New York’s Sexiest Third Date Bars

The third date. You’ve made it. Now it’s totally acceptable for you to take your date back to your place and [fill in the blanks]. 

And in order to ensure that you’re both in the mood, we’ve compliled our list of the sexiest bars for that third date. Think of it as foreplay. Enjoy.

New York: Top 5 Non-Vintage Wine Bars

imageCrash courses in tannins and charcuterie available now. 1. Terroir (East Village) – Hearth spin-off proves the East Village did need another wine bar after all. 2. Bacaro (Chinatown) – Venice comes to Chinatown. Get blotto in the grotto. 3. The Monday Room (Little Italy) – Intimate and classy, come feel good about a Monday for once.

4. The JakeWalk (Brooklyn South) – Fancy cheese, wine, and whiskey and everything’s Jake. 5. Ten Bells (Lower East Side) – Organic wine and fresh small plates in LoHo? The Bells toll for thee.