‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stars Eye Fierce Double Exit

imageSometimes I imagine that Ellen Pompeo (she’s the one who plays Meredith Grey, i.e. the Grey who Grey’s Anatomy refers to) runs into her dressing room, bawling, and logs onto her DiaryLand (because she’s too sweet to know about such things as Tumblr). Once there, she posts top-secret entries that no one really notices. Maybe sometimes McDreamy will leave a comment, forcing McSteamy to loiter in front of the computer a moment longer to think of the perfect way to one-up him. But the media, in all of their nasty liberal eliteness, tends to devote most of their attention to that crazy gay-basher or the gay he crazily bashed and maybe the loudmouth supporting blonde who smartly implicated herself in the ensuing media circus to and got paid in movie deals and press exposure. But with one down and two more to follow suit, it seems Pompeo may have the last laugh.

Both T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl are practically confirmed to be exiting the series. But fans — you’re still there, right? Really? Even after that whole thing with Denny? — appear well-adjusted to signature characters who disappear from Seattle Grace without much explanation. Although here’s hoping that Knight and Heigl — both integral to the series since it started up almost four years ago — get an honorable send-off. Not the awkward, sloppy stage directions that gave Washington and more confusingly Jessica Blank their walking papers.

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