BlackBook Exclusive: Watch a Clip From Michel Gondry’s New Film ‘The We and the I’

Director Michel Gondry is known for his diverse style of filmmaking. He manages to transition from surrealistic heart-wrenching masterpieces like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, to "swede" films like Be Kind Rewind, and big Hollywood titles like The Green Lantern, without losing his artisitc sensibility and understanding of what the medium is truly about. But it’s his latest effort that shows a completely different side to the director, with the high school drama The We and the I

Telling the story of a group of high schoolers in the Bronx, the film was developed over the course of several workshops—spanning over four years—at a Bronx-based community and arts center called The Point. What emerges is something wholly unique, inspiring, and full of life. Gondry gives us a genuine yet experimental raw portrayal of what it means to be coming of age and how we interact and change ourselves in relation to chose around us. 

I got the chance to sit down with Gondry and the kids this morning and it was incredible to see how passionate and intelligent they all are, making the film—which premiered at the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes last May—one of Gondry’s finest—albiet very, very different from his milieu. And now, we’re pleased to share an exclusive clip from the film featuring Michael Brodie and Teresa Lynn, taking place towards the latter half of the film.

Watch the clip below, check back here later in the week for our interview with Michel Gondry and the cast of The We and the I, and see the film in theaters this Friday. Enjoy.


Exclusive Scene from Michel Gondry’s "The We and The I" – In Theaters 3/8 from BOND Film on Vimeo.