FBI Catches Conde Nast Hacker

A 22-year-old fashion-obsessed Ohio student is in hot water after hacking into Conde Nast’s computer system and stealing over one thousand images. Ross Ulrich has recently confessed and has agreed to pay the publisher $12,500 to settle a copyright lawsuit, The Smoking Gun reports. When asked about his motivation for accessing the Conde Nast system, Ulrich claimed that it was simply to obtain images that he could be the first to post online. He added that many bloggers and fan sites compete to publish images from paparazzi agencies and fashion photo shoots. The higher res the better, Ulrich noted.

Ulrich leaked the December 2009 cover of W, featuring Demi Moore, on The Fashion Spot, and later posted nearly the entirety of GQ‘s December 2009 issue on his own blog, FashionZag. Ulrich also accessed Warner Bros. internal server, though the film company has decided not to further pursue a federal lawsuit filed last year, according to Ulrich.