Starting This Month, You’ll Be Able To Get A Tattoo At Saks


You can get everything at Saks: Gucci, Prada, McQueen, NARS, even younger labels like Sandy Liang. And now, apparently, tattoos.

Starting later this month, the iconic department store will be offering customers the chance to get inked in the window of their Lower Manhattan location. You know, their extravagant storefront displays? Well, now, that will be you – screaming in agony while you get your latest Sailor Jerry tat.

The idea came from celebrity colorist Joel Warren from The Salon Project, who will have a pop-up location inside Saks’ new concept floor, The Downtown Wellery. Much like the uptown store’s version (just called The Wellery), where customers can take fitness classes, get glam with limited edition beauty products and services, and treat themselves with a variety of spa options, the specialty space will be an immersive experience that’s curated more for Downtown tastes.

“I was looking for unique experiences to drive people into stores to get services and shop,” Warren told the New York Post.

So, he contacted Wass Stevens and Ethan Morgan from the Lower East Side’s Rivington Tattoo. A neighborhood staple that caters to celebrities and drunken cool kids after a night at Attaboy or The Ludlow Hotel, the shop will now have a home in the Saks window.

“It reminds me of the Christmas displays,” said Stevens of the collaboration. “Only when you walk by, you’ll see an old-school Victorian sitting room where people are getting live tattoos.”

Coping with the Election: Five Tattoos in Two Days

As each new news day brings me a bit closer to the reality of President Romney, I seek distraction. I found some last weekend at Magic Cobra Tattoo Society and Three Kings, where I got five tattoos in two days. The pain that I’m used to distracted me from the debates. I keep wondering what kind of retarded hermit could be "undecided" at this point. It seems that Ohio will decide it all, and I rue that day when people in Ohio decide my fate. I spent a year in Cleveland one night and Akron made Cleveland seem like Vegas. Don’t get me started on Cincinnati.

I remember that horrible election night when Bush beat Gore or whatever happened. I was at Spa where we were hosting Hillary Clinton’s victory bash. Ben Affleck was there, and I kept bringing him into the office where Florida was the decider. By the way, Mr. Affleck is the nicest guy in the world. He was in tears as victory turned into defeat. Now I am fearful again. It seems like déjà vu, and no amount of ink will save me, although I’m getting another  tattoo this weekend. For this election, I will head to White Rabbit, 145 E. Houston St., to pray as WashMachine presents Electoral Ruckus. My pal Joy Rider is part of the crew hosting this affair, and she always delivers and has a nice shoulder for me to cry on if it comes to that. Not sure what’s happening at the event, but here’s what they say:

Hot wire the coverage, hijack the commercials, and re-edit real time: live audio/video manipulation of Election Day TV broadcasts by sound artist Jason Candler and experimental filmmaker Jimi Pantalon. Making your vote count all night long w/ DJs Cru Jones and The Butcha.

This sounds like fun. Until then I’ll check out my pal Clair Reilly-Roe at Aroma Espresso Bar, 161 W. 72nd St., tonight at 8pm or probably head back to Magic Cobra for a Hope tattoo. I was there the other night for the Paul Nathan book signing event hosted by Sailor Jerry Rum. Joe Truck, who owns the joint but now spends most of his time out west, and I compared notes on old places and old friends. It seems like we have been in the same room at the same time a zillion times. And it’ll probably happen again since I saw this killer Picasso tattoo he did and now I want it. My regular artist at the shop Adam Korothy is off to New Orleans for a convention. I’m very worried, and there aren’t enough tattoos or Sailor Jerry Rum or singers at coffee shops to calm me down. Halloween might help…more on that tomorrow.

Tattooed Bums & Sailor Jerry Rum

So now I’m obssessed. It isn’t enough that I am quickly covering my entire body with random tattoos, but now I almost only find happiness when surrounded by others who are obsessed with covering their entire body with tattoos. Last night I went to The Gutter, 200 N. 14th St. (Brooklyn), my new favorite place to get some ink from, to celebrate the life of Sailor Jerry Collins from Sailor Jerry. The crowd, the tattoos, the music, the Sailor Jerry Rum. and the hot dogs (even the vegan ones) were all wonderful. People threw darts at a dartboard and got the tattoo that was posted up on it.

Todd Weinberger, the creative director of Inked, got a hammerhead shark just ahead of me. Matt Van Cura of Invisible NYC did mine. He’s great and I’m heading to him next week to get myself a Ramones logo in memory of my pal Arturo Vega who just passed. A young lady who I was chatting up wore the famous logo t-shirt last night in Arturo’s honor. She said she didn’t know him but wanted to show respect. The gesture jolted me from depression over his passing into thinking how well he spent the time he had. 

Sadly, I must report the passing of yet another dear friend: Elizabeth Connor Bursis died in San Francisco after a courageous fight with cancer. Some remember her as a Danceteria bartender or from the Eulenspiegel Society – the largest BDSM society in the U.S. – or just being their looking marvelous. She was one of my mentors, and talked to me in her calm voice and open mind about the journey I was taking. Until recently we kept involved on Facebook, but then she drifted away. I didn’t know why until yesterday. I had been meaning to connect with her just as the news came.

A friend comforted me by telling me that we know a lot of people, and many of those people have lived hard but exciting lives and that many of them are getting up there in age. I guess for club types, 60 is the new 80. Liz left us all too soon. 

My friend Kim Vu is soft-launching Bristle + Creme at 416 Third Ave. (29th and 30th). It’s a saloon and coffee shop and a lot more. The ambitious, beautiful Kim will bring much needed pizazz to that Murray Hill/ Turtle Bay strip.

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Did P. Diddy Seriously Get ‘New York’ Magazine’s Logo Tattooed On His Arm?

