reality show, there’s tattoos, an ex-crack addict, and a lot of not-very-church-lady-like fighting.

I would watch The Sisterhood for no other reason than the gender dynamic in the marriages. I suspect that the men are "heads of household" in at least some of the marriages. I also suspect some of the churches — at least one is evangelical, according to IndieWire — preach wifely submission from the pulpit. Should be fascinating/infuriating.

Watch the trailer below:

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