The Women Behind The Dalloway On Their Lesbian Prom

The Dalloway is a bi-level restaurant cocktail lounge located at 525 Broome Street in Soho. From their release: "Owners Amanda Leigh Dunn and Kim Stolz have had a strong influence on New York’s lesbian scene and The Dalloway, their first collaboration, was born out of a desire to create a venue with a strong female team that is open to everyone." 

Co-owner Amanda Leigh Dunn was previously the owner of Cross Street Productions, directly across the street from the restaurant. She designed The .Dalloway. She is best known, however, for her starring role in  Showtime’s The L Word. Co-owner Kim Stolx is a former MTV News correspondent who became further known as an America’s Next Top Model contestant. She worked at MTV as a news anchor, wrote a book (Can’t Stop) and worked on Wall Street. They grabbed Noche’s Vanessa Miller as executive chef who famously started working restaurants as a teenager.

They’re having a Lesbian Prom on Valentine’s day and "The Biggest Singles Night Yet" on Tuesday, February 12th to ensure romance on the big day. I asked them to tell me all about it.

The Dalloway…tell me about the name.
Amanda Leigh Dunn: Kim came up with the name (as mine were absolutely terrible). We felt that it was important to be both subtle but still hold meaning. Virginia Woolf is known through her writings to be a closeted lesbian whose death attributed to not being able to come out and find herself. Mrs. Dalloway was our favorite book of hers, so The Dalloway came to be. We want everyone to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe, and we think the name holds a nice significance to those who know its meaning. 

The restaurant is lesbian-owned. Is that newsworthy… important to mention? Important to the brand?
ALD: I think it’s more that when someone looks up to you for being comfortable being out to the public, it makes them more comfortable. And Kim and I are very publicly gay. It was much easier for us to get the word out quickly. I think it is important to the brand, because Kim and I are extremely involved, and always make sure one of us is always there. We want everyone to know that they are as important to us as we are to them. 

Tell me about the lesbian prom.
ALD: The prom is on Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be amazing. We have a photo booth, and are decorating the whole place to look like high school prom. A lot of girls weren’t out in high school, or didn’t feel comfortable bringing someone of the same sex, so it’s going to be really fun. I’ll definitely be there in a full tux. Everyone is welcome – they just need to RSVP to There is no cover or fee. We just want everyone to have a good time.

Is this an exportable brand? Will Dalloway pop up in Vegas? LA? Miami?
ALD: I guess time will tell, but it’s definitely not out of the question. 

Tell me about the menu and what a patron might expect
ALD: We are new-American small plates, so it’s perfect for the indecisive foodie. Everything on the menu is priced around $10 – so we recommend 2-3 items per person. People really love to share various plates. Vanessa Miller is our chef. She is absolutely amazing. She is the youngest female exec chef in the nation, and is always coming up with amazing specials and innovative takes on traditional dishes. Her food has been getting rave reviews and she definitely doesn’t disappoint.

‘The L Word’ May Return On Showtime As A Documentary

Fans of The L Word and The Real L Word, rejoice: Showtime is now considering a L Word-style documentary.

The L Word lasted six seaons, from 2004 until 2009, and The Real L Word: Los Angeles, a much-criticized reality TV knockoff, was on the air from 2009 until 2012.  As quoted by the Hollywood Reporter, the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, Showtime’s president of entertainment said the channel is still invested in "exploring L Word culture — lesbian culture in places not New York, L.A. — where the subculture is not so defined and it’s not so easy. I think we’re likely to make a documentary that will feel like a Real L Word documentary."

Fans of the L Word franchise will probably be excited about this news, but what I’m pondering is how, if at all, a documentary will be different from reality TV — which, as we all know, is scripted and therefore more than a little bit fake. These days, there are "documentaries" and then there are documentaries. Beyoncé claims to be putting out a "documentary" about herself, but it might be more appropriate to call a documentary one does about oneself to be an "hour-long video selfie." Documentaries should show outside editorial judgment, leading you to believe the storyteller is presenting an unbiased narrative. (Cough "Catfish" cough.)  Actual documentaries like Girl Model or  The Queen Of Versailles have some distance between the artist and the subject, which perhaps why so many of them result in lawsuits.  

How much of a "documentary" Showtime’s L Word documentary will actually be remains to be seen. But for all the fans who stood by the franchise in both the scripted and "reality" version, it would be sweet for Showtime to present a truly realistic onscreen representation of lesbians and how they love. 

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Linkage: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Are Dunzo, Woody Allen’s New Flick Gets a Title

Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles have broken up. I, for one, haven’t been this devastated since Taylor Swift broke up with that Kennedy kid. Alas, at least this means Swift will have enough material for at least three songs on her next album. (I’m guessing she’s been drafting some lyrics on that boat.) I’m hoping at least one of them is about Styles’s second set of nipples. (It’d be a good dig in a song called “I Could Never Love You (As Much As You Love Yourself)”) [NY Daily News, Gawker]

Woody Allen’s latest project has a name: Blue Jasmine. It also has a million people in it, including Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Bobby Cannavale, Louis C.K., Andrew Dice Clay, Sally Hawkins, and Peter Sarsgaard. Here’s hoping Andrew Dice Clay plays the regular Woody Allen doppelganger. [Splitsider]

Rapper / weed enthusiast The Game took a break from scarfing down peanut butter-covered Fritos and DiGiorno pizzas to make some comments following Justin Bieber’s alleged marijuana use: “Let’s keep it real. There’s a lot of people in high positions…who smoke a little weed sometimes. I’m not saying it’s okay…but [Bieber] made a mistake.” I’m totally surprised that his statement wasn’t more to the point. [SOHH]

Last year, New York pizza joint L’Asso sent me a calendar featuring pizzas in sexy poses. (One included a pizza wearing assless chaps. I know it’s hard to picture, but just go with it.) It looks like someone else has figured out exactly what I’d like to put on my wall in 2013: a calendar featuring women covered in manure. [The Gloss]

“I chose Ellen as Jesus because of the incredibly positive impact she’s had on the masses. When she came out as gay on television her career took an unjust beating, and she rose form the ashes to become more powerful and well-liked than ever. Portia de Rossi was the easy choice as Mary Magdalene. The only other character I wanted to match up historically was Judas. Despite her status as a fictional character, I absolutely had to choose Shane McCutcheon from ‘The L Word’ as Judas because of her notoriously bad behavior in relationships.” Art, you guys. [HuffPo]

James Franco. Justin Bieber. This link placed here solely for SEO purposes. [Observer]

Bones is returning for a ninth season, which only makes me wonder if anyone can bother to explain to me what the hell Bones is about. [EW]

Brad Pitt has been banned from China, and Paris Hilton has been banned from Japan. Too bad I can’t ban them from my brain HA HA HA AM I RIGHT? [Flavorwire]

Apparently we should all be friends with Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia on Facebook. [Creeper Status]

Here’s a video of a dude falling off a skateboard. You know you need it today. [Hypervocal]

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