Back From the Dead: Ludlow Manor Hires NY Nightlife Association President, Reopens

Yesterday I walked past the shuttered-by-the-NY State-Liquor-Authority Ludlow Manor. The place was all lit up and looking ready to go. There was some action on the first floor where a real liquor license was granted. The upper floors were conspicuously unoccupied. There was a new unpainted exhaust vent on the Ludlow Street outer wall. Maybe it was always there, but I never noticed it. Having a real food component was a condition placed on the place to re-open. Someone said it would never re-open and I told them they were wrong; too much has been invested, too many jobs are at stake, too much tax revenue to be made. I wasn’t surprised today when an old friend and New York Nightlife Association honcho called me to tell me he was coming aboard to right all the wrongs. I asked him to send me an email all official-like, and here it is:

Due to an operational oversight during the launch of Ludlow Manor late last year, that occurred simply due to an excitement surrounding the opening, management of the space at 95 Delancey Street decided to regroup and focus on doing everything possible to deliver the best experience to their guests. To ensure this, they have brought in Paul Seres, President of the New York Nightlife Association, to handle day-to-day operations.
Additionally, Luc Carl is no longer involved in the project.
Today, the first step begins, as we are excited to announce the opening of The DL, a tapas restaurant located on the ground floor. The focus is on perfecting every aspect of the venue, and that starts with making sure The DL is delivering high-quality food and bringing a new experience to the Lower East Side. Over the next few months we will be introducing several new elements and look forward to making sure each step is executed properly, ensuring a great destination for our guests.
Paul Seres

Singapura: A Dose of Malaysian, Hakka Chinese, and Thai in Curry Hill

No matter what anyone tells you, being different is a good thing, especially in the culinary world. With the opening of Singapura—a Malaysian, Hakka Chinese, and Thai restaurant in Curry Hill—a new niche is born in the land of chicken masala that looks like lamb curry that could be rogan josh. Far away from Indian cuisine, and too unique for the mere term “Asian fusion,” Singapura finds a very happy home in being different and delicious.

Hit dishes are found all across the menu, from the starters and main dishes to the desserts, which basically translates to: it’s all good.

Appetizer favorites include the tangy and ginger cauliflower Manchurian that tastes like spare ribs, the roti telur—a Malaysian-style pancake with egg and potato curry—and the heaping portion of sweet and peanut-y papaya salad.

From the main dishes, the chili chicken’s Hakka Chinese-style gravy filled with green chilies and ginger, is a must-order. And for those seeking veggies, the spear-shaped eggplant with basil is crisp and flavorful thanks to the large onion and pepper wedges. Whether you’ve saved room or not (does it matter?), there’s no missing the sweet sticky rice with mango dessert that you’ll dream about post-sandwich the next day. Somehow, they made healthy taste good—we don’t know how, and we’re not asking – just accepting.

And with Singapura’s lotus-shaped lights, attentive staff, and cozy booths, it’s not just the food that brings you back.

New York Openings: Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse, Singapura, Foragers City Table

Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse (Gramercy) –  Texas-based steak chain brings its tasseled curtains and leather to the big town.

Singapura (Murray Hill) – Malaysian, Hakka Chinese, and Thai infiltrate the Indian grubfest in Curry Hill.
Foragers City Table (Chelsea) – Restaurant within a market serves organic, shelf-to-table fare.

New York Openings: Pok Pok NY, Parish Hall, Ken & Cook

Pok Pok NY (Cobble Hill) – Portlandia export with drinkable vinegars, killer Thai wings.

Parish Hall (Williamsburg) – Egg peeps dedicate a whitewashed hall to Northeastern cuisine.

Ken & Cook (Nolita) – Breezy "industrial brasserie" rocking creative pastas, super-fresh raw bar.

New York Openings: Fushimi, Am Thai Bistro, V{iv} Bar & Restaurant

Fushimi (Williamsburg) – Psychedelic sushi spot brings some Vegas to the ‘Burg.

Am Thai Bistro (Ditmas Park) – Sweet sit-down spot delivers home-cooked Thai classics at wallet-happy prices.

V{iv} Bar & Restaurant (Hell’s Kitchen) – Conv{iv}ial room with nightclub lighting and affordable Northern Thai bites.