The Olympics & Clubland, Mick Jagger Turns 69

With major events starting this weekend, the million-pound question is this: how will the Olympics affect clubland?

The time difference between London and New York has events slated between 4am and 6pm. The ability and the where-with-all to record shows for later viewing has increased sharply over the years. Will this Olympics be the TIVO Olympics, or will the public miss most of it or take sick days to see relevant events? In hospitality, sports bars will open early to accommodate viewers, and their bottom line will get a boost. Sports bars thrive during the NFL and College Football seasons, but baseball and its boys of summer rarely attract big crowds. The added revenue stream is a blessing.

Will clubbers be too tired to party hardy at night? Will they leave joints early because they plan on staying awake or getting up early to catch Michael Phelps live or a USA basketball team game? Will mid-day or afternoon beers slow sales at night?  My bet is that the only effect these Olympics will have on clubland is they’ll probably upgrade the small talk and pick-up lines.

I’m excited about the inaugural Catalpa Festival on Randall’s Island this weekend. It’s a 1pm-11pm affair on Saturday and Sunday with such acts as Hercules and Love Affair, TV On The Radio, The Black Keys, Matt+ Kim, and Girl Talk performing.  Snoop Doog will perform “Doggystyle” in its entirety. There is a reggae stage and a dance music venue with names like Alex English, Felix Da Housecat, and Hellfire Machina involved.

While I’m DJing at Hotel Chantelle tonight with Sam Valentine and Jes Leopard, another rocker event will be rocking at Sullivan Room. The party, called “Take Back New York," will celebrate Nicki Camp & Kerry Robinson’s belated birthdays.

Belated is right: Nicki was born on July 1st. I bet he’s telling folks he’s 29. I worked with Nicki when he ran those Sunday Rock and Roll Church nights at Limelight and kept in touch when he plied his trade at Don Hill’s. Tonight there will be performances by the New York All-Stars (Shannon Conley, Nicki Camp, Jimi K. Bones, Dave Purcell, Adam James, Al Mars), with special guests Michael T & The Vanities.

The soiree will be hosted by Lourdes Castellon and Ahmed Adil, and DJ Victor Auton will spin rock, metal, glam, and alternative throughout the night. I always liked Nicki and I wish him a belated 29th birthday.

Speaking of rockers, my favorite craggly-faced old bastard Mick Jagger celebrates his 69th birthday today. That makes me feel old, yet on some level, a bit young. I’ll have my editor link you back to last year’s article, which sums up my feelings toward Mick. The bottom line is that my set tonight will be top heavy with Rolling Stones tracks, and I’ll toast to Mick as I look forward to the 50th Anniversary Tour, which I hear will be pushed back to 2013. Somehow, a 51st Anniversary Tour sounds dodgy.

Rick Ross, Fiona Apple, and Eight Other Artists Who Deserved a Best Original Song Nomination

The category for Best Original Song is always a bit of a mess. The songs are rarely judged on how they sound; the importance is, of course, how the song fits into the film for which it was written. This year’s nominees are representative of the usual fare. There’s the popular choice (Adele’s "Skyfall," which will likely win, as it should), the new song for the big-budget musical adaptation (the unnecessary "Suddenly" from Les Misérables), and then there are the forgettable tunes (I didn’t even know what Chasing Ice was before today, much less the song from it). It’s a shame, really, because there were plenty of good tracks included in the list of 75 eligible songs. Here are a few that probably will have a longer shelf life than "Pi’s Lullaby."

