‘Mad Men’ Adds Legendary Screenwriter Robert Towne to Its Writing Staff

As an Academy Award-winning figure of Hollywood who help lead a movement that would later become the cherished golden age of American cinema, screenwriter Robert Towne is certainly a legend. Penning acclaimed films like Drive, He Said, The Last Detail, The Parallax View, The Yakuza, Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait, The Missouri Breaks, and the iconic/historic Chinatown, his scripts aided in shaping the landscape of modern cinema and gave us some of the most incredible features of the last century. 

And now, he can add a new notch on his belt of cultural influence, as he’s just signed on as consulting producer for AMC’s Mad Men—part of the “new recruits” to the show’s writing staff from showrunner Matthew Weiner, according to Variety. As revealed yesterday, the season will be broken up into two parts a la Breaking Bad, in seven-episode pairs. So if Weiner was looking for someone that can, not only deliver the goods but has the perspective many a talented young writer does not, he’s got the best man for the job. Now if you’ll excuse me, I will be fantasizing about Gittes as Don Draper’s long lost father.
Check out The Writer Speaks: Robert Towne below.