Ryan Lochte’s Sister Is a Terrible, Racist Human Being

Now that Olympians are, like, super hot superstars and not just people we forget about every four years, it seems appropriate that their siblings also become famous. The Olympics: it’s like The Hills, only with academic talents. Anyway, gold medalist Ryan Lochte is all over the place and, likewise, soon shall his sister, Megan, who is, unfortunately, a total idiot asshole racist human being.

Props to Jezebel for uncovering this video of Megan Lochte doing some laff-’em-ups on some cable access show in Baltimore, Maryland, after she returned from the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. What was her multicultural takeaway from the trip? Well, it involves the frequent usage of the word "chink." 

Sorry, but no one should be shocked that someone wearing that hat would turn out to be a shitty human being.

London’s Top Bars to Cheers the Olympics

Whether you live in London, are visiting, or just wish you were, it’s hard to ignore our list of London’s top bars to cheers the Olympics. Because when a global event comes to the front lawn of the Buckingham Palace that is all about fulfilling and shattering dreams, you’re gonna need a beer in your hand. And a cocktail. Maybe even a couple of shots. Definitely a funnel. Hell, this is the freaking Olympics.  Let’s all get bloody drunk!