Karen O – "Strange Love" (from Frankenweenie)

Fiona Apple – "Dull Tool" (from This is 40)

Rick Ross – "100 Black Coffins" (from Django Unchained)

John Legend – "Who Did That To You" (from Django Unchained)

Sunny Levine – "No Other Plans" (from Celeste and Jesse Forever)

Arcade Fire – "Abraham’s Daughter" (from The Hunger Games)

The Bootleggers feat. Emmylou Harris – "Cosmonaut" (from Lawless)

Florence + The Machine – "Breath of Life" (from Snow White and the Huntsman)

Katy Perry – "Wide Awake" (from Katy Perry: Part of Me)

The Black Keys / RZA – "The Baddest Man Alive" (from The Man With the Iron Fists)

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RZA, Black Keys Battle for Title of ‘Baddest Man Alive’

It won’t be long now before RZA’s first feature film, martial arts celebration The Man With The Iron Fists, sucker-punches its way into theatres, but the anticipation is cranked up ever so slightly with each new release from the film’s stacked soundtrack. Last week, we heard “White Dress,” a new cut from Kanye West that channeled RZA’s production as well as West’s earlier work, and now, RZA reunites with his Blackroc collaborators, The Black Keys, for “The Baddest Man Alive.”

The track itself, a bluesy, boozy, introduce-a-strutting-antihero-with-sunglasses sort of affair, will be appealing to Blackroc fans, but the real fun comes not with the song itself but the music video. Here, RZA, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney swap samurai swords for more edible instruments of battle, duking it out in a fancy restaurant’s kitchen by tossing lettuce, throwing French fries and tossing heads of lettuce. If the movie itself looks half as cool or is half as much fun to watch, then RZA should be very proud of himself.

A Vaguely Filthy, Totally Catchy Playlist by ‘Happy Endings’ Star Eliza Coupe

ABC’s hit show Happy Endings is like a deeply dysfunctional Friends. It’s also much darker, smarter, and funnier. As it heads into its third season, the sitcom’s most crowd-pleasing character is the competitive and neurotic Jane, played by Eliza Coupe. Jane is, as Coupe puts it, “a total nutbag—and not nuts as in food from the tree. She’s nuts as in a sack of nuts—as in balls.” Speaking of double entendres, we asked the extremely funny star to create a soundtrack to accompany a “happy ending,” or at least, a nice climax.

“Love Lust” by King Charles
I am obsessed with King Charles. Obsessed! If you watch the video for this song, the guy is tall and lanky and pale and has dreads and I am so fucking attracted to him! I want him to “love lust” all over me. There’s just something about that song—I blast it when I’m doing anything. It’s a beautiful little journey of happy sex. Operative Lyric: “For the sun on my skin / as the morning begins / I’d die in the dark just to feel / your skin on my skin.”

“Starz In Their Eyes” by Just Jack
My brother Thom introduced me to this song when he first moved out to L.A. We played it when we were driving around with the windows down. But then you listen to the lyrics and think, “Oh, how ironic—we’re listening to this in L.A. and I’m an actor.” The song is basically saying, “Don’t become a weird, creepy, drug-addicted, narcissistic, asshole starlet.”
Operative Lyric: “Remember they said you’d show them all / Emphasize the rise but not the fall / And now you’re playin’ a shoppin’ mall…”

“What You Do To Me” by BlakRoc featuring The Black Keys
I’d never heard of BlakRoc before, but I love The Black Keys. It’s so sexy, and you feel like you’re part of the group when you’re playing it in your car. And the line, “Give me mouth-to-mouth or even give me south-to–mouth”—it’s so dirty. Of course I love it. Who doesn’t want that when you’re getting a happy ending? Let’s just spell it out.
Operative Lyric: “Give me mouth-to-mouth or even give me south-to-mouth / Damn ‘cause you don’t know what she do to me.”

“Under Your Spell” by Desire
Drive, the soundtrack of which contains this song, made want to have an insane amount of sex with Ryan Gosling. It’s carried over to this song! Whenever you listen to it you feel a little bit dirty but at the same time sexy. I feel like I have a dirty, sexy secret. I like things a little bit sleazy.
Operative Lyric: “I don’t eat / I don’t sleep / I do nothing but think of you.”

