Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson and More Urge Democracy Through Lip-Syncing

I know, I know. We’re sick of all the political ads, too. But instead of hiring crappy actors and relying on bad green-screens and the FEAR FONT, filmmaker and HelloGiggles writer Sarah Sophie Flicker decided to use the power of a ‘60s pop anthem and a few recognizable friends to convey her message about the importance of putting women’s health and reproductive rights at the forefront this election. With flowers in their hair and webcams at the ready, dozens of women joined Flicker for an impassioned lip-sync of Lesley Gore’s classic, “You Don’t Own Me.”

And what a cast Flicker assembled: Carrie Brownstein, Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson, Lena Dunham, Zoë Kravitz, Alexa Chung, Kate Nash, Rain Phoenix, Sia, Miranda July and Alia Shawkat make appearances—see if you can spot ‘em all.

This is, by default, probably the best political ad we’ve seen all election season, if only because we have yet to see another political ad which juxtaposes information about the threat of defunding of Planned Parenthood with a shot of what appears to be Mae Whitman (her?) eating noodles. And the only political ad with an approval message from Lesley Gore herself. Watch.

Tavi Is Launching a Magazine

Rather than slowly retreat from the fashion world now that her name and adolescent image has become so ubiquitous, Tavi Gevinson is in fact embarking on a new project that proves she’s here to stay. Having long referenced the now defunct Sassy magazine as a pool of inspiration, Tavi stunned her readers yesterday when she posted on her blog she would be reviving the publication along with its original editor, Jane Pratt. It “won’t be Sassy (or the rebirth of Sassy, or Sassy 2.0),” Gevinson wrote, giving the impression that the Sassy sequel will entail something else entirely. Considering the high schooler has already crafted a ‘zine based around first kisses, there’s a good chance that this title too will live outside the world of the internet.

However, at its core Sassy won’t be getting a facelift. “[It’s still a] magazine for an audience of wallflowerly teenage girls,” says Gevinson. “Sassy 2.0 would be subversive not by showcasing the weirdest tastes in music and fashion and books and movies, but by encouraging creativity and confidence and not patronizing. Maybe in that way, a Sassy of today would still hold its rebellious spirit,” she wrote of a potential reincarnation of the magazine back in April. And, today, Pratt and Gevinson are apparently taking submissions. Want to contribute or request an age-old Sassy feature’s return? Just email MagazineSubmissionsAreFun@gmail.com.

Marketing Changes, Tavi Embraces the FTC

If dwindling ad sales are to blame for print’s demise, than sponsorships for bloggers are the wave of the future. “For influential bloggers, sponsorships can be more lucrative than display ads alone, with payments reaching into the thousands for a multipronged campaign stretching over weeks or months,” says Portfolio of the (not exactly new) trend. Not only are brands sponsoring bloggers by sending them loads of free swag, they’re straight up paying them. “Fashion bloggers are a unique combination of publisher and talent,” says Sea of Shoes’ Jane Aldridge, who’s accrued her own slew sponsorships and side gigs, like designing for Urban Outfitters. “It’s important for both bloggers and advertisers to stay true to their brands.” Exactly how are bloggers staying true to their brands? Well, in the case of Tavi, it’s fessing up.

In the high school student’s latest post, a caption for an image snapped by photographer Spencer Tweedy reads, “Rodarte for Target longsleeve (FTC disclosure: I received clothes and compensation from Target for my collaboration with Rodarte for Target.)”

As far as I can tell, this is the first blatant ‘FTC disclosure’ on Tavi’s blog (though she did once admit to receiving a free pair of $500 hand-painted jeans from “the overly kind Proenza Schouler boys, who are maybe Santa Claus.”) Considering Tavi’s status in the blog-and-fashion spheres, the fact that she’s taking the FTC seriously by incorporating disclosures into her posts means readers are likely to see more of these alerts.

Blogger Tees New At Forever 21, Controversy At Zara

Illustrated T-shirts by California-based artist Danny Roberts featuring likenesses of fashion bloggers got loaded onto racks at Forever 21 today. “The portraits on the shirts of the bloggers behind Pandora, Fashion Squad, Because I’m Addicted, Style Bytes and Alice Point were culled from an existing series of blogger images, many of which he made to thank bloggers he reads and appreciates,” says Women’s Wear Daily. Up next for the 24-year-old artist is “a third collaboration with Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers and a first with men’s footwear brand Heutchy.”

Meanwhile, a controversy is heating up among fashion bloggers over a similar style of tee, currently on sale at Zara.

The Spanish retailer reportedly started stocking tees with illustrations of both Betty from fashion blog Le Blog de Betty and Tavi of Style Rookie— without their permission. “Maybe you were one of the 700+ people who left comments saying how ashamed they are of Zara, how they would support her in a boycott, how she deserves money and should sue them,” commented blogger Ganymede Kids in a post on Betty’s blog entitled “Zara, we have a problem.”

It’s nothing new that fast-fashion retailers, like high-fashion brands, are looking to cash in on all the fashion blogger fuss. H&M is partnering with Bryanboy, while Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes got a shoe design contract from Urban Outfitters thanks to her virtual presence. Zara’s misguided example shows how getting on a blogger’s good side can lead an enormous amount of exposure, while getting on their bad side can lead to a boycott that’s spreading like wildfire.

Photo via Fashionista

Terry Richardson Loves Five Fingers, Pisses Off Tavi

Terry Richardson appears to have moved beyond his man heel obsession, adopting a new footwear fetish, Five Fingers. Created by a company called Vibram, the footwear, which looks a lot like toe socks, is making waves beyond the fitness world. “Remember going barefoot as a child?” reads Vibram’s site. “Now you can experience that same physical and visceral sensation in Vibram Five Fingers—the only footwear to offer the exhilarating joy of going barefoot with the protection and sure-footed grip of a Vibram sole.” While not exactly poised to sweep the high-fashion community, even Martin Margiela approves of a little toe separation once in a while.

In other (significantly more) controversial Richardson news, teenage fashion blogger Tavi is the latest watchdog to take up a torch against the photographer over sexual harassment allegations. News of Richardson’s totally shady behavior on sets may have broken months ago, but Tavi is as feverishly opposed to the misogynistic undertones of his work and the fact that models have citing abuse as ever. “He’s become this weird cultural icon whose ‘thing’ it is is to be a perv,” writes Tavi. It seems Tavi isn’t just speaking out for the sake of controversy. “I’m writing it because it has to be written about and I want other people to write about it because he has to know that next time he tries anything along those lines, people will write about it. Then maybe he will stop doing it,” she writes. Tavi is by no means the only blogger calling for action. As Jezebel points out, she’s one of many. “The Internet is trying to tell the fashion industry something very important here, about power, privilege, and personal freedom. Whether or not the industry will listen remains to be seen.”

Who’ll Be the First to Cast Tavi?

Scrolling through my RSS this morning I happened upon the latest blog post from Tavi, the Stephen Jones hat loving, controversy spawning Style Rookie. In the apparently self-styled (as per usual) and self-shot series of images, Tavi, I must say, appears all grown up. Relatively speaking that is. With a bleached blond bordering on white new bang and short crop ‘do and bright red lips to boot, Tavi appears well beyond her years–of which she has 14. (Andy Warhol, who dyed his hair egg white so as to appear ageless, would surely approve.) In the makeshift editorial Tavi sports Miu Miu SS10, knee socks and supremely high heels as well as an oh-so-perfect vacant stare with lips slight parted. (Lara and Kate would surely approve.)

So, who will be the first to cast Tavi in an ad campaign? She’s already graced the pages of Pop and Love among other publications as a subject of interest. But, having garnered 260 comments and counting from a day-old, at-home photo shoot, there’s no denying that this minor has major sartorial influence. Not to mention (sad but true) 14 is a common age for new inductees into the modeling industry. She’s already played muse to Rodarte’s collection for Target. My guess is it’s only a (minimal) matter of time before the likes of Miuccia Prada herself or Marc Jacobs opt to induct Tavi into full-on slash-dom as a blogger-turned-model.

