The Mary Onettes Return With ‘Hit the Waves’

Before we get started, figure out the pun in the band name The Mary Onettes. Okay? Done all the groaning and eye-rolling you wanted? Now we can get down to business: the Swedish indie-pop group is all set to release Hit the Waves, their third album, on March 12. Have a go at the admittedly oceanic title track below.

If you ever wanted to live inside your own John Hughes movie soundtrack—for my part, I don’t know that I could have that many emotions—this should put you at least halfway there. Vocalist Philip Ekström is claiming influences ranging from Whitney Houston to Vangelis, so you know: the ’80s.

But with their typical shimmer and melodrama shaped by producer Dan Lissvik (who has also worked with Young Galaxy), “Hit the Waves” becomes more than nostalgic pastiche—just not so much more that it stops being fun.

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