“Last Day Of Magic” by The Kills
I’m straight and I’m married, but I have a real girl crush on [Kills lead singer] Alison Mosshart. My husband has a crush on her, too. I even started dressing like her for a bit. When I lived in New York, I would walk and listen to this song on repeat. When it left me hanging at the end, I would just keep going. I made my own happy ending.
Operative Lyric: “I’ll be the man with the broom / If you’ll be the guts of the room / And there’s only so much you can hide / Before I corner you.”

“A Matter Of Time” by The Leisure Society
The song is like six minutes long, and it almost seems like two different songs. When I’m hiking, I time it out perfectly so right when I get to the top of the mountain the song peaks. While I’m up there, I’m looking out over L.A. and I’m thinking, “I hate you Los Angeles! And I love you at the same time!”
Operative Lyric: “The fever comes, it never dies / It burns my brain and blurs my eyes / Although I wasn’t born to fight / I know I’ll find it in me.”

“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Every time I hear the song, I pretend it’s my husband and me doing a duet. My husband is a horrible singer—I love him to bits, but he is off–key in every direction. But we sing it together, and I don’t even care if he sounds like a cat in heat.
Operative Lyric: “Well, hot and heavy, pumpkin pie / Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ / Ain’t nothing please me more than you.”

“Baby Beluga” by Raffi
My mother was an early childhood development teacher for a while when I was growing up, and we listened to Raffi so much! We had a cassette of his songs and when it broke and we all freaked out—even my parents. As I got older I realized this old guy was singing this song to a bunch of children. What is he doing? What is he after? What really is going on with that “little white whale on the go?”
Operative Lyric: “Way down yonder where the dolphins play / where you dive and splash all day / Waves roll in and the waves roll out / See the water squirting out of your spout.”

“Shape Of My Heart” by Noah and the Whale
When I first heard this song I thought the singer’s voice was horrible, but I ended up just absolutely loving it. It’s really emotional for me and I don’t quite know why. I did a movie in China, and when I was over there I kept putting my iPhone on shuffle and that song kept coming up. I was alone a lot while I was there, and this song just made me think of all the people I love.
Operative Lyric: “For your heart is like a flower as it grows / And it’s the rain, not just the sun that helps it bloom / And you don’t know how it feels to be alive / Until you know how it feels to die.”

Concerto No. 1 for Mandolin, Strings, and B.C in C Major by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by Jörg Faerber, Paul Grund, & Württemberg Chamber Orchestra of Heilbronn
I grew up in New England. My dad read me bedtime stories from Ernest Hemingway and Raymond Carver, and my parents only played classical music in the house. We listened to Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, but we never listened to this song. I randomly came on in my car recently, and I had it playing so loud. I thought, Oh! I could actually rock out to this.
Operative Lyric: N/A 

Sleigh Bells & A Brief Compendium of Memorable Musical Guests on ‘No Reservations’

Over the past seven years, the guest list on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations has read like your fantasy dinner party. The author and chef has had a number of cultural icons show him around on his culinary and travel adventures, including authors Gary Shteyngart, Chuck Palahniuk and the late Harvey Pekar; culinary headliners like Thomas Keller, Marco Pierre White and Ferran and Albert Adria of elBulli; and a host of musicians, including Marky Ramone, Queens of the Stone Age, David Johansen of the New York Dolls and Buster Poindexter and Morcheeba’s Paul Godfrey.

The ninth and final season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations begins on September 3rd in Austin, and the first episode has an appearance from blistering indie duo Sleigh Bells, revealed in a teaser clip that was released this week. Here are some other musical artists of note who joined Bourdain for food, shenanigans, sharp voiceovers and the occasional shotgun demo.

Alice Cooper (American Southwest, Season 4)

At the end of the day, you get an accomplished writer and television host and the venerable king of shock-rock together, and you get two dudes talking about baseball. There’s something poetic in this, maybe.