Links: Oprah Wipes Drew Brees’ Birthmark; Conan O’Brien Grows a Ginger Beard

● Oprah tried to wipe the birthmark off of Super Bowl champion Drew Brees’ face. What? He’s usually wearing a helmet! Bonus: his mole has a Twitter. [BuzzFeed] ● The easy-to-impress internet is all about 13-year-old blogger Tavi tearing up New York fashion week. The next logical step? A 5-year-old. [Racked] ● A young potential vandal had his leg cut off in a Brooklyn subway tunnel while trying to paint graffiti. That’s so much worse than what his mother warned him would happen. [NYT] ● At this point even stills from an unreleased Lady Gaga music video are mind-blowing. [Haus of Gaga]

● Conan O’Brien has no job and a new beard, but when he feels like it he’ll have a show and a hot shave. [TMZ] ● Dolly Parton is working on a movie version of her life. Obviously, Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks should play the buxom country legend because they share a… high-pitched voice. [ONTD] ● Apple’s Steve Jobs is working with a biographer to document his life, too, but there’s far less cleavage and he never sang “Jolene.” [NYT]

Team Tavi Debate Rages

Tavi Gevinson mania continues. The official shit storm descended during Paris Fashion Week, when the 13-year-old surfaced in the front row at Dior wearing an over-sized bow hat, and a journalist from Grazia took issue with the view-blocking choice in chapeau. Meanwhile, acclaimed fashion scribe Sarah Mower has just spoken out about her own ax to grind with Gevinson’s father for letting the middle school student cut class in order to attend couture collection presentations.

Animosity aside, the Business of Fashion makes an interesting point in reacting to Mower’s aforementioned piece in the Independent. “Not one blogger was directly quoted to provide comment on the other side of the story,” writes Imran Amed, founder of BOF. “It would be a far more productive debate if… journalists and editors actually engaged bloggers in a genuine dialogue about the state of the industry and the ways in which social media can make fashion a more participative industry,” Helene Le Blanc of Luxe Chronicles says. Amen.

As for Gevinson herself? It’s the subject of a recent profile in the Fashion Informer. Perhaps the most interesting musing is Gevinson on her most memorable fashion experience to date: “Probably meeting Rei Kawakubo, or meeting Karl Lagerfeld and him saying some very nice things and also I could SEE HIS EYES (there were no lasers), or interviewing John Galliano, or meeting Stephen Jones and him giving me a hat and saying its knocking-people-in-the-face abilities were like old Dior dresses that would knock everyone’s ashtrays over when the girls in them would spin,” she says. Hate the girl for her immediate insider access? Don’t worry, she’s not taking herself too seriously just yet. “Oh my God, that was the most name-droppy sentence ever. I feel d-baggy but it answers the question.”

Tavi Defends Her Hat, Surfaces in ‘French Vogue’

Earlier this week Tavi, the tween blogger behind Style Rookie, set off a press frenzy when she was tweetpic’d wearing an over-sized Stephen Jones-made bow hat to the Dior haute couture show in Paris. In defense of her chapeau on steroids, Tavi writes “Dudes, it is a HAT. And I’m SHORT. So watching the show behind me would be like watching it through a regular-sized adult, but better, because adult heads do not have holes in them. Other than the stinky cheese man, from that one book, from like, second grade, or something. I’m pretty sure the Grazia writer that tweeted this picture was joking, too? Or did I miss something…” Tavi goes on to say that she wishes news sites would write about more than just what one wears to a fashion show: “otherwise, it feels pretty pointless to me!” Ouch.

(‘DiggThis’)“I forgot to say so here because I was packing and then we left and then the hotel didn’t have wireless and then I felt awkward using the computer in the lobby?,” Tavi continued. Of her experience in Paris, Tavi writes, “the day before the show we went to the Dior atelier (which was, in a word, amazing, but that’s all for another time) and spent a bit of time with Stephen Jones, who, being the incredibly friendly and charming mad hatter… was very kind as to give me this hat he had made as a sample for one of Dior’s couture shows a couple years ago but ended up not being used.” Not too shabby a freebie, Tavi. And, considering she’ll soon make an appearance in French Vogue, it’s been quite a year so far for the Style Rookie. For those still on the fence as to whether or not a teenager deserves a front row seat and fashion cred to boot, check out Tavi’s newly posted review of the Dior show replete with references to “ass scientists” and “having ice cold diarrhea.”