Boost Your Brows with Help From ‘Rachel Zoe Project’ Stylist Joey Maalouf

If you’ve watched The Rachel Zoe Project, you’re definitely familiar with Joey Maalouf, Rachel’s confidant, styling associate, and one-man glam squad. But this jack-of-all beauty trades is first and foremost a make-up artist.

In the video below he reveals to Bella Sugar how to get this season’s hottest trend–full brows. Maalouf reveals that your brows are like lipstick; done right, a pair of strong  can make “your face pop.” For those of us who have plucked our eyebrows into oblivion, Maalouf, always the artist, shows us how to cheat the look.

While many ladies out there may like to fill in their brows with some eye shadow, Joey prefers an eyebrow pencil. His secret to getting the most natural looking brow is to sharpen the pencil into a fine point and draw little hairs along the eyebrow.

And what is Joey’s secret weapon in the battle against thin eyebrows? Too Faced Brow-nie Brown Pencil–the combo of the water-resistant pencil and brush will give you supermodel worthy brows in no time.

The Coveteur Peeks Inside Rachel Zoe’s Covetable HQ

We’ve all seen flashes of Rachel Zoe’s fashion-obsessed office on Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, but there’s never been a proper tour of the digs, which is why we’re especially into The Coveteur’s latest room raid. In the feature, the stylist, designer, and new mom provides classic Zoe jargon for every snap, revealing just “obsessed” she is with all things “major” and “chic.” While the obscene amount of to-die-for footwear is enough to spiral us into a black hole of envy, she then casually busts out her Academy Awards parking spot name plate, full-on nail polish rack, and that Hermès cuff. Zoe wins.

image SHOES.

image The notorious white leather Hermès Collier De Chien spiked cuff that’s pretty much sold out everywhere.

image Her vintage archives office. Yes, they have their own office.

image Nail polish for days.

image The parking sign Zoe received after dressing host Anne Hathaway for the Oscars this year. “I hung it up as a memento to one of the dreamiest days of my career,” she notes.

See the complete tour here.

Is Rachel Zoe a Pox on Humanity?

Rachel Zoe was everywhere during Fashion Week, stockpiling gift bags at parties for V magazine, Dsquared2, and our very own soiree. But surely none was as important as her own kick-off for her new Bravo show The Rachel Zoe Project, held at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Hopes were high, as she canoodled with celebrity friends (her clients) in anticipation of the show’s premiere tonight.

Well, the New York Times did their part in quelling the excitement with a review of that’s a bit on the scathing side, calling Zoe “a pox on humanity.” Zoe’s antics have been persecuted for years, and the NYT has no patience for spreading any more “dummy dust.” Chalk it up to bad timing, as any show about livin’ large tends to fall flat in our earthquaking economy.