Ted Nugent (American Southwest, Season 4)

The active hunting enthusiast and proud National Rifle Association member has mostly been in the news for his rather outspoken (and outrageous) political statemnts, most recently about how President Obama should be sent to Cuba. But the Nuge’s appearance on No Reservations depicts a more multifaceted side of the Motor City Madman, one that shows a deep reverence for the animals he kills and the ecosystem they inhabit and refers to hunting as a “spiritual erection.” During their post-hunt barbecue, you can almost smell the wild boar bacon. Mmmmmm.

Das Racist (Holiday Special, Season 6)

This is exactly the sort of appearance you’d expect from Das Racist on a sendup of a tacky holiday special. Their entrance, with heads as eggs in Bourdain’s fridge, is one of the most unsettling things that’s been on television in recent years. The actual performance is wonderfully weird.

The Black Keys (Kansas City, Season 8)

On an episode celebrating the finer points of the KC experience — blues, booze and above all, barbecue —Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney “kidnap” Bourdain while on tour, and they stop at a ‘cue joint to trade stories of life on the road and life in the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, the stories are similar, and sometimes involve handguns and cocaine. 

Sleigh Bells (Austin, Season 9)

Turns out Sleigh Bells have really, really nice friends. Friends that will make you fancy cocktails and cook you lobster boils and pig roasts and give you spontaneous tattoos if you ask nicely or are Anthony Bourdain. If this season begins with Bourdain getting a sun tattoo, hopefully the rest will be ride-or-die and feature more musicians with really awesome friends.  

BlackBook Tracks #4: There Are No More Original 4th of July Puns

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, sure, but why not carry on the party through the rest of the week? Let’s hear it for a five-day weekend, everyone! With that in mind, here’s a loosely patriotic playlist to pair with your upcoming weekend’s woeful lack of a fireworks display.

Primal Scream – “Country Girl”

Sure, Primal Scream are Scottish, but their take on Americana still sounds pretty good.

The Hold Steady – “Atlantic City” (Bruce Springsteen cover)

The Brooklyn band looks to Jersey in this spirited take on the Boss.

The Black Keys – “Dearest” (Buddy Holly cover)

Dan Auerbach may not sound as charming as Buddy Holly, but the Black Keys’ offering was a highlight of last year’s Rave On covers collection.

The Apache Relay – “State Trooper” (Bruce Springsteen cover)

This Springsteen cover from rising Nashvillians the Apache Relay starts off minimalist and slowly builds, showcasing Michael Ford, Jr.’s earnest vocals.

Yelawolf – “Made In The USA” (ft. Priscilla Renea)

According to my sources, Yelawolf is popular abroad because the Alabama rapper is seen as being really good at representing America. Exhibit A.

These United States – “Let The River In”

The band name alone says it all, but this cut from These United States’ self-titled new album will hold up well while you’re throwing some burgers on the grill tomorrow.

Vampire Weekend – “I’m Going Down” (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Vampire Weekend delivered this mellow rendition of the Springsteen classic on their 2010 live EP.

LCD Soundsystem – “North American Scum”

For those of us who have complicated relationships with being American.

Kid Cudi, Best Coast, and Rostam Batmanglij – “All Summer”

While this isn’t an ode to California, it’s a little more inclusive and will sound great while you’re swimming/barbecuing/bald eagle-watching.


It’s called “USA Boys,” so it must be them

The Black Keys Sue Pizza Hut, Home Depot, For Ganking Music

All the Cheesy Bites Pizza in the world won’t make the The Black Keys withdraw their lawsuit against Yum Brands, Inc., owner of Pizza Hut. The suit, filed on Thursday against Yum Brands and its advertising agency, alleges Pizza Hut used "significant portions" of the song Gold On The Ceiling in a commercial for their cheesy pizza snacks without authorization. 

Likewise, Home Depot is also fingered in a separate suit for ganking parts of the song Lonely Boy for a commercial for Ryobi power tools.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, the duo who make up The Black Keys, joined with El Camino album producer Danger Mouse against the mega-corps. The lawyering up comes one month after what we can only assume was a very polite and nice letter to both companies, asking them to kindly not steal the artists’ work.

