In Hollywood’s Hive Mind, Everyone’s Got ‘Secret Lives’

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager on ABC Family were not enough secret lives, apparently, for there is a nighttime soap being developed for Lifetime called The Secret Lives Of Wives. You know us women: we’ve got lots and lots of secret lives.

Secret Lives of Wives (which should not be confused with The Secret Lives Of Husbands And Wives, another program, which is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer) will be about the "dark secrets" us ladies hold, as per Deadline:

[Secret Lives] explores the unvarnished truth behind the marriages of four different women — Michelle (Kim Raver), Reed (Salli Richardson), Keaton (Amber Clayton) and Jessie (Lauren Bittner). Conrad will play Michelle’s husband Wil, an erudite, handsome English lit professor who Michelle nursed through a serious illness 15 year earlier. Still head-over-heels in love, the two are about to renew their wedding vows — making it all the more shocking when Michelle learns that Wil has been leading a double life.  

Of course.

Casting appears to be calling in all the scruffy-hot eye candy in Hollywood who aren’t already on Nashville. But unlike Nashville, which is written by Callie Khouri and stars female characters with multiple layers, something about Secret Lives smells like its going to be a Desperate Housewives rehash. The kicker is how Secret Lives is being somewhat improbably produced by crime/action blockbuster producer Jerry Bruckheimer

It’s this kind of trashy programming which makes me ever-so-grateful for more realistic depictions of women on Girls  (for somewhat-realistic depictions on Nashville). 

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