Lookin’ Good: Helmut Newton and Beautiful Women – The Pirelli Calendar Turns 50

“The last thing left in nature is the attractiveness and the beauty of women,” spoke Peter Beard of the Pirelli calendar’s subjects.

In a video to celebrate the calendar’s 50 years, some of the best and most prolific photographers – Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Lindbergh, Bruce Weber, Steve McCurry, Terry Richardson, Night Knight – gave their take on what it means to shoot for the calendar. Could anyone say it better than Richardson who asked, “What’s cooler than doing the Pirelli calendar?” For the models, the photographers, and everyone who enjoys it after, not much.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/Zwq5NaQ5wOE” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

In celebration of the calendar’s 50th year, Pirelli chose for 2014 not to release a new calendar, but a previously unreleased, Helmut Newton lensed calendar from 1986, which serendipitously functions, date for date, as a working calendar for 2014 – in case you needed your Pirelli calendar to be more than just really, really sexy.

The black and white images reveal a still sexual but more sensual Newton. The images are now 28 years old, and like their predecessors and those that have come since, the way a woman’s body is portrayed is unlike anything else. “The girls we use in the Pirelli calendar are the kind of goddesses of today,” says Lagerfeld. And when it’s well done like this, the sexuality translates easily to sensuality.

Pirelli celebrates their 50th calendar year this evening in Milan.image-3



Kate Moss, She’s Just Being Miley, Versace goes M.I.A., and other Fashion News You Need to Know 10/7

Kick off your week with the latest happenings in fashion and beauty.

Confirmed! M.I.A. will collaborate with the house of Versace Versace Versace Versace. The design of the 19-piece collection will be based on counterfeits and other street finds.

Another collab to look forward to: Kate Moss is coming back to Topshop. The super is working on a collection slated to hit stores in April. 

Color cosmetics company Inglot is stepping into the skin care market for the first time… all the better to prep your skin for makeup, my dear.

Beauty trends don’t matter anymore, according to the FT, and considering the timing of the shows and product launches. Do you agree?

ICYMI: Miley Cyrus was ever the lady in her shoot with raunchy photog Terry Richardson.

Worth a read: all about makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Zing! Tamara Mellon calls Jimmy Choo a "cobbler".

Terry Richardson’s Tatted Hand Stars in New Valentino Campaign

Terry Richardson is slowly moving from behind the camera to in front of it. Following his gig as model alongside Eniko Mihalik for David Webb’s spicy fall 2012 campaign, the prolific fashion photographer snapped his right arm showing off Valentino’s latest accessories. 

The first image that has surfaced from the project features the 47-year-old’s ink-happy hand clutching the famed Italian fashion house’s Rockstud Noir studded heels and Rockstud Rough bag. As Telegraph notes, the visual creates "a sharp juxtaposition against the ladylike accessories." Or it’s just another way for Richardson to flaunt his notorious narcissism. You decide!
I wonder if models are pissed that celebrity kids, senior citizens, fashion editors and now, fashion photographers are stealing all the big-money campaigns.

Frank Ocean Is the Face of Band of Outsiders’ Latest Ad Campaign

Joining a rather eclectic group of talents from Amy Adams to Ed Ruscha to Rupert Grint, to last year’s campaign featuring Josh Brolin gnawing on Big League Chew and playing with toy soldiers, singer and songwriter Frank Ocean is the newest face of fashion house Band of Outsiders, appearing in a new series of Polaroid-shot ads for the brand.

Ocean’s a fan of Band of Outsiders from the looks of things, having appeared in a bold Band of Outsiders shirt in a shoot for Terry Richardson’s Diary last spring and stealing the show at this past Grammy Awards a custom yellow Band tuxedo. In the new set of photos released yesterday, taken by brand manager and photographer Scott Sternberg, he dons a more classic tux and poses outside the Los Angeles Times Building in downtown L.A. He grins, he flips the bird, he lies on a bench, it’s all very sun-drenched and lovely. But boy, does it look hot in that tux. More photos will be released through the Band blog, Tumblr and Instagram accounts throughout the week.

[via L.A. Times]

Mia Moretti Takes a Glimpse of New York From the Inside

New York is my city, and although I travel like a mad woman all year round stomping down at music festivals, film festivals, and fashion weeks across the globe, there really is no place like home. Fashion week can feel like a whirlwind of bloggers, bustiers, models, mockeries, designers, DJs, editors, evolutionists, photographers, and phonies coming at you harder than a tornado, but when you claim New York City as your stomping ground, that’s all par for the course. Bring it on, I say. There is no better place in the world, and to prove it, I called up one of my favorite gal pals (and talented photographer) Diggy Lloyd to hit the streets with me and bring you a little taste of this beautiful, crazy city. 

Caitlin Moe and me arriving for sound check at Prabal Gurung’s carnival

DJing the carnival on top of a truck


Backstage prepping in my trailer

My goodluck duck from set of VH1 Master of the Mix show I just wrapped filming. 

The girls with Renzo backstage at Diesel Black Gold! (Talli Lennox, Caitlin Moe, Oh Land and me)

Oh Land going in for a punch! 


Glamour outside the Jeremy Scott show at Milk

A$AP Rocky arriving at Jeremy Scott

Terry Richardson at Jeremy Scott

Lindsey Wixson closing Jeremy Scott

Pit Stop at La Grainne Cafe

Honor show at Eyebeam


On the way to Elizabeth & James presentation

Gorgeous texture and color at Elizabeth & James

Ashley Olsen at the presentation for her and Mary-Kate’s line, Elizabeth & James

New York, you gorgeous city

Being Lady Gaga’s Assistant Sounds Like the Worst Job in the World

I can’t think of a job I’d like less than being Lady Gaga’s assistant. First of all, good lord, the emails would just be insane, probably typed out in Wingdings and full of Illuminati references. And can you imagine carrying the clothes around? The meat dress! No thank you, Gaga. Plus, I’m pretty much against the concept of personal assistants in general, especially for 26-year-olds, but I suppose you get easily distracted from your correspondance and dry cleaning when you’re a world-touring pop star. 

And at least one of Gaga’s former assistants regrets accepting the position: Jennifer O’Neill, who is currently suing the singer for $393,000 in owed pay and damages, was gloriously trashed by Gaga during a deposition for the case. The New York Post obtained the transcript, and it is amazing. To wit:

“You don’t get a schedule that is like you punch in and you can play f–king Tetris at your desk for four hours and then you punch out at the end of the day. This is — when I need you, you’re available.”

Gaga said she appreciates that “an eight-hour workday could still be a very difficult workday, you know, if you’re digging ditches or, you know, you’re, you know, putting sealing on a roof, you know.”

“I’m not in any way discounting how hard an eight-hour work day can be, or discounting the role of an assistant.”

But she also noted, “I do six shows a week, and I make a lot of money. I work, I work 24 hours a day. I’m not standing next to Steve holding tea, waiting for him to take a sip, that is not what I do,” Gaga said.

“Not that people who do that don’t deserve their hourly pay, but I’m just pointing out that I deserve everything I’ve worked for. I deserve every dollar of it. And she deserves every dollar of her $75,000 that we agreed to. But she does not deserve a penny more.”

Rather than paying off O’Neill, Gaga said, “I’m going to give all the money that she wants to my employees that work hard for me now that deserve it.

“I’m not going to give it to her so she can go to Intermix and buy herself a new tube top,” the snippy superstar groused.

First of all, 75 grand does not sound like enough money for that job. I suppose some might be attracted to the idea of partying all night in Paris with Terry Richardson, but I just think that sounds messy. You’d basically have to carry a lot of OxiClean around with you if you plan on running into Terry Richardson. But I gotta give it to Gaga for basically doing what I’ve always dreamed of: gloriously shit-talking an old coworker, and under oath no less! 

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Lena Dunham Drops Her Pants for Terry Richardson

It’s not what you think. For the latest issue of V magazine, prolific photographer Terry Richardson shot Lena Dunham in a bathing suit. The Girls creator looks as fantastically radiant as one should look when they’re 26 years old and their HBO series is a runaway hit (have you peeped the Season 2 trailer yet?) and they’ve landed a $3.7 million book deal with Random House. Here are six new things I learned about the luckiest girl in the world.

1. Instead of dropping serious cash on a McMansion à la every other celeb with new money, she recently bought a "modest one-bedroom in Brooklyn Heights."

2. She has a new boyfriend, which she and her mother would meet for dinner following the interview. Judging from this photo, her boyfriend is FUN guitarist (and designer Rachel Antonoff’s brother), Jack Antonoff.

3. She appreciates the celebrity perk of receiving free clothes. “Somehow even if I wouldn’t have bought it, the fact that it was free and my grandma’s depression-era mentality make me think it is the most beautiful thing I ever owned, and I wear it for several days straight.”

4. She hated India. "I saw too many puppies that I thought needed me. So my mom and I got in a big fight and I left India. Early.”

5. She unapologetically likes Taylor Swift’s music. "I have no interest in liking anything ironically. If I wanted to be ironic, I’d grow a mustache."

6. She unapologetically eats. "I ate cake for breakfast on the day of the Emmys, I ate cake for dinner, my workout didn’t require Spanx, and I still feel like I looked better than people expected me to."

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Will You Watch Lady Gaga’s New Documentary?

Lady Gaga’s gift to us all yesterday was the announcement that she is making a documentary. She Tweeted the news early Christmas day: "Merry Christmas little monsters! Terry Richardson @Terry_World is making a #LadyGagaMOVIE documenting my life, the creation of ARTPOP + you!" How do we feel about this news?

Gaga is no stranger to Richardson’s work. In 2010, the controversial fashion photographer followed the pop star around for 10 months and snapped over 100,000 behind-the-scenes images of her during Lollapalooza, the Monster Ball tour, the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and the Thierry Mugler show during Paris Fashion Week. They made a book out of it, which is going for the "bargain price" of $20 (reg. $50) on Amazon right now.

They’ve also collaborated on a few other things, but my favorite thus far is this video wherein Gaga twerks for the camera while rapping about how rich she is. Let’s hope for more of the same this time around.  

Here’s a Taste of Lady Gaga & Terry Richardson’s ‘Cake’

Remember when Lady Gaga confused everyone with her new rap song at Nicola Formichetti’s Mugler spring 2013 show during Paris Fashion Week? Well, apparently "Cake Like Lady Gaga" is real and there’s going to be a music video for it. Following her performance of the unexpected track during a concert in Rio de Janeiro (here’s a clip), this week the shock-pop star released a 15-second teaser of a video directed by controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson, her partner in crime these days. Take a peek at her twerking in action after the jump. 

As one would expect from a Richardson project, the video is all kinds of provocative. In one scene Gaga shakes her butt on a group of girls in a bathtub, which has triggered quite the collection of YouTube comments. (I’m not saying that the comments are totally vulgar, I’m just saying that they make me feel weird inside.)
On the fashion front, Gaga trades her signature avant-garde style for a more conventionally racy look and rocks a thong and stilettos. See for yourself below and just know that although this video may be strange, it will never be as awkward as Madonna’s "Gangnam Style" performance at Madison Square Garden.