Come on, guys. At least send them a free power drill.

Your Daily Guide To Trending Topics

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

Miss USA 2012

Of all the important things that happened this weekend, none is more trendy on Google this morning that Miss USA 2012, the off-brand beauty pageant that took place Sunday night. Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, won. And while she seems nice, we would have liked to see the crown go to Miss Ohio, who went on a tangent about Pretty Woman being an empowering movie about "a wonderful, beautiful woman… having a rough time. But you know what? She came out on top and she didn’t let anyone stay in her path.”

MTV Movie Awards

Though it lacks the weight of any of the big awards show, the MTV Movie Awards remains a surprisingly interesting monster. This isn’t so much because of the winners—though congrats are due to the folks at Twilight, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games—but because of what else you can see. Indeed, last night’s show featured never-before-seen preview footage from The Dark Knight Rises as well as a sneak peek at the forthcoming The Perks of Being A Wallflower (which you can see here), making it worth watching for those of us who aren’t really crazed about waiting around all night to watch a teenager get an award for Best Kiss.

Richard Dawson

Yahoo! searchers are nuts about the former Family Feud host, who died yesterday from complications of esophageal cancer —as you undoubtedly read about right here. There’s not a whole lot else to say about the matter, but here’s a nice video tribute to the guy.

Johnny Depp

The second most popular thing to read about this morning on Yahoo! is actor Johnny Depp, who took his bohemian schtick one step farther last night at the previously mentioned movie awards, getting on stage with rockers The Black Keys to perform two songs, “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy” of the band’s El Camino album. Depp was there to pick up his Generation Award, which MTV calls “the Movie Awards’ highest honor, acknowledging an actor who can be counted on to engage the MTV audience with everything he or she does.” Previous winners include Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Tom Cruise, and Jim Carrey. Meh.

On Twitter

This morning, the biggest trending topics on Twitter—worldwide–are #10BandsILike and #10PeopleIveSeenLive. We won’t insult you by posting photos of the wittiest of the entries; there are none.

Lineup Announcement Roundup: Austin City Limits, Holy Ship!!

If sweating it out with barbecue sauce stains all over your shirt while trying to take in the dozens of bands around you or dancing on a really big boat in the Bahamas sound like your bag, tonight’s festival roundup will be particularly appealing. Austin’s end-of-festival-season blowout Austin City Limits announced its lineup with some notable overlap with Lollapalooza and a stacked roster of eclectic acts all three days, starting at the top with headliners The Black Keys, Florence + The Machine, AVICII, Neil Young & Crazy Horse (get ready to sing some classic American folk songs!), Jack White, The Roots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers, Weezer, M83 and Iggy & The Stooges. 

Other notable ACLiens include a reunited Afghan Whigs on their world domination tour, soul-revival upstarts Alabama Shakes, Childish "Donald Glover" Gambino, BASSNECTAR, The Shins, Los Campesinos!, Gotye, Tegan & Sara, Zola Jesus, BlackBook artist to watch Michael Kiwanuka, Willis Earl Beal, Gary Clark Jr., The Weeknd and First Aid Kit, with plenty more here. 3-day passes for ACL are already sold out, but you can get single-day passes for $90 a pop.

If you’d rather dance on a boat to Diplo and Digitalism, electronica festival and cruise Holy Ship!! (with TWO exclamation points) returns with a host of DJs and dance acts including the aforementioned Mad Decent mixmaster and Hamburg house duo, as well as Major Lazer, Justice, Knife Party, Boys Noize, Skream and Benga, Busy P, Crookers, Dillon Francis and 12th Planet, with pletny more names on the site.

ACL will take place October 12th – 14th in Austin’s Zilker Park; Holy Ship!! will host a pre-party in Fort Lauderdale on January 3rd, 2013 and be on the high seas aboard the MSC Poesia January 4th – 7th, 2013, just in time for you to fully decimate any hopes of maintaining a New Year’s resolution. Watch footage from last year’s cruise below: