Sarah Silverman Makes Another Campaign Video, Now With 100% More Scissoring

It just ain’t a presidential election anymore without some celebrity stumping, and in 2008, no one did that more memorably than comedian Sarah Silverman, who launched The Great Schlep, a viral video and campaign encouraging young, progressive Jewish voters to fly down to Florida and convince their more conservative grandparents to vote for Barack Obama. Obama won the election and the video certainly served as a conversation starter, winning more than 17,000 fans on Facebook and quite a few detractors, most notably comedian Jackie Mason

Not only is the Schlep returning for the 2012 election, but Silverman released another video today, not addressed to young people en masse, but one more mature individual: casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, one of candidate Mitt Romney’s top financial backers, who has pledged to spend $100 million over the course of the election to put Romney in the White House. Silverman responds in what could be a lost skit from her Comedy Central show, by offering Adelson the opportunity to meet and greet for some scissoring should he give that money to Obama instead. And before you ask, yes, of course there is a demonstration, involving a brightly-colored bikini and what appears to be a chihuahua. If this is where the bar is set right now for famous people making political viral videos this election cycle, then by Labor Day, things are gonna get real. 

Watch the video, make of it what you want, but whatever you do, dear Lord, do not read the YouTube comments on it. Your brain cells deserve better.