New York magazine staffers are passing an image around Facebook of the rapper P. Diddy (neé Puff Daddy) showing off what appears to be a new tattoo on his arm of the New York magazine logo, which he tweeted last night.

In one pic, Diddy poses alongside a friend (tattoo artist perhaps?) holding out his arm. The other pics show the apparent tattoo in close up, revealing it is the exact font and logo of New York mag:

But is it … real? Staffers seem to think so. (The mag’s Twitter tweeted, "We’re flattered.") Yet wonderful things can be faked with Photoshop! And although he is a bit eccentric, getting a magazine logo tattooed on his arm is definitely a weirder behavior than we’re used to from Mr. Diddy.  

He does have us curious for what’s next — perhaps a Cosmopolitan tattoo for the youngest Cyrus sister?

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Politico Once Again Incapable Of Relevance

Over the course of the 2012 elections, Politico proved itself over and over to be one of the most vacuous, false-equivalence-spouting, stupidly anecdotal, hand-wringing, unscientific and completely myopic outlets for horserace coverage out there. And that’s really saying something, when you consider these morons were also getting paid to publicly characterize the campaigns. (Maybe the fourth estate could stand to be a bit smaller? Just a thought.)

And now, at a time when most newspapers and magazines are taking a look at how Romney lost and Obama won, how the former cut his staffers’ credit cards off and how the latter might lead in a second term, Politico chooses to rehash a would-be viral story from weeks ago: the guy who got the Romney-Ryan logo tattooed on his face. Oh yeah, him! I’d forgotten all about that dude, just like any normal human should have. But even then, in this piece that’s designed to gloat and mock a clearly deranged individual for a few hundred pageviews, they can’t get it right. Check out that headline: “So, maybe that Romney face tattoo wasn’t such a good idea … ” What, you think so? Jesus, I hope you didn’t keep the fact-checkers too busy with that one. Then, this lede: “With the election over, supporters of Mitt Romney have to pack up their campaign signs and paraphernalia and get on with their lives. But what if you can’t get rid of that stuff? Literally.”

Incredible. It’s as if they were typing this up in Microsoft Word and the little paperclip character showed up and went “Hi! It looks like you’re trying to write a blog post from a few weeks ago just to ridicule a guy who has not yet begun to understand how his unexamined actions will dog and haunt him throughout his life, when you could have attempted actual analysis of current events. Can I help?” and then just filled in the rest. Great job, Politico! Now we know you’re as bad as aping Gawker as you are at everything else.

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Bon Iver Wants You To Design His Tattoo; These Are His Demands

Sometimes, opportunities present themselves in strange ways. Maybe it’s a bar competition for the bold and booze-addled or the discovery of an important hidden talent. And sometimes, a Grammy-winning, cooing, flannel-clad indie-folk heartthrob wants help designing a tattoo based on his favorite ’90s television show. 

Bon Iver, a.k.a. Justin Vernon, really, really loves Northern Exposure. So much, that it inspired the name of his band and his record label, Chigliak, is named for one of the Alaskan town’s residents. And he needs help designing a Northern Exposure-themed tattoo, featuring an image of the Cicely, Alaska town founder, the legendary figure of Cicely herself, done in the style of his favorite Art Nouveau painter, Alphonse Mucha. These are his demands.

54 entries from 26 designers appear in response to Vernon’s 99Designs post, now in its final stage of voting and with 47 hours of submission left. The winner of the five finalists takes home $299; the runners-up receive VCR-recorded back episodes of Northern Exposure, with Vernon’s handwriting on the tape label.*

"This is a really important thing to me," Vernon writes in the post. "I don’t know how to express that exactly… Its a TV show but it weirdly explained my life to me. Cicely is the metaphor for that."

For a bit more context, here’s a clip from Northern Exposure’s fifth season, in which we remember that Northern Exposure made it to five seasons (it actually made it to six!). Maybe it will inspire your oddly specific cult TV show-referencing ink, if not Vernon’s. 

*Not an actual consolation prize. 

Chris Brown Did Something Offensive

Well, Happy 9/11, everyone. Chris Brown is still kind of a dick. And no, I’m not talking about his poor choice of hair dye.

This doesn’t even need any editorializing, honestly:

The black-and-white image shows a woman whose bone structure, arched eyebrows and full lips bear a striking similarity to Brown’s onetime girlfriend Rihanna, but the tattoo version bears the scars of a serious beating.

Her full lips are covered in stitches while she looks like she has a black eye and bruising on the right side of her face.

Sources told TMZ the tattoo is not meant to portray Rihanna, but “a random woman.”

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if some university does a stupid attentio-grabbing stunt in which Chris Brown is hired to teach a master class on how to be a complete jag-off. Because he’s really succeeding, isn’t he? I mean, I don’t think I even have to explain to anyone what’s wrong here, even if the woman on his neck isn’t supposed to resemble Rihanna. I can’t wait for someone to get a tattoo of an actual anus on his or her neck and make the claim that, yes, it is indeed meant to portray Chris Brown. 

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Today’s Florida Woman News: Butthole Tats

Oh, brother. I might have to close my "Florida Woman" Google Alert because this is the woman is the greatest human to come out of the Sunshine state since, oh, ever, because and there’s nothing that any other person from Florida can do to take the prize away from this Floridian princess who, I’m not even joking, got a tattoo on her asshole. 

What the hell is in the water down there, you guys? I know there’s sharks, but are all of the sharks shitting, like, SO MUCH that it’s making everyone so damn crazy? Like, I don’t even have one tattoo on a normal place like my arm or my chest or, hell, my face, because the space between my eyebrows and my hairline is now, relatively, a normal place on which to get a tattoo.

Anyway, good morning! This video is slightly NSFW, depending on where you work. And also Not Safe For Life if you’d like to keep your eyeballs inside of your head.