Jay-Z Totally Loves The Weeknd

Hip-hop megastar Jay-Z has plastered The Weeknd’s video for "The Knowing" all over his own Facebook page and his blog. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

It had been rumored that The Weeknd had simply turned down previous meetings with Jay, causing many to believe that the still unsigned, massively succesful 20-year-old R&B enigma from Toronto (who hasn’t so much as given a single interview) with two critically acclaimed mixtapes under his belt wasn’t going to sign with anybody. After all, who turns down Jay-Z? Apparently, though, Mister Z has seemed to have had a change of heart, plugging the video for "The Knowing" by The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) on his 10,000,000 strong Facebook page and on his influental (and expertly curated) catch-all blog Life + Times

We’ve attached the video below, but we can only hope that Jay partners with The Weeknd in the future, because dear god the guy is the second coming of Prince. Just take a listen to his impeccable first or second mixtapes, available for free on his website. And take a look at the video. And then imagine just how much better Watch the Throne would have been with a little Weeknd thrown in.