Classixx Recruits Passion Pit for ‘Safe Inside’ (Listen)

Lifted off their forthcoming album Faraway Reach, DJ duo Classixx shares today a new song, “Safe Inside,” featuring Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos. The track follows collaborations with How to Dress Well and T-Pain, giving further insight into the bright, bouncy sound of their LP, due June 3 via Innovative Leisure.

“Shortly after finishing the instrumental, it occurred to us that Michael would make a great collaborator,” said Classixx’s Michael David about the Passion Pit frontman.  “We connected, flew to NY, and tracked vocals in Michael’s living room over a three day period. We had a ton of fun listening to music and realized that we shared almost identical high school influences.”

Listen, below:

Morning Links: Zelda Kaplan Dies at NYFW, Whitney Houston’s Funeral Will Be Streamed Online

● The 95-year-young night life doyenne Zelda Kaplan died yesterday in the front row at Joanna Mastroiann’s New York Fashion Week show. [NYDN]

● The AP plans to host an online stream of Whitney Houston’s funeral for those who feel they need to bid a digital adieu. [AP/Huff Post]

● He said he wouldn’t, but it looks like Seal has gone ahead and taken off his wedding ring. Perhaps so as not to distract from his canary yellow manicure? [TMZ]

● T-Pain has named his next mixtape The Heath Ledger Project because, as he says, "that’s how much I love music." "I want to master my craft like [Ledger] tried to do before he died,” he continued. "I think he went so crazy trying to master his craft that he died for what he loved doing."  [Rap-Up]

● Meryl Streep will play Julia Roberts’s mother in John Wells’s Oscary adaptation of August: Osage County, set to begin production this fall. [THR]

● With a MoMA retrospective on the approaching horizon, Cindy Sherman is using photoshop to try something new. "It’s horrifying how easy it to make changes,” she says. [NYT]

Morning Links: Pink Has a Baby Girl, T-Pain Quit Auto-Tune

● Pink and Carey Hart welcomed baby Willow Sage Hart into the world yesterday. Baby Willow is “gorgeous just like her daddy,” Pink tweeted. [NYP] ● Ah, okay: Megan Fox was too feminist to work with Michael Bay on his latest Transformers movie. Or, as Shia LaBeouf put it, “Megan developed this Spice Girl strength, this woman-empowerment [stuff] that made her feel awkward about her involvement with Michael, who some people think is a very lascivious filmmaker, the way he films women.” [Hero Complex/LAT] ● Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was willing enough to indulge certain other needs, just can’t quit that wedding ring. He was spotted out in LA with his daughter, ring still on cheatin’ finger. [UsWeekly]

● Jason Sudeikis thought Justin Bieber was a Make-A-Wish kid when they first met. [Gawker] ● Lindsay Lohan’s ankle-bracelet went off this week, summoning police to her Venice townhouse, where they found her sunbathing and watching 3-D TV. When it comes to jewelry of any kind, Lindsay doesn’t have the luck. [LAT] ● The times, they are a changin’, and T-Pain says he’s putting away his vocorder forever. “I vow right here, right now, to never use Auto-Tune again,” he said. “I’m onto something that I think is bigger and better called ‘The T-Pain Effect.'” [AllHipHop] ● Being cute pays: apparently Knut, the popular German polar bear who passed away this year, generated $140 million. [BusinessWeek]

Morning Links: Lars Von Trier Understands Hitler, Ke$ha and T-Pain Step Out

● Things got awkward yesterday when Lars Von Trier tried to explain the ways he understands Hitler during a press conference at Cannes for his film Melancholia. Star Kristen Dunst whispered to him mid-ramble that she thought it “was horrible,” and Cannes has declared him a “persona nongrata” at the festival. Less jokes next time, okay? [Jezebel/AP] ● “Run The World (Girls)” hasn’t really taken yet. Bey’s nuts dancing in this video could change that. [YouTube] ● The crazed crusaders behind Whale Wars are shifting gears and heading to Libya, in hopes of defending the endangered blue fin tuna. Which is great, because that’s exactly what that part of the world needs right now — men on boats yelling about sushi. [MSNBC]

● There was an explosion of glitter, hard-alcohol, and auto-tune on the internet yesterday, when Ke$ha and T-Pain began tweeting lovingly at each other. But could it be? “I’m not saying @keshasuxx and i had sex or anything I’m just sayin I love that ‘f*** everybody else’ attitude. She dresses how she wants she performs the way she wants, she does HER,” tweeted T-Pain. [MTV Buzzworthy] ● Lady Gaga bumps Oprah from the top spot on Forbes’ seemingly arbitrary Celebrity 100 list this year. [Forbes] ● Former Housewife Danielle Staub seems to have done a lot of things for a minute — crack-whoring, reality television, gay advocacy, and, recently, stripping. Word about her new job spread fast and furiously, and now she’s saying what she’s actually going to do is seek therapy for her “addictions with love and low-self esteem”. Sounds like a solid plan. [People]

T-Pain Gets a Facebook Tattoo

It’s beginning to seem like all these outlandish tattoos are a part of some larger conspiracy to fuel one of the greatest 2011 end-of-year lists: “Rapper Tattoos That Made Us Say WTF, Over and Over Again.” Currently slipping into the no.2 spot is T-Pain, who revealed some new Facebook-inspired ink yesterday on Twitter. “I get a tatt every time I come to Hawaii. I think this ones pretty sweet, unless facebook shuts down soon 0_o,” he wrote, posting a photo of his tatted arm, which reads, “You Don’t Have to Like Me.” The clincher being that the word “like” is “cleverly” replaced with a graphic of Facebook’s popular “Like” button.

One of the first fans to comment on T-Pain’s tattoo twitpic pointed out that the new piece was “way better” than Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone, which is to say that not putting the “Like” button on or around his face seriously ruined Pain’s chance for ever climbing to no.1